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  • Why are people upset that Chris "the rabid wolverine" Benoit murdered his wife and kid but not upset that Rey Mysterio murdered Perro Aguayo?

    It's the same thing really. Rey Mysterio should be ashamed of himself and should be behind bars. What he did was inexcusable.
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  • Would Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson still be as successful as he is now if he didn't leave the WWE to make movies in the early 2000's ?

    Best answer: Yes because he's shown that he can adapt with the times every single time he comes back. He's given leeway more these days on the microphone than most, but only because he gained Vince's trust as being a draw. I also don't view the Rock as being a Cena or Hogan type figure where the onus of his existence is winning. On the contrary, the Rock's character has an ego that begs to be humbled over and over again. One of his last recorded losses prior to coming back for Cena was against The Hurricane after an extremely entertaining feud. Did it hurt The Rock? No, but it got the world behind Helms for that short period of time. From my understanding Rock wanted the feud and he had no issue with losing to a younger guy with immense talent but a silly gimmick and look. That's the kind of veteran you want on your roster. You want the guy who can take the nastiest of falls from grace and talk himself out of the hole.

    With all of that being said, I don't think he would've wrestled into 2018. If he had stayed full time it'd probably be more likely that he would've wrapped things up around 2010.
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  • Which of these female superstars do you think is/was better looking, in their prime?

    Mandy Rose or Torrie Wilson Ronda Rousey or Charlotte Sable or Candice Michelle Eve Torres or Trish Stratus Alexa Bliss or Paige Nikki Bella or Maryse Lita or Melina Catrina or Layla El Kairi Sane or Brie Bella Becky Lynch or Tessa Blanchard Sasha Banks or Alicia Fox Bayley or AJ Lee Carmella or Natalya Melissa Santos or Renee Young Sunny or Stacy Keibler
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  • If Pro Wrestlers had rankings, what would you rank these listed wrestlers?

    Novice- Beginner- Average- Intermediate- Advanced- Pro- Master- True Master(?) You can skip it, if you don't want to answer, and just answer the ones you want. You can base it off of actual wrestling, or Kayfabe, or some of both; your choice. Yes, I did look them up on WWE superstars, lol. AJ Styles Andrade "Cien" Almas Asuka Baron Corbin Big E Langston Braun Strowman Cesaro Charlotte Daniel Bryan Jinder Mahal John Cena Kevin Owens Kurt Angle(Anytime) Ronda Rousey Seth Rollins Shinsuke Nakamura The Miz TJ Perkins You can add wrestlers if you wish to.
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  • On a scale ZERO to 10, how much do you enjoy watching these action movies/ pro wrestling matches?

    1. A great chain, mat wrestling sequence, with wrist locks, armbars,pressure points,grappling- mostly holds and realism. 2. A refined lucha Libre fast-paced feeling out process between two technicos using Mexican takedowns,counters aerial attacks, and moving around the ring easily and with grace. 3. A personal match between a face/ heel that has a lot of brawling, fighting, storytelling, emotion- less about the friendly competition. 4. An athletic match with powerhouse big men doing moves and holds you wouldn't expect them doing. 5. A 90's traditional martial arts, kung fu fight, with weapons, extremely fluid moves, sped up and been creative with the environment. They are more refined,more creative than a more physical MMA action fight. 6. A Hong Kong martial arts fight with a lot of foot work, kicking, punching,head movement, and changing their rhythm,and tempo; kind of like Jackie Chan vs. Benny(WOM) or Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris. 7. An MMA fight(In octagon, or film) they mix up their styles that they know from Boxing, Muay Thai,Kickboxing, Chinese/Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Tae Kwon Do. They mix up everything, from grappling, stand up, clinch, takedowns, submissions. 8. A Muay Thai action fight. They really hit each other,and do all their own stunts- parkour, obstacle courses, acrobatics,and use every part of their body like elbows, knees. 9. Classic strong style wrestling? 10. What era and company do you think had the best cruiserweight division of all time?
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  • Do you think if Maryse wasn't married to The Miz she would be bagging groceries in Montreal?

    Best answer: Eva Marie is acting & has her own clothing line, Kelly Kelly is a reality star, and Torrie Wilson has her own fitness program.

