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  • How can I obtain my confinement history?

    Best answer: Write to the
    Government of Ontario
    Ontario.ca Français
    Ministry of the
    Solicitor General
    Ask for the information you want.

    Data on inmates in Ontario being made available to the public
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  • Can you order poutine without cheese curds at restaurants in Canada?

    Best answer: So you want fries and gravy instead? Pretty sure they have that in the US.

    Some lower quality restaurants serve poutines with just shredded cheese instead of cheese curds but that wrecks it. I would recommend just having the curds on there, its fantastic. Why not? This would be like me going to India and ordering a chicken curry dish, but asking them to hold the curry spices....whats the point? That's now how the dish is prepared and your missing out.

    Either way, enjoy Canada!

    Fair enough, not everyone likes cheese. But you realize that traditional poutine is fries, gravy, and cheese. You take out the cheese....you get fries and gravy. Which are served everywhere already, and not unique to Canada.
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  • At high tea, do establishments provide "to go" containers?

    Best answer: for the cost, tthey should!
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  • Is Tim Horton's food better quality than McDonalds?

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  • What does 20 piece mc nuggests cost in canada?

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  • Is Tim hurtons cheap?

    Best answer: Well, their coffee certainly tastes cheap! Hey oh!

    But no, they're not. Their sandwiches are over-priced crap. I'd rather eat the suspicious looking meat that McDonald's and Taco Bell have going on. At least it's easier on the wallet.
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  • Does Tim Hortons have Almond milk?

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  • Was I wrong not to tip?

    Best answer: Overall, I agree with you, but it depends on how you look at it. In food service, tips aren't considered extra money - waiters are paid less because tips will make up the rest of their salary.

    So on one hand, you docked her pay. She didn't completely ruin your meal so maybe a buck or two would have sent the same message while still rewarding her for the service she DID provide.

    On the other hand - service was horrible and the server was rude to you, so why would you want to thank and reward someone for that?

    I agree with you for not leaving a tip, but I would have been perfectly clear with the server why she wasn't getting a tip, and I might have even asked for the manager to tell him/her why your server isn't getting a tip. I feel like what you said doesn't help drive home the fact to the server that this might not be the best job for her. Considering her personality, she probably took her anger with you out on her next couple customers.
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  • Can someone please help me find this bartender in Vancouver Canada?

    Her name is Dior Draven she is about 5 10 she is creen Indian she has a bunch of tattoos with really big boobs and she works at a bar in Vancouver and has the most gorgeous eyes
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  • I have an interview at Crate and Barrel and I don t know what to wear. I am a guy, 22. Suggestions please?

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  • What kind of food do you eat in Quebec?

    Best answer: Quebecers pretty much eat the same thing as anyone else in the world. Some people will have steak, some eat pizza, some are vegetarian, some are lactose intolerant. In most Quebec cities, you'll find sushi restaurants, shawarma places, pizzerias, and chinese buffets. We have McDonalds, Burger King, Subways, KFC (called PFK here), and several other chains.

    Now if you are asking whether there are some meals or foods that are mainly associated with Quebec cuisine, there are certainly a few that we like to claim as being synonymous with Quebec. Here's a few examples.

    The Poutine.
    It is a french fry that we put cheese curds in, and then pour chicken gravy on top to melt the cheese into a ooey gooey mess.

    The Tortiere.
    The rest of the world probably refers to it as a mincemeat pie. You'll find these on every Sugar Shack menu and a lot of Christmas dinners.

    Smoked Meat.
    Similar to a reuben sandwich outside of Quebec, the Montreal delis make this to perfection. Sort of like steamed pastrami on rye bread with a layer of mustard and a kosher dill pickle on the side. Celebrities like Dean Martin, Mick Jagger, and several others used to order these every time they came to Montreal.

    Baked Beans and Cretons
    Served with eggs for breakfast, these are staples in just about every breakfast restaurant in Quebec. Cretons is essentially a spread made from pork and spices.

    Sugar Pie
    With maple syrup and maple sugar production in full swing from March to about early May, plenty of places will be selling authentic sugar pie. Made correctly, it tastes like maple fudge in a pie shell.
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  • Do you seat yourself at the pub or wait for a server/host to set you? Vancouver BC?

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  • Is there any restaurants/ cafe in Toronto which provide roses for people on dates?

    I'm taking my girl for our one year anniversary and I was hoping if there are any restaurants where they have people bring roses for sale near the table. I couldn't find anything in Toronto, but I took my GF to a boutique/restaurant in Montreal where a lady was selling/ bring roses near our table. She liked it so much and I'm looking if there are any such restaurants in Toronto
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  • Any tims open in winnipeg on xms?

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  • What's your favourite sushi restaurant in mississauga near toronto?

    Best answer: Sushi Ya Japan at 621 Dixon Road in Etobicoke. Hands down they have the best dynamite roll ever.
    6 answers 3 years ago Toronto