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  • What is known about Prince Charles’ many German first-cousins, who are the nieces & nephews of Prince Philip (the children of his 4 sisters)?

    Best answer: Prince Philip and his sisters and their families were very close, and he made a point of travelling to Germany (usually without the Queen, who was always too busy) whenever there was a wedding or some other major family event. At one time when his widowed sister Sophie was to marry again, he borrowed a Canadian army vehicle and dashed across war-ravaged Europe to turn up unexpectedly in time for the wedding in Salem in May 1946. Until her death in 2001, Sophie ("Tiny") was a frequent visitor to her brother and sister-in-law – as her children and grandchildren still are.

    Princess Margarita, Philip's eldest sister, was Princess Anne's godmother. Princess Sophie, his youngest sister, and Ludwig von Hessen und bei Rhein, brother-in-law of Prince Philip's sister Cecilia and a first cousin once removed of Prince Philip, were two of Prince Edward's godparents.

    Prince Philip's niece Princess Friederike of Hanover is the Queen's goddaughter, and Philipp, Prince of Hohenlohe-Langenburg, Princess Margarita's grandson, is Princess Anne's godson.

    Prince Philip, who is fluent in German, also used to be a frequent visitor at the hunting lodge Schloss Wolfsgarten to see his Hesse and Battenberg relatives. There they have a windowpane doubling as a guestbook with scratched signatures and dates. The name with the most dates by far (about 3 dozen) is 'Philip' but you also find 'Nicky' and 'Alix' and 'Anne' and 'Mark' and 'Charles' and 'Diana' and a very special one: 'Lilibet 20 May1965'.

    On their last state visit to Germany, the Queen and Prince Philip had lunch with at least two of their German relatives: Prince Donatus, Landgrave of Hesse, who is the successor of Prince Philip's short-lived brother-in-law Prince Georg Donatus, and Maximillian, Margrave of Baden, the son of Prince Philip's sister Theodora.

    On the day of his platinum wedding anniversary, Prince Philip was pictured carriage riding in the grounds of Windsor Castle alongside his nephews Max and Ludwig of Baden.

    Donatus of Hesse, not a nephew of Prince Philip but a descendant of Queen Victoria via her eldest daughter, is a horse breeder like the Queen and has accompanied her to various events, like the Royal Windsor Horse Show. He gave her a 5-yo. premium Trakehner mare called Dolce Luciana as a Diamond Jubilee anniversary gift.

    Charles and his siblings certainly know all their German cousins very well.

    Below: Prince Philip at the 1957 wedding of his niece Margarita in Salem, West Germany. He also attended her funeral in 2013.
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  • I think the way Meghan Markle has cut off her father is horrible and doesn’t get enough support in my opinion, thoughts ?

    Best answer: No matter what happens you should respect your parents "thou shalt honour thou mother and thou father" and it is one of the 10 commandments, she has ignored her family simply because they were not rich and would not fit in with the royal family and one day she will pay for it, like we all do for all the wrong doings we are guilty of
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  • Why has the fab four come to an end? (Kate, William, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry)?

    They barely started working together, and just like that, it has ended. I guess it must be the rumors of the rift.
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  • So we get yet another 'bit' photo of the new Royal baby - first it was feet and now half a face - and not in colour either?

    Best answer: Look forward to collecting the full set of bits and assemble them like some kind of identikit.
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  • Why did Prince Harry not pay tribute to either his real father James Hewitt or his fake father Prince Charles for fathers day?

    Best answer: Yeah, He clearly hates Prince Charles. He obviously loves James Hewitt but he knows that he's not allowed to show that kind of love in public. Look at people in these comments, ignoring the fact that Prince Harry never paid tribute to Prince Charles. It shows that they know Prince Harry hates Prince Charles too.
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  • Why are stepchildren not included as members of the official family in the British Royal Family?

    Best answer: They are NOT Family!
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  • Does Queen Elizabeth II still enjoy life?

    Best answer: She seems to look happier performing her official duties without Phil the Greek accompanying her.
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  • Is it true that Prince Philip ordered MI6 to kill Princess Diana in Paris?

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  • Who were Prince Philip's parents?

    and were they nice people?
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  • How old is The Queen?

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  • Is it better to be a homeless man or a Queen?

    Is it better to be a homeless man or a Queen?
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  • Was King George IV a very spoiled man?

    People say that Queen Elizabeth II or Prince Charles are spoiled. But King George IV was far more spoiled than both of them combined. If people talk about current British Royals the way that they do, Imagine how they would talk about someone like King George IV if he was alive today? It would uncomprehensible.
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  • Why is Prince Andrew angry at Prince Charles plans to slim down the Monarchy?

    When Prince Charles Becomes King, He only is worried about his own Family. He is just going to centre the Monarchy on himself and his wife, and his two sons and their families. His brothers and sisters lives and their problems are of no interest to him. So why is Prince Andrew upset that he and his daughters are not included in Prince Charles plans? Maybe he should do what the average man does. Get a job. get money and use that to support your own family. I'm not sorry Prince Andrew but you brought this on yourself. Your daughters are ugly and they do not work as full time royals. So they don't deserve King Charles III's privileges.
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  • How come when Prince Charles married Camilla Parker Bowels in 2005, He lost his ability to make a great wedding?

    Prince Charles showed that he knew how to make a great wedding when he married Princess Diana back in 1981, In a extremely legendary wedding. But his 2005 wedding to Camilla Parker Bowels didn't reach anywhere near that level. I guess it was 24 years later, and Prince Charles was just rusty at weddings.
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  • Does Prince Charles love his nieces Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie and Zara Tyndall?

    Best answer: ...whatever love is...
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  • What did Hitler have the Queen's ex butler's gypsy family kicked out of Germany in 1938?

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  • Is the Queen worried that her facebook account has been hacked and holiday pictures of her and the kids on the Isle of Man have been stolen?

    Best answer: It was the ex butler wot did it.
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  • Does the Queen refuse Orders in Council during prorogation?

    Best answer: No. Prorogation is when Parliament is dissolved. Government continues - Ministers still hold office and can take decisions; Orders in Council can be drafted and progress. But in the run-up to an election, Ministers try to avoid taking controversial decisions or decisions which will bind any future government. This is called the Caretaker Convention - it is not a legal obligation but it is commonly observed.
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  • Why has Prince Harry mentioned Diana in interviews? Does he not care about how this could cause pain for Camilla?

    Best answer: camilla had her killed
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  • Why was Prince Charles and Princess Diana's wedding considered bigger than Queen Elizabeth II's and Prince Philip's?

    Best answer: Because Prince Charles was the official heir apparent. He was officially The Prince of Wales at the time that the wedding took place. When Queen Elizabeth II's wedding took place, She wasn't the Princess of Wales, and she wasn't officially the heir apparent. She was only the heir presumptive. Which means she could have been taken out of the direct line of succession. And since Prince Charles was the undisputed heir apparent at the time of his wedding, his one felt bigger than Queen Elizabeth II's.
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