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  • Do you have s*x with the lights on or off?

    472 answers
  • Poll: What's your favourite Bee Gees song?

    Best answer: Stayin' Alive.

    How can you not strut to that bass line?
    81 answers
  • What race do I look like?

    Best answer: bangladesh
    89 answers
  • Is Donald Trump, Jesus?

    53 answers
  • Do you see 2 people or dolphins?

    Apparently some can see two lovers hugging, while children (or the more innocent-minded) will see nine dolphins in various poses. Someone told me they can see both dolphins and the 2 lovers.. I can't see the dolphins at all! Not even one, let alone nine!
    71 answers
  • I found a dildo in my moms room?

    I am serious i found a dildo in my moms room and i have never thought of her using something Like that how do i make myself forget about it please help
    28 answers
  • I am suiciding.BYE?

    Best answer: Noo, believe it or not you will hurt a lot of people and it's the biggest regret. This is temporary, whatever you're feeling. It will get better, never lose hope. Life is too precious, and other people are dying and wish they could live longer. You should have hope, you will eventually find happiness if not now, later.Talk to someone asap and remember death is permanent. Don't hurt others that love you, don't be selfish. We care about you so you should care too, we need you here listen to me. Don't break my heart­čśŐ I know I'm just a stranger but please you will break my heart if you ever harm yourself because I care about you even if I don't know you, your life matters. I want you to do something, go out enjoy yourself, do what makes you happy. Dress up, go to places. Meet new people. Avoid negative people, avoid social media if it's triggering you. Be happy ,you frigging special person:) hugs?
    64 answers
  • Why are non whites speaking our language?

    44 answers
  • Lol I can't find my questions on yahoo?

    15 answers
  • Is this the perfect body? is this girl ideal looking and perfect?

    37 answers
  • Atheists are all lazy idiots. It's not a question, it's a Theory, JUST like Evolution? :-*?

    27 answers
  • Poll: Who are all these scary users that copy and paste old answers? They scare me so much? ;_;?

    Best answer: I KNOWWWWWWWW, right? I busted one of these ghosts before...............check it out.

    Some ghost account, asking the same *EXACT* question from 6 years.......spelling and punctuation and all.

    I am seeing this all over the boards..........a sudden invasion of those ghost accounts, regurgitating ancient questions...........

    50 answers
  • Im a white piece of shitt help?

    34 answers
  • How are you?

    Best answer: Thanks
    13 answers
  • Should Pauline Hanson travel to Donald Trumps presidential inauguration ?

    Best answer: Yes she should as long as the taxpayer doesn't pay for it .
    I'm sure Pauline and Donald could have a good talk about how the USA and Australia can team up together. Together we could clean the world of the loony left .Come the next Australian election both the ALP & LNP are going to get a big shock to their system . .. The swamp will be cleaned out .
    It's good to know the Trump administration is taking a close interest in Australia . I'm sure someone could sponsor Pauline to go. Maybe Dick Smith
    . This toon says it all spot on .
    12 answers
  • Atheism is not just stupid, it is dangerously stupid. Are there no laws being enacted to help curtail this potential risk to civilization?

    Best answer: That is because the First Amendment gives Everyone that Freedom of choice of Religion. And Atheism is a religion! One of the few religions left that do NOT have any proofs! Their Zero Proofs is why they LOST in the Supreme Court back in the1930s! With GOD WINning! Yet it had been the Atheists that had challenged the Believers of GOD!
    After the Atheists LOST they paid to get anything they could to look like their dreamed up, zero proof, "Theory's". They did Not believe that science could advance. Science has greatly Advanced and the Order wert out for Every single item that the Atheists had claimed as their "proofs" to be tested! This took years, but were completed in 2007, with every test proving that ALL that the Atheists had used are FAKES! What they Atheists had claimed to be millions of years old _____ were mostly New BONES! Of the few fossils used, not one tested to be more then six thousand years old! Same as the Bible states!
    They keep their pride before GOD and LOVE, because they are lazy and think each of them self is more important than anyone and everyone else.
    Have you heard of cases like in towns where Christians met in homes, the Atheist town runners would pass laws making it illegal to park on streets, so they could not gather together? Something needs to be done, but Legally.
    22 answers
  • Are you nice?

    30 answers
  • Poll: Would you please tell me it's OK to add milk to earl grey tea? I feel like a philistine doing it?

    Best answer: Oh dear, why buy Earl Grey tea If you're going to do this Lee? Personally I wouldn't, although I do drink a lot of tea and, add milk/sugar, but that's just TEA. ;-)
    15 answers
  • How do people get questions answered lol. I feel like I ask so many questions and no one ever answers?

    Best answer: I'll follow you too and I'll answer as well. You'll be my first person I followed.... ask away!!
    7 answers
  • Christians/Atheists, why are there so many contradictions in science?

    Best answer: They have ways to measure how long a light beam or laser beam takes to travel a certain distance, and they are pretty sure they know what the speed of light is, although the equation energy equals mass multiplied by the speed of light squared has an opposite, mass equals energy divided by the speed of light squared. What goes up, must come down, every action has an equal and opposite reaction, everything that happens requires a cause, and is itself the cause of something else. Big bang, big crunch, big bang. It's a perpetual motion machine in my opinion, when the stars burn out, they turn into trillions of black holes which suck up everything on their way back to the middle, causing the big bang by smashing together at probably the speed of light, falling back from opposite sides of the universe. There could be no beginning, and if there was, it would probably mean there was the sort of God that most scientists at the time of Einstein believed in, but that he didn't.
    15 answers
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