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Valentine's Day

  • Help me name the giant stuffed elephant 🐘 I got from my boyfriend for valentine’s day!?

    Best answer: Eugene, Eddie, Edward, Eli, Eragon, Dumbo, Evan, Ethan, Raymond, Mr. Tuskerson, Peanut, Maximus, you could also use ur bfs name or his middle name.
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  • Valentine's day ideas for husband? He doesn't like sweets , loves food?

    Husband and I have another baby on the way so we are being frugal with Valentine's day as well as anniversary this year. He does not like sweets. Any ideas?
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  • Why don’t I care about Valentine’s Day?

    Best answer: You do not have to care about Valentine's Day at all.
    Just let the day slip by. No one says you have to
    celebrate it or be involved in the day. Treat it no
    different than any other day.
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  • Who had a happy St. Valentines Day?

    Best answer: The florist.
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  • If you're in a relationship, what are your plans this valentine's day?

    Best answer: Oh ****, it's tomorrow!
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  • Who think Valentine’s Day is annoying?

    I got a boyfriend we do stuff together and buy stuff but on Valentine’s Day everything goes up especially chocolate and do we need 1 day to love a special person out of a year ? Shouldn’t it be every day ! Top reasons why I hate it 1. Teddy bears way over priced I seen 1 that was 120.00 ! 2. People especially women’s tend to expect you to be nice to them even if their being a *** to you , 3 . 1 day out of the year to love someone is dumb
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  • What will you be doing on Valentine's day?

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  • Is a gift card a bad Valentine’s Day gift for your S.O.?

    So my roommate said never get a person in a relationship a gift card, however I wouldn’t mind getting a gift card. Also my roommates love life is always a mess so I can’t rely on her. My boyfriend is so hard to shop for and always says he doesn’t want anything however I wanted to maybe make a cute care package or something for Valentine’s Day and do candy and a gift card. We are freshmen in college so nothing extravagant. He also doesn’t have a car so I thought a gift card is practical to be able to order stuff online. I really need gift ideas, he’s a football player, so it’s not like I can get him something related to that. Is a gift card so bad?
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  • How was your valentines day?

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  • Minimal Valentines Day ideas?

    I am trying to distance myself from my girlfriend in preparation for a breakup that she doesn t know is coming. What can I do for Valentines day that wont give away that I want to breakup, but also doesn t show long-term commitment?
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  • Am i cruel to tell a guy that you don't need to buy anything for me. *because i have no feeling for the guy.?

    Best answer: That can be extremely cruel but also might not depending on the circumstances. The key is that you validate his feelings even if you differ and tell him he is a good person and that it is nothing personal. Emphasize it is you and not him (even if not true) so he does not internalize the rejection.
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  • What to get my mom for valentine's day?

    I want to do something for my mom and her bf for valentine's day bc they never do anything but idk what to do. Their current plans are to sit at home and watch TV as always but I wanna do something for them that they can do at home that's nice. Any suggestions?
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  • What should I get my wife for Valentines Day ?

    Best answer: She's your wife. You know her. The gift should be thoughtful and from the heart, not something suggested by random strangers on the internet. Ask her what she wants. Think of something she's mentioned that she would like.
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  • I’m nervous to dm my crush on valentines?

    Sending her “happy Valentine’s Day” isn’t the problem. The problem is I also want to tell her that I always thought that you were cute. We know eachother but I haven’t seen her since high school. I know it’s more special to do valentines in person but we both go to two different colleges and I don’t know where to find her in person. We still live the same city though. So the only way I can do it is to dm her through Instagram. I know I can get a good reaction out of her by saying happy valentines but taking the extra mile by saying I always thought you was cute might scare her off. What should I do?
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  • Is this to foward?

    I want to get this girl, a box of chocalates, a bear, a Valentines day card, all in a bag. I want to know if this is to much or if this is just to little. If to little i would be willing to add one more thing if you have any suggestions just tell me
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  • How's your Valentine's Day going?

    Single or taken?
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  • I love you all! Happy valentine’s day!?

    Best answer: Aww thanks, I think you're amazing!
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  • Who is your Valentine?

    Best answer: No one and it will stay that way.
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  • Valentine's day is a day of love, but will Trump be tweeting hate instead?

    Best answer: Probably.
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  • Wwhat do married couples do on Valentines Day ?

    Best answer: Some quality time with professional relaxation-makers is a GREAT way to say “I care about you and love you and want you to be well.” Whether it’s for him, her, both of you, or just yourself, the idea of going to the spa for a little rejuvenation and relaxation is enticing. Love entails caring, and sometimes in the midst of work, kids, family drama, or just busy lives, people forget to take care of their minds, bodies, and spirits. A spa day is a Valentine’s Day win!
    Spending time in nature is good for the body, mind, and soul. Put the phones down and just be together in nature. Pack a picnic and go on a hike, spend the evening on the beach, or simply watch the sunset and the moon rise with the twinkling stars overhead. There is nothing more romantic than a blanket, bottle of wine, and the wide open night sky. The date doesn’t have to end there! Make sure you slow down, take time, and ensure this Valentine’s Day date is one to remember.
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