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  • I want to put two poles in the ground to make a clothes line but don't want to use concrete, but something temporary, what can I do?

    I want to install a clothes line but need to put something rather than concrete to put the poles in, for I might in the future need to move it or take it up. What should I put as a substitute for concrete?
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  • What kind of drill and drill bit do i need to go through brick?

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  • Multiple Layer Wallpaper Removal. Help!! It’s taking ages.?

    Hey, I need some advice of what could possibly help me strip wallpaper a bit quicker. Hiring someone isn’t an option for my budget. So we’re redecorating the last room that needs a vamp up. The room is the biggest room in my house and it’s been abandoned for years. So I started stripping wallpaper and there’s multiple layers of wallpaper, and lining paper. It’s very old and the plaster behind it has definitely seen better days. I’ll be getting thick lining paper to go over the plaster once it’s been roughly fixed. It takes me an hour just to get one strip down and I’m really loosing hope. I’ll attach photos. I have a steamer. There’s also lines were it seems different plaster board meets up with each other. Photo below on the left side is this “line” sand papered down, on the right is the same kind of “line” that hasn’t been sandpapered. Is there anyway to speed up the process. My partner is a DIY savvy but he works hard labour Mon-Fri and come the weekend he’s exhausted so I’ll be tackling the majority of the stripping by myself. Thanks for any advice.
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  • How to talk to neighbors about new fence?

    My neighbors have a chain link fence on the side we share. It is an old fence and they said the other side of it fell down year’s ago. According to the survey, their fence and driveway are on my property by about 2 inches. I’m not worried about 2 inches of yard space at all, I just thought I’d mention it. Anyways, when I bought the house I added a wooden fence on the other side and now I would be like to finish it all the way around my yard. How should I go about talking to my neighbors about this? I would be paying for it myself and I would even remove their chain link fence because I doubt they would want two fences up against each other. I’ve lived here for 2-3 years now and we’ve talked a few times and usually wave when we see each other outside, but not always. I’m also very shy and feel awkward in every social interaction lol. I’ve been putting off finishing the fence for a while now due to anxiety about talking to my neighbor as well as laziness, but I would really like to finish it this summer so I can let my dogs run free in the yard without being tied up.
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  • What is a miter saw?

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  • Could anyone advise the best way to fill this size hole? I expect its pollyfiller but is it too big? Any advise would be great.?

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  • Is Elmer s Glue-all Max good to use in aquariums?

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  • Where can I buy sulphuric acid online in the UK?

    Best answer: In the USA you can buy it as drain cleaner i do not know about UK.
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  • Is today's wood softer than 40 years ago?

    Best answer: Todays construction lumber is indeed softer than years ago because much of it is fast growing pine. However, you can buy harder stronger wood for certain applications such as yellow pine or hemlock fir. But you pay a higher price for it.
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  • Money being no problem, how would you build the most tornado proof home?

    Best answer: To be tornado proof it would have to either be underground or built like half a basket ball so the tornado rolls over it.
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  • I’m new at using the sewing machine. This is the first time this has happened, someone tell me what went wrong !?

    Best answer: Do NOT mess with your tension.
    99% of the time you have threaded the machine incorrectly. For a beginner sewing, the top thread and bottom thread should be the same.

    First be sure the bobbing thread is wound at an even speed. Make sure all debris is out of the bobbin case. Make sure the bobbed is in correctly.

    Make sure you thread the upper thread with the pressure foot UP!!! Make sure you have got the thread going through every step of threading correctly.

    Although it is important to change out your needle. And have the correct needle size for the fabric. This mess is because of threading incorrectly.
    As a beginner make sure you are using the same thread for both upper and bobbin thread. Make sure the thread is all purpose poly thread. Do not use thicker thread.
    In 40+ years of sewing on all kinds of sewing machines I have rarely had to mess around with the tension.
    For fleece use a 12/80 or 14/90 universal, stretch or ballpoint sewing machine needle.
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  • Yes unclogging the bath and shower drain I use a shop vacuum with just a little water in tub or drain..?

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  • How to temporarily fix deteriorating deck?

    My boyfriend has a large back deck (roughly 800-900 sq feet) that he has not maintained and has thus deteriorated. The posts seem sturdy, but many of the boards are broken. It can be walked on but you have to be careful and it’s not in the least big aesthetically pleasing. We do not have the funds to rebuild the deck, but we’re trying to think of affordable options to make the deck at least useable until next year when we plan on getting the deck done right. I had suggested drilling plywood or hardwood tempered panels on top of the deck so at least it’s safe to walk on without worrying about falling through a hole. Any other options of how to temporarily fix this aging deck? Any helpful suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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  • What type of drill bit would I need to drill a 50 mm hole through a kitchen work top?

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  • Do I run 3 wire (2 hot, 1 neutral/ground) or 4 wire (2 hot, 1 neutral, 1 ground) from main panel to house panel?

    Power company installed a meter and 200 amp main panel at the pole. The main panel has feed through lugs that I plan to use to connect to the wire that will run all 200 amps underground approximately 350 feet to another panel for a house. Here's my question: The main panel at the pole has the neutral and ground bonded (see pic). Do I run a 3 wire (2 hot and 1 neutral/ground), or do I run a 4 wire (2 hot, 1 neutral, 1 ground) to the house panel? Thanks!
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  • Do It Yourself (DIY): Is there a way to get rid of ants without killing them?

    Best answer: Either sprinkle ground nutmeg or cinnamon where you see them if they're in the house. If they're in their mounds, sprinkle some around the mound and some in the holes
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  • Help me with antenna grounding. What is the right thing to do?!!?

    Best answer: I'd recommend that, if you can drive that ground rod the full eight feet, do so. With unknown soil, just go with "deeper is better" as a rule.

    You also need to buy a "lightning arrestor". This is a simple and inexpensive device that you mount on your antenna mast. It's got connections for the antenna lead-in wire, and the ground wire. It's easy to do.

    That's the way to route a lightning strike to the ground rod, and away from your electronic equipment.

    You're almost there.
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  • I have a metal bracket that needs a slightly larger hole to fit in a screw i want to use. Can i make the hole bigger using a drill bit?

    The hole needs like 2 or 3 mm more to fit
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  • Toilet wont flush?

    Best answer: Reach in and pull the flapper valve open. Don't worry, that's clean water in there. None of the water (and other stuff) in the bowl can get into the tank.

    Then look at the flapper valve and see how it attaches to the handle. It may be a chain, most of them are. You may be able to re-attach it. If not, call someone.
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  • Will tile and cement board be fine under a grill?

    I m building an outdoor kitchen and am using treated lumber as a frame. Is covering it with cement board and then tile enough to keep it safe from fire?
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