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  • Why is my job robbing money from my paycheck with a meals tax?

    We get free food but now I'm being charged for it? I dont understand,  is it because I'm a minor?
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  • What are you going to do with your tax refund ?

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  • My ex husband filed as married and we are divorced, how can I file my taxes? ?

    We were divorced before December, can I still file my taxes and get money even if he filed already? 
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  • Do you have to report Uber income less than $600 on your taxes? ?

    I have very little income from my time as an Uber driver. A coworker of mine told me that I don't have to report anything less than $600. Just trying to figure out if that's true. 
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  • Do i have to enter husbands doctor visits on our taxes?

    Im filing my taxes online and i am confused on the “did you pay medical and dental expenses last year” part... We had insurance... my husband and i were employeed through the same company. I quit that job before we got married. Then I got added to my husbands insurance after our marriage in october 2019. My husband did go to the hospital and he is doing monthly payments for the few hours he was in the emergency room. It wasnt even over $550 for that bill but thats what he chose to do. He also has been having doctors appointments last year. I did go to the dentist for a routine cleaning the very last day i had my own insurance before i got it taken away... but thats if :/ So far we dont owe money..
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  • Tax Question - Write offs? ?

    We have already completed and filed our taxes. We purchased a truck for me husband to use for work in 2019 but we were under the impression that things could not be written off unless you have a 1099. Is this true? If not can we amend our return to include truck? We took the standard deduction of 25,000 but financed the truck for 75,000
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  • How to not let the IRS not withhold your federal tax? I want to pay later?

    On W4 looks like I can claim 10? For some reason with our income even we claim 10 they still withhheld like $8K and I hate to wait for one or two thousands when I filed our return.
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  • When it comes to taxes, Who has it better? married couples or unmarried couples? ?

    I keep getting a lot of different answers. I've heard married couples receive a tax break... I've heard Trump passed a bill that increased taxes on married couples, I've heard Trump decreased taxes on married couples.  I know state taxes play a part, so I am only referring to taxes brought on by the supreme government. Also if you are not from the USA... still answer, I am curious anyway. 
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  • Would my husband and i get in trouble if we choose to file our taxes sepertaly?

    So far if we do our taxes jointly we owe mobey? I didnt submit it yet. I wanted to see the outcone seperate.. is that wrong? Im so confused its my first time doing taxes by myself
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  • [IRS] Can an unmarried couple, living in the same house, file taxes together?

    Best answer: No, but for a small fee they could get married before a Justice and start bankrolling that fat tax deduction by filing jointly.  They would just want to make sure they have all of their pre-nups in order.
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  • Will the IRS just take it out of my account? How exactly does this work?

    I did not realize that if you sell stocks you have to file a 1099B, so I went ahead and did my return already. I was just emailed the 1099B today. My question is if I don't do anything with it will the IRS just take however much I owe directly out of my bank account? If I refile, will I have to pay the IRS extra? I have no idea what to do I didn't invest to make money I just wanted to get a feel for how stocks work
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  • So I got hired on the spot and the lady told me to come to work the next day and I’ll fill out my w4 info so I can get paid on February 21st?

    Fast forward to the 22nd they called me today and said I had to work I asked if I was supposed to get paid yesterday.. they told me they couldn’t pay me till I fill out my w4 stuff but the lady never gave it to me TO fill out, but she did get a copy of my birth certificate and ID. Is that legal ? I live in Michigan. And I have work about 3 weeks no paycheck and I haven’t filled out my tax information so taxes can get taken out. My question is can I tell them that I don’t feel comfortable working till I get paid... if y’all get what I’m saying. Any questions ask and I’ll answer in the updated question. 
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  • Do they add your refund on the dday or the night before?

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  • Starting taxes??

    I'm 19 years old now. I graduated high school like 8 months ago. I'm not going to college so I'm like really an adult lol. What the heck am I supposed to do about taxes? I live in Washington State. Like I solely make money through YouTube so it's a little bit different for me. I don't have that typically 9 to 5 job. Anyways. I haven't started filing taxes or reporting them or whatever. I'm worried. Yeah I'm an adult now so I have to do that I guess. How do I start? Like what is this? Am I gonna get fined or something for waiting this long.  I'm a noob. Like seriously. The absolute one and only thing I know is that there are different "Tax Forms" to choose from because I was asked to choose one when getting paid for one of my video sponsorships. Anything is appreciated. 😬
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  • State Taxes?

    Texas doesn’t have a state tax. So, my question is if we start paying a state tax, will that eliminate property tax on your house? Will you be able to own your house outright other than police power the government holds? 
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  • My resident is Md, I work in DC, I know I should not be paying dc taxes.  How do I ge t my money back?

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  • Are social security benefits taxed?

    Say you get a SSA-1099 form each year, do you get taxed on the benefits you receive? If you do, how does it make sense to tax on the benefits that you originally paid into? The whole point is to get it back, not to get it back and have it partially taken (taxed).
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  • Tax return help!?

    Best answer: Foodstamps have no bearing on whether or not you qualify for EITC. You should file the amendment to correct the "lived outside" error. Be prepared for some correspondence from the IRS to prove that you lived in the US all year, since your original return said you did not. Your EIC could be quite a bit of money, so yes it's worth the hassle. They should do the amendment for you at no charge. That's why you should always check your return before you sign off on it.
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  • Can my state refund be taken?

    I filed my taxes through Turbo tax February 5th, they got accepted the same day both federal and state. Usually my state always comes first before my federal. I got my federal Monday February 24th 2 days ago. But I still do not have my state. I did call the department of Revenue in the state I live in which is Kansas, they looked it up and said they do have my state and they can’t give me an exact date of when it will come. The status of my state said it’s received and being processed but it’s been saying that since February 6th. But I’m worried it’s been taken, I do have a debt that needs paid so I’m wondering if they garnished my state and took it. I don’t owe school loans or child support so I’m wondering why it’d take this long. Is this going on for anyone else, or who could I call to maybe get more info about what’s going on?
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  • TurboTax says I owe NJ for not having health insurance, but the NJ website says I do not owe anything at this time, is it too early to pay?

    I received my federal refund today and filed about a month ago. When I filed it said it needed to be paid by April I believe.
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