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  • I was wondering since Spock is Vulcan and his people have long ears, does that mean they have better hearing ability?

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  • What up with Yahoo Answers format. I am done with it, many of you bluefaces will be happy. YA is getting worse than Facebook with the ads.?

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  • Why do airplane pilots sometimes reject take-off once they've started?

    Best answer: Presuming it's not because of a technical issue it's often because of a runway incursion, i.e. a vehicle, aircraft or animal entering the runway. Here it's usually foxes, we just can't keep 'em away, so you either stop if you can and wait for the fireman to shoo them off or carry on and hope . . .

    If it's a larger aircraft using V speeds the crew always discuss what is to happen if an issue comes up during takeoff. Below V1 they can stop, above V1 they cannot safely stop.
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  • Why cant you copy an airplanes wing geometry for your own miniature plane?

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  • Can a runway at an international airport become misaligned like this?

    Ok so. A runway 04 has is found between 036 and 045 on a compass. But can it 046 on a compass and still be numbered 04?? I'm not talking about small airstrips. I'm talking about small + mid sized to huge airports. Ones where you would see A320s and 737s. I'm a plane spotter and love to flight sim. I'm not a pilot I know. It's just I was looking at a chart for LFMN. That has 2 runways 04L and 04R. But both are aligned 046. Does this occur in the real world??
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  • Why does a larger propellor pitch/size = less thrust?

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  • How much did it cost to fly coach in the Concorde ?

    Best answer: There was no coach on the Concorde. All seats cost the same price. In 1997, the round-trip ticket price from New York to London was $7,995 ($12,779 in 2019 dollars).
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  • Are there any airplanes that fly in the night sky with a single white light on without blinking?

    I saw a moving object in the night sky. It was bright, and it looked like a star. It was white color, it was not blinking, and every couple of seconds the light would increase and glow more and then normalize again. I see planes in the night sky all the time and they don't look like that.
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  • Are supersonic planes going to make a comeback?

    Best answer: For business jets? Probably. For commercial mass transport? Not unless it can make airlines more money than subsonic flights, and with current technologies that’s highly improbable.
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  • What is a good career these days?

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  • When hurricanes approach the USA they send planes into them for research purposes?

    Why do they use planes instead of jets?
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  • Why can't airplanes have square windows?

    Best answer: i don't know that they absolutely can't, but the reason you don't see them on jet airliners these days is because the corners of the windows become weak points in the structure of the fuselage. the first jet airliner had square windows, and failure at those weak points caused a catastrophe. so they don't do that any more
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  • How do Airlines make Money?

    Best answer: Its all about cash flow. Managing the business so that the money that comes in each month is more than the money going out.

    Airlines do not pay the entire cost of the airplane upfront. Airlines generally obtain their aircraft in one of 3 ways:

    1. New purchase - this is where they buy straight from Boeing, Airbus, or whatever company made the plane. But even here they don't pay full price. They finance the airplane by borrowing the money from a bank (or in many cases a government). Like any loan, the airline then makes monthly payments to the lender - usually spread out over 15-20 years at very low interest rates. So a new airplane that costs $200 million might have a monthly payment of around $1 million per month. On a 20 year loan that means they end up paying $240 million with interest over 240 months.

    That's still a lot of money, but if that airplane seats 300 people and flys long routes where tickets cost $1000 each, then its generating $300,000 per flight and if it makes 2 flights per day its generating $600k per day in revenue. So it can generate enough cash to pay the monthly payment in less than 2 days. Of course there's also fuel, maintenance, airport fees, and employee salaries to pay, but you can see that the actual purchase price of the airplane is only a small fraction of the overall financial picture.

    2. Lease - many airlines simply lease their airplanes from 3rd party companies. This typically costs a little more in the long run but gives them more flexibility since they can simply terminate a lease (with modest penalties) when they no longer need an aircraft. Many people don't realize that many of the planes they fly on are actually leased. If I asked you who you think is Boeing's biggest customer (for commercial airplanes) you might guess Delta, or United or some other major airline, or maybe Southwest since their entire fleet is Boeing 737's - but those guesses would be wrong. Boeing's biggest customer is a company you've probably never heard of, called Air Lease Finance Corporation (ALFC) - they buy planes from Boeing (and Airbus and every other airplane company) and then lease those airplanes to airlines. The airplanes get painted with the logo of the airline that is leasing them, so you'd never know its leased.

    3. Used - Just like with cars, there is an entire market for used airplanes. Some airlines operate on the business model that buying used planes is cheaper. So they might buy an older airplane outright with no payments, but it will cost them more in maintenance and fuel so the monthly operating cost may or may not actually be cheaper.
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  • Can grumpy old farts be pushed off of airplanes?

    We don’t need their kind.
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  • How very dangerous is it for pilots to fly into a hurricane for weather forecasts? I think they are heroic. What do you think?

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  • Can a Women become a head Pilot of her Plane? with good points to the Pilot's coats and Gear?

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  • Where can I find a list of all the Boeing 737 Max that crashed without survivors?

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  • How to become an airline pilot?

    I am An electrical Engineer who got into the wrong field and I did not realize that until later in life. I am 26 and currently, I do not have any money to pay for the expensive pilot school. I want to hear from Pilots only. what is the cheapest way to get into this career and eventually becoming an Airline pilot. I live in Dubai but I don't mind moving anywhere in the world. please guide me through the stages, ranks, and duration and everything in between.
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  • Why didn't the ERCOUPE airplane have rudder pedals? Isn't that counter intuitive?

    Best answer: The idea was that interconnected controls [rudder and aileron] would be MORE INTUITIVE, safer and simpler to fly. With a yoke similar to a steering wheel on a car and a single brake pedal on the floor, also like a car, the intent was to simplify flying and make it more appealing to average people who already knew how to drive a car. With interconnected rudder and aileron, cross-controlling [a contributor to spins] wasn't possible. With limited elevator authority, it was also difficult to stall - the aerodynamic stall being the other ingredient of the spin. If an aircraft couldn't spin, it would be much safer.

    To sum up, ostensibly simpler, more intuitive to the novice, and safer was a powerful marketing approach.
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  • Should I consider becoming a pilot?

    I have always had a passion for airplanes. I watch countless hours of videos on YouTube of planes taking off and landing. I would even spend my lunch hour watching planes take off and land at the airport that I used to live by. For that reason, I think I would truly enjoy waking up every morning and working as a pilot. My biggest issue is that I have always had terrible pre-flight anxiety, especially during takeoff. Once we are in the air, I feel better. I even enjoy the landing. I think my fear stems from not being in control and putting my "life" in someone else hands. Anyone have any recommendations?
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