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  • If I was born in 2000, but my brothers in 1996 and 1999 were we all born in the same decade?

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  • Do Irish people like chicken nuggets?

    Best answer: Yes, they do.

    All of them.

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  • Have you ever been to a restaurant where the staff don't smile?

    There's this restaurant that i go to every once in a while in Ireland where im from, myself and my dad dress ourselves up and make the effort and drive out to enjoy a meal, and there's this waitress there and she reminds me of an American female cop that's giving me a ticket; she has the emotion of an old forgotten potato. I know life isnt a blast for us all the time and jesus, i understand more than most with my depression and anxiety, but i still smile for crying out loud. Even during some of my worst times, I've still been good to those around me, and because of that, they never really know I've got those things going on. But anyway, i don't want to write a huge essay about that. You have to smile and say hello to your customer's, it seems to me that she has some idea about who she is as a person and she fancies herself as a bit of a rebel, well im here to say bullshit to that, I've come all the way out here to eat some food, which btw is pure ****. She must be new; the last three times i went there she was there, never saw her before that. Im a chef myself so i know some things about restaurants. You SMILE WITH YOUR CUSTOMERS, especially if they're polite to you. God there's some really dull people these days.
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