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  • What the hell is wrong with you?

    35 answers
  • Isn't it odd that many people at Level 7 have answered thousands of questions but have never asked a single question?

    Best answer: No, it is not odd I am a level 7 and I believe I have only asked about half dozen questions in all the years I have been on this site. I have always enjoyed answering questions rather then asking questions. I think you will find that a lot of level 7s that have been on the site some years will also answer but not ask many questions.
    26 answers
  • Why are people so mean on YA these days ?

    Best answer: I experience the same thing. The judgmental, harsh, cruel answers on here make me wanna cry. Too many narcissists on here who try to act like they think they're internet police. Idolatry of this website.
    12 answers
  • Are questions on Yahoo Answers usually answered in minutes?

    Best answer: Yes. Note there is no mention of how many minutes it may take (a question not getting its first answer for days, was still answered in "minutes" (just a LOT of them)). Some questions get no answers at all, but that's often because they're either not intelligible, obvious violations, or no one who sees the question has an answer for it (it may be asking something very technical or specialized).
    12 answers
  • Does anyone work anymore?

    All I see online is a bunch of morons complaining because they won’t be getting Food stamps or government assistance. Damn does anyone work these days or is everyone just fat and lazy to where they only want hand outs and hand me down garbage for the rest of their horrible life? Get a damn job mooch or go die in a homeless shelter.
    8 answers
  • Is it possible to delete a question from here?

    Lol I started to write a question and pressed submit without finishing up the question - any way to delete it or is it here forever now?
    10 answers
  • On Yahoo Answers, why do intelligent thought provoking questions barely get any answers, while stupid idiotic questions get a lot of answers?

    Best answer: Because, in reality, there aren't many smart people on this site anymore.

    It's mainly full of incompetent teenagers & adults.
    9 answers
  • What does blocking a user on answers accomplish?

    Best answer: Blocking a User Prevents them from Answering your Questions being able to Comment on your Answers and Private Emailing you

    It does not Prevent them tho from Commenting on other peoples Answers on your Question
    19 answers
  • Do you listen to your poop, man?

    Best answer: Woman.

    Sure do.
    7 answers
  • What would Fox News do if Obama served McDonalds, KFC, Popeyes, Wendy's, and Pizza Hut for an official White House Dinner?

    18 answers
  • Why don't some people's answers show up?

    Best answer: It's a problem with the spam filter (happens to my answers sometimes too). The answer is visible to the user who posted it, but no one else. If the user edits the answer, they can often get it to show up. The problem with that is, they won't know that's what they need to do, if they aren't aware of this problem (and its been going on for a very long time now, and all levels may be affected).
    7 answers
  • What you think?

    Best answer: Out of all the dumb stories I've read here, tat one is the most awesome.
    8 answers