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  • Can I eat insulation?

    I have this infatuation with insulation and it’s texture is just so mesmerizing to me. I have always wanted to stuff myself full with insulation, and this relentless desire to do so prompts me to ask this question. I have been told by some close friends that it is not edible but it’s just so appealing and I want to make sure. The very mention of insulation makes my mouth water. Serious answers only please.
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  • If I put loft boards downs, do I still need a double layer of insulation roll underneath?

    Best answer: you are correct to worry ...loft boards are for light storage only..the joist below are not deep enough to carry weight ..and compressing insulation will  crack the ceiling ..in the uk insulation should be 275mm ..11" deep ..the insulation must NEVER cover the void between wallplate and soffit ..air must be allowed to circulate ....FYI  average floor joist depth 200mm ..8" average ceiling joist 100mm 4"   CAUTION!
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  • How can I install a handrail for the stairs if I can’t find any studs in the wall?

    The stud finder isn’t finding any studs. I think it’s just laths begins the plaster. 
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  • How big is the average Hotel lobby?

    I m making a map of a place in my book that s sort of like a hotel, using a bunch of sticky notes all over my wall. Each sticky note represents 10x10 feet of space, so...how many should I use for the lobby of this place??
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  • Are you aware milk cartons & plastic can be extruded into beautiful lifetime boards for decking, railing or dock? No maintenance.?

    Best answer: Actually, I did know that.  In fact I'm having my old wooden back deck replaced with "plastic" this summer because I'm tired of the warping and constant maintenance of treated wood.  I also plan on making some raised garden beds out of the leftover "boards."
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  • How to run a 60 gallon air compressor?

    I’m looking to buy an air compressor but where I will be using it there isn’t any power. I already have a 4000 watt predator generator from harbor freight, would that same generator be able to run a 60 gallon central Pneumatic harbor freight air compressor? What kind of plugs would I need to use? I need to compressor to work on trucks but I don’t know a lot on electrical stuff.
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  • Why does the toilet make a grinding noise when it is flushed?

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  • How much water would it take for drywall to get soft enough to pierce a hole through it with a finger or screwdriver? If it was a leak?

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  • Not sure how to ask a question at home depot since my English is limited . Could you please help me ?

    Hi . I was wondering if any of you could help me .. I need to get a threaded rod and a screw at home depot and obviously they need to be a specific size . So I’m planing on taking those items to homedepot to let them see the size .. but how can I ask them what I need ? I need easy words to pronounce .. I’m unable to pronounce “ threaded rod” and “ screw ”. Can I say “ rod” and “ nut” instead ? Would that work ? Or what would you suggest ?   I was planning on saying something like “ do you have rods of this size ?” And “ do you have nuts of this size ?” These are the things I need to get at homedepot: Thank you for your help .
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  • How to make door close itself?

    Best answer: Build a door closer or build an automatic door closer. You can sell something to do this from your local home improvement or hardware store.
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  • Am I overthinking this? ?

    This was probably a year ago now, but my brother, and I were helping my dog remediate his mobile home, so he could rent it out. We completely ripped the tub, sink, and toilet out in one of the bathrooms. Also we ripped out the floor. Well, I didn't. My dad, and brother did. I just helped put insulation in. Well, when we were putting the insulation in, I noticed that one of the rolls had what looked like black mold on it. I posted a picture of it on here when I noticed it, and someone said it was black spray paint, so I just stopped worrying about it. Well, since then my dad put down new flooring, a new shower, new sink, new toilet. If we wanted to replace the insulation, than I think we would have to rip it all out again, and I dont even know if what I saw was actually mold, or if we even ended up putting that roll in, as I raised some concernes about it. I would just feel bad letting my dad rent the mobile home out knowing that there may be mold in it. I know that if I bring this up that my dad will freak out, because I worry alot, and ge would have to undo all his hardwork, possibly to discover that there is no mold. Am I overthinking this?
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  • How do I get my little kids to start flushing the toilet?

    Best answer: Explain it to them, including why. My guess is that if a kid will not flush the toilet he does not understand the process. Using the toilet is fairly traumatic for a kid, and flushing should be easily remembered because it resolves the problem. It's that toilet paper business that is hard.
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