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Valentine's Day

  • Valentines Day is Thursday, Its Tuesday today. I'm single. Give me some ideas.?

    Best answer: Since Valentine's Day is all about love, spend the day loving yourself. It makes perfect sense. do whatever you want, be it pampering yourself with a lavish mani-pedi or staying home, ordering take out and binge-watching every movie your celeb crush has ever made. Or binge-watch a full season of your favorite TV show on Netflix. After all, you have no one to please but your own self.
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  • What gifts would men like for Valentine's Day if we're only good friends?

    I love to give gifts to my friends for most holidays but the next one has me stumped. I’m really good friends with 8 guys and want to get them all something to show that they are loved and valued even if they’re single. What can I get them that they’ll enjoy/appreciate but doesn’t imply anything more?
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  • Hey peeps!! What are you doing for Valentine’s Day?? I am doing nothing but going to school?

    Best answer: Just dinner at a new restaurant with my husband. Nothing too fancy, but we might go dancing this weekend.
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  • It is allowed to wish happy valentine day your mother or your father?

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  • Valentine’s Day for toddlers?

    Best answer: Candies are a great idea! Just make sure they're a bit bigger than bite size, like lollipops to avoid a choking factor. Then I'd say add some little heart stickers or find something with Snoopy or a fun character like that. Fake tattoos are fun. Maybe check Michael's Arts & Crafts (if you're in the States, it's a fun store) for little toys. I think it's a great idea.

    Happy Valentine's Day!
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  • What is a real cheap Valentine's Day gift? Need to buy about 30.?

    Best answer: why dont you go these stores and pick out a gift you think she or he would like from you.

    the cheaper places that is having a valentines day big sale .

    these stores

    dollar tree store
    safeway store
    pharmacy drug store
    CVS store
    Costco whole sale
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  • What soups do best on valentines day?

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  • I've been planning on killing myself on valentine's day. It feels like i'll never a find gf, not to mention I'm very sexually frustrated :(?

    Best answer: dont let depression get u down bro,,Don’t Kill Yourself Because You Can’t Get A Girlfriend....Kill yourself now and you will never meet them.You may have beliefs that you don’t even know you have that are affecting your perception of yourself, women, dating, and relationships. It is very important to understand this because if you don’t, then you are being ruled by your unconscious beliefs and can’t make changes in perception to feel better about yourself and your situation.Stop focusing on your lack of a girl.

    Focusing on rejection is going to drive you crazy, make you depressed, and dull everything else in your life. You have to get your focus off rejection and onto something else.

    The best way to do that is to throw yourself into a bunch of goals and activities that benefit your life and make you happy.Make new friends.
    Break free from the blocks holding you back from abundance
    Join clubs of interest.
    Take up a new hobby.
    Work on personal growth.
    Learn how to be happy this year.
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  • What should I write on a valentine candy gram for a kindergarten student?

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  • Im going to ask again what is there to do on Valentines day besides dinners and movies.?

    Best answer: Recreate your first date..role play......Unwind at a spa....Have a romantic movie marathon....Get to know each other better over a bottle of wine...Send your partner on a treasure hunt....For a bubble bath worthy of a honeymoon suite, surround the tub with candles, sprinkle rose petals in the water, and set a tray of chocolate-covered strawberries and a bottle of champagne within arm's reach......believe it or not, the average guy just wants your quality time. a card, dinner, maybe a movie, or cocktails. the most important thing is that you are there and that love is in the air!..
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  • What are your plans for this year Valentines day?

    Best answer: I plan to eat a box of chocolates
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  • Suggestions for Valentines day gift for brother? Budget 10 dollars.?

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  • Do you think chocolates will be sold at a discount price the day after valentines day?

    Best answer: Yes. Russell Stover has a website.
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  • Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and I want to get this girl I’ve been seeing flowers but I don’t know which one is suitable.?

    Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and I want to get this girl I’ve been seeing flowers but I don’t know which one is suitable. I know that she loves sunflower and peonies but which one should I get her?
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  • What should I get my wife for Valentines Day ?

    Best answer: perfume ..Roses ...
    Cute teddy that says 'i love you' ...
    Jewelery - for example a braclet or ear rings ..
    Photo of the two of you together ...A note that tells her 10 things you love about her - you could put these in a little box or jar with rose petals - that way she can pull them out herself and read one at a time. locket...slippers.her favorite cd...spa,,manicure,,gift card.....take her out for dinner..No TV, unless it’s a movie you have thoughtfully planned.Imagine you’re asking her to marry you, think about what you would say today, and then say it:

    Write it down. You can present it to her after you’ve finished re-proposing.

    Leave a love note in her purse, or taped to the bathroom mirror, or on the dashboard of her car, or on her desk at her work:

    Or all of the above. Saturation with thoughtful “little things.”
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  • Whats some happy things about valentine's day?

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  • Do I have to give a return gift to all guys who give me gifts on Valentines Day?

    Best answer: Only if you don't want a gift from them next year.
    If they don't receive something from you, they will feel slighted and not give you anything next year.
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  • My boyfriend likes cows what do i get him for valentines day ?

    Best answer: milk chocolate
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  • Atheists, will you be celebrating St Valentines Day with a loved one?

    Best answer: I am pleased to see that unlike 99% of people who do something on St Valentine's Day, you haven't defrocked the saint and made it just Valentine's day. As followers of St Patrick's Day still call him St Patrick, I do not understand why St Valentine has to be demoted.

    I might be an atheist but I am aware of the history of these days and the saints involved. I don't do anything for St Valentine's Day, it lost me when the real meaning and intentions of the day were swallowed up with commercial nonsense, but I'll stand up for St Valentine and ignore all the piffle associated with it these days.
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  • How can I surprise my boyfriend on Valentine’s Day ?? What can I buy him ?

    Best answer: Like you can gift him a hand watch, wallet, luxury shaving kit and photo frame with where you both are featured in a romantic pose.A hand made greeting card with your personalized I love you notes and messages.
    Gift him a shirt with a collar (Hide some secret Valentine messages inside collar of shirt)
    A mug with a heart and wishing message
    Write I love you on small rice or bean and gift him
    Funny Heart plush
    T-Shirt with some personalized message or your name
    Photo book (Add all his and your pictures in the book and gift him)
    Personalized silver ring with stamp of heart
    Missing Puzzle lockets
    Same design and color bracelets or bands
    Pocket Square in Heart shape.. video game No matter he arranged a romantic date for you inside your home or outside in any restaurant or hotel. Prepare some delicious food especially for him with your hands. It could be his favorite one or some common sweets that people love to eat on parties. You can bake chocolate cake, cookies or something else in which you are good. You can find the romantic Valentine’s Day recipes on the web easily for this purpose that inspire your partner very much.
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