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  • Do you think one idiot should be given the power to stop a football match?

    causing massive disruption not just to the players and fans but to the broadcaster, advertising revenue, TV schedules, pundits' wages, cost of policing a rematch, disruption to the football calendar etc …..ALL because ONE person shouts Oo! Oo! Oo! ot throws a banana on the pitch??
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  • If football fell out of favour in Europe would less Africans be in Europe?

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  • Am I the only one who watches soccer games on TV just to stare at the players' butts and bulges in HD?

    Best answer: That's why my friend in Helen watches. She had a huge crush on that Man City guy that scored last two goals today.
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  • I'm Brazilian and I play soccer very well, is there any MLS draft?

    My name is Felipe and I'm 15 years old, I'm a goalkeeper and one of the best in Brazil my age, MLS opens draft?
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  • How to not hate myself?

    Best answer: Most people in the world are very ordinary, so don't worry about not being unusually talented, skilled, or beautiful.

    But what interests you? Getting involved in some activity that really attracts you is one way to make yourself feel special. Another is to do important volunteer work -- to try to make a real difference in other people's lives. You can start small, but helping others can take you out of yourself and keep you from feeling so insecure.

    Think about your interests, and think about volunteering.
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  • Should I wear a cup during soccer?

    Best answer: No. I played the game all my life and I've never heard of players wearing cups.
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  • Should I make my son wear a cup while playing soccer?

    Best answer: Ask him to try and see how he feels.
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  • Is Cristiano Ronaldo from Brazil?

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  • Ronaldo vs Messi?

    Best answer: How many times do we need this question
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  • What to do?

    Best answer: In the end you should tell her that if I don't do what makes me happy and excited I won't ever be able to live a good life and it starts with me not playing soccer anymore but starting (insert something you like to do here). If she still won't let you quit then I would just play that final season.
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  • Why do Americans call football soccer? I mean the sport is clearly about footing a ball?

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  • Why is it that soccer is the only sport with a world club cup?

    Best answer: Basketball can be played with a ball. The fact is the US is the biggest market for all the other major sports and they do not see a need to promote a world club championship
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  • EFS why are we more divided than the US government?

    We are all football fans aren’t we? We got this side [Ezio, Pulister, OBA, Ryan, Danish Dynamite, Wossy, John, Callum] Against this side [King Cristiano, Nabinho, Josh B, SOlnado, PSG, Kristian, LFC Danny] Then everyone else is neutral oh and Scottish trolls go away and leave Dave the peacekeeper in peace.
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  • Should slide tackling be banned in football?

    Best answer: Nope. Slide tackles today are cleaner than they've ever been. If you ban those, then you might as well ban two players going up for headers as concussions are more dangerous than a broken bone.

    As someone who played 40 years ago how bad slide tackles were. Heck, even 30 years ago I recall being taken down from behind with a flying slide tackle taking out my knee. I had to leave the game and the guy only got a yellow. Today that would be a straight game and likely multiple game suspension. It's been cleaned up greatly in the last decades.
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  • Which team has more European cups, Manchester United or Real Madrid in the last five calendar years?

    Best answer: Real Madrid. Manchester have not won the European Cup for over 10 years :D
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  • Does soccer in other countries have less rules than in the U.S.?

    A while ago I was watching a soccer match being played in some other country like Brazil or Argentina.After a play was called,a player stuck both of his fingers in the eyes of a player from the opposing team as he happened to walk by him!Although the incident was shown on instant replay no action was taken by the refs!Do they allow this sort of thing in sports in other countries?
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  • I’m in middle school, I’m trying out for varsity team. Anyone know how to stand out or get the coaches attention? Or how to make the team?⚽️?

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  • How do I keep my son warm when he is playing soccer?

    Best answer: Check to see what the other kids are wearing.
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  • Why does the USA not player soccer that much?

    Best answer: When soccer became huge worldwide, the US was already heavily involved in four huge sports, both as players and spectators, two of those four being mega huge. There just wasn't enough market share to let in another sport in such a huge way, because people aren't going to just up and walk away from things they deeply care about as part of their personal traditions and national culture.

    Seriously, if some other sport came along and that sport played its games at the same time as soccer, would you give up soccer? Would you just abandon a love you've grown up fostering with passion and even fanaticism and that's sewn into your traditions and even personal identity? I don't think so. But that's what you'd have to do because there are just too many games whose times conflict, especially if now were 50 or 75 years ago when people could only spectate when the games actually happened as there was no Internet and no way to spectate those games after-the-fact, not that people are keen on delaying watching a game instead of watching it live now.

    By the way, it was the US that first made professional sports a thing. When soccer really started catching on globally, it was in a world where the US was the only country making any kind of big deal about sports as a national pastime, particularly for mass spectating via media, which at the time was radio. Almost the entire rest of the world hadn't caught that bug yet. Soccer caught on instead of one of America's sports, though, because America's biggest sports at the time, baseball and football, have a lot of equipment needed to play properly, making them expensive to play. Soccer can be played anywhere with just a plain old round ball that kids play with, not some niche ball that isn't good for anything but playing one specific sport. That made soccer accessible even in the poorest of countries.
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  • Should Cardiff still pay up?

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-... They've bought a player who failed to arrive.. Yet also, if they'd never bought the player he would never have been on a plane so it's kinda their fault
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