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  • Why do people think uncircumcised penis is gross? Is it the way it looks? Or the smell?

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  • Is bullying worse for boys or girls?

    Best answer: Boys have bullying MUCH worse for these reasons:

    •There are many idiots who still believe a girl can get away with hitting a boy, but if the boy fights back then it's a crime against nature. Injustice, I tell you.
    •Gay men are hated and frowned upon by homophobes way more than lesbian women
    •Men always get longer prison sentences overall, people see men as nothing but criminal masterminds. And men prisons are said to be EXTREMELY harsh compared to women prisons.
    •Males who crossdress are apparently in big trouble. But females crossdressing? Isn't that the same? Nope?
    •Sexism of any kind against men (aka feminism) is completely ignored. It's only sexism against women that isn't tolerated. But why do people not deal with men being bullied? Well I'm here to put a stop to that... a thing called "masculinism" now exists. Supporting men's rights. You can thank me later.
    •Most people think girls/women are considered more attractive in general overall than boys/men. Ever wonder why a lot of people who are still forever alone into their 30's happen to be men?
    •If you went to an anger management class, I guarantee you all the people there would be male. Because guys just are cursed with anger problems. Trust me, having anger problems REALLY SUCKS!!
    •The suicide rate for men is much higher than for women. I can unfortunately see why. Men are always tortured.
    •Because boys have a weak spot as we know, people (particularly girls) hit them to cause immense pain just for their own sick amusement.

    I think I've outdone myself. Overall conclusion? #BeingMaleSucks. Can anyone think of anymore reasons?
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  • I think my boyfriend has autism?

    He shows many of the signs....should I stay with him or break up with him?
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  • Where were you back in 1969?

    Best answer: Viet Nam
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  • Can't find my asked question in Yahoo Answers activity line ?

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  • For losing a bet i will be tortured?

    my friends says theyll strap me to a chair and force me to eat any concoction they come up with. then theyll carry my chair down the street to the park and throw eggs at me so im humiliated. ISNT THIS NOT RIGHT???
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  • Why do people in 2016 still cling to the failed bronze age myth of atheism, created in the bronze age in Greece, where it failed then, but..?

    ..was picked up by some people in the last 2-300 years, brought to about 4 percent of the world-wide population in the 1970's, but fell back to 2 percent around 2012, after the Internet came out and people could see how ridiculous it is? God, the creator of all things, has proven Himself to the world, this is why billions of people alive today trust in Him, at least 60 percent of the world trusts in God, and knows God is real. Will we just have to accept that a small percentage of the world will cling to the failed bronze-age myth of atheism, even though the testimony for God is overwhelming? Will it be that some people of the failed bronze age myth of atheism will just choose to ignore God despite all the evidence?
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  • Why is Hillary so anti-white?

    Same with Angela Merkle. Why are they so anti-white? So Africa is for Africans, China is for the Chinese and White countries are for everyone?
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  • Atheists have to admit they know NOTHING?

    Best answer: I always say, if they are so akin to apes and monkeys, then they should be housing and living with their ancestors and close kin, taking care of them daily and being good family with them.

    That disproves it all because animals and people of these species can not live together, apes and monkeys would whip their behinds and kill them.

    If they love them so much, let them take their uncles, aunts, cousins, brothers and sisters out of the zoo and give them a seat at the family table for every day of the week, especially sunday dinner.

    Ever see any human woman have a monkey or ape in her womb that evolved into a human infant from an embryo?

    I haven't either and neither have they.
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  • Where do balloons go when they get away?

    Best answer: At a 10-K race I was in years ago, the finish line was an arch of balloons; after the race, I was sticking around to clean up, and we cut the two strings holding them to the ground; I thought he had it, he thought *I* had it, and up it went; we just watched it go up & up - and, when it got *really* high - we could see the balloons popping. Before it went out of sight, there were maybe only 10 or 12 balloons left... so, depending on winds - your stuff probably fell within a mile or three of where you lost it...
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  • Planning my suicide?

    Best answer: When you're young, everything feels like the end of the world, but it's not. It's just the beginning. The fact that you posted this is a cry for help. Call a hotline or just talk to someone, anyone. You are so young, and things get better. The worst years of my life were when I was 13, 14. It only gets better from here. Don't give up. There are people who love you, even if you don't think so, and they will be the ones who hurt if you do it. Suicide doesn't end pain, it just passes it to someone else.
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  • What if this couple magically got transformed into animals, what animal would each of them get transform into?

    Best answer: Giraffe and turtle. Stupid question
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  • Atheists, have you ever gone to the zoo to greet your ancestors and b/c you are a monkey unless you're black (I'm not a racist?)?

    I have and I let them teach evolution even though it's just a theory, like you atheists who secretly believe in God who is Jesus?
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  • Can an atheist be ignorant and illogical?

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  • What if you could transform this couple into anything, what would you transform each of them into?

    Best answer: Zebras
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  • Question for atheist only?

    So help me find the errors in this. I was thinking of a new way of turning some religious people into atheist and that way is, abstract thinking. Basically You try to get a christian to think critically avoiding religion at first however ask them questions that interfere with there religion, make sure they don't know your an atheist, after you see there answers and you think you have a chance then bring in religion they should begin to get very mad, I decided on abstract thinking because They don't have time or a chance to sit up this "Jesus saved me" "Jesus Is best and your just a sinner shield" This also works on people who believe in spanking, speaking of that don't bring up science, I think just like when some of them were spanked when they were younger and basically had no choice but to accept it, so when you bring up science they'll basically subconsciously reject it and go on lock-down cause your basically putting them back in the same position as when they were a kid. back to the abstract thinking, you know those weird situations were theres like a ladder a cube and each one represents something different, but you don't know what the test means so you have to wait till it's over to find out. The way to do this with religious people is to basically just give them what there parents or pastier didn't, patience, actual understanding, not this I love all my people stuff, actual you finding a way to get to know them understanding, also things that tell them that #wait 5
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  • My daughter has huge boobs what do I do?

    Best answer: excellent material for a pearl necklace!
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  • How long will the media keep pushing it before they have to back off and admit Hillary is going to be buried by a Trump landslide victory?

    They must be shite'ng bricks and are in up to their necks now. If they don't generate some real mass support for her (enough to at least cover the voter fraud), they're going to lose ratings big time.
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  • Is Hillary a witch?

    I have visited recently the Salem Witch Museum. A picture of one of the witches had a staggering resemblance with Hillary.
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  • Caught my son and daughter having sex?

    I have a 16 year old son and a 12 year old daughter who have different fathers, so actually they are half siblings. Anyway I went to the grocery store to get some milk, eggs, lettuce, chips, and water. I was gone for about an hour. When I came home I caught my son and daughter doing the nasty on the couch. My daughter was laying on her back with her legs spread apart. My son's wiener was stroking inside her vagina. I heard a lot of moaning and they were both sweating, so they were doing it for awhile. I was horrified, I did not know what to do. They had no idea i was watching them because they didn't stop. Finally after about ten minutes my son cummed all over my daughter, and my daughter ate her brother's ***. I am deeply disturbed by this. Do you think they need therapy or is it natural?
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