    Nobody knows what the future holds....not even Carmella.
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  • Do you think local/indy gate driven wrestling can win over WWE fans?

    Best answer: Yes and it's quite easy actually. Book former WWE stars for meet and greets or even wrestling and WWE fans will come. Odds are some will find something else about the wrestling show that they like besides just a former WWE star and then they might come back. I think every single non-WWE entity that's been successful over the past 18 years has done just that. ROH brought in guys like Cody, Jamie Noble, The Hardys on separate occasions as singles, Ricky Steamboat, and Mick Foley. Half of TNA's alumni section is probably dedicated to wrestlers who worked in WWE. Even New Japan is capitalizing on the popularity of Jericho. WWE's even done it with their own developmental system by incorporating established main roster talents like Regal, Ellering, Tyson Kidd, CM Punk, and Cesaro.

    That doesn't mean these places are competition, or that fans who go to an indie show will stop watching the easier to access WWE programming, but I do think adding star power/a recognizable name to your show draws well.
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  • Would you buy a new street fighter based game, with pro wrestlers from different promotions?

    Best answer: Probably not. I've never enjoyed any wrestling game with an arcade fighter mechanic, and there have been a few. WWF Royal Rumble on Sega Genesis comes to mind. It fit the camp of the time, and kind of backpacked off of the Mortal Kombat aesthetic and style, but it's not a good wrestling game.
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  • Professional Wrestling: What do you think about Roman Reigns uprooting John Cena as #1 merch seller in World Wrestling Entertainment?

    Best answer: John Cena still has one of the most popular merchandise in WWE and the wrestling industry as a whole....but, with that being said, it doesn't surprise me that Reigns surpassed Cena as the top merch seller in WWE....

    John Cena has barely been around for most of 2018. The more absent that a superstar is, sometimes, the less likely that they'll buy his/her merch.
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  • Professional Wrestling: What opinion do you have on the reaction to John Cena's 'sixth move of doom'?

    Best answer: They’re just complaining for the sake of complaining at this point. It’s not like he’s going to be defeating anyone with it on a grand stage. He did the move at a live event in China. An event where people go to have fun and enjoy the show. Not try to hijack it. This should be a non issue.
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  • Do you think maybe down the line Chris Benoit will get inducted into the hall of fame by WWE?

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  • What do you think of Renee Young saying she thought Corey Graves changed his ringtone to The B Team ringtone?

    Best answer: It's hilarious, she's basically saying he is a B Team Groupie.
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  • Wrestling Section: AJ Styles, Cesaro, or Kota Ibushi?

    If you aren't familiar with Kota, just do Cesaro vs. AJ Styles. Who is tougher? Who is a better grappler? Who is a more proficient striker? Who is cleaner, more fluid in the ring? Who is a harder striker? Who has better agility? Who has a better arsenal? Who has more intensity? Who would win in a fight? Who has better technical ability? Who has better submissions? Who has better conditioning? Who shows more story-telling?
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  • Who was so excited about Bella Twins return yesterday?

    I was they wrestled such a great match and gave the Riott squad what they deserved!
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  • Why do professional mixed martial artists have such an issue with professional wrestling e.g Dan Severn or Daniel Puder?

    Best answer: Because they don’t respect professional wrestling. They think wrestlers are fake tough guys. Even though hardly any of them could do what professional wrestlers do.
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  • Was the last time R-Truth was relevant seven years ago when Miz teamed up with him?

    Best answer: Of Course.

    It's been years to take him very seriously these days. He's still funny. He's just putting over the talent.
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  • What do you think of Drake Maverick the new mannager for the Authors of Pain?

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  • What do you think about Seth Rollins cashing-in at Wrestlemania 31 being referred to as one of the greatest moments of the past few years?

    Best answer: The cash in was a cool moment. Wouldn’t call it the greatest moment of the past few years though.

    BQ: I think Bret Hart is a good wrestler. But he’s not the best there is, the best there was, or the best there ever will be. He’s always been the biggest Bret Hart fan.
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  • Greatest wrestler in their prime?

    Choose one: 1) Hulk Hogan 2) Steve Austin 3) Triple H 4) The Rock 5) Brock Lesnar 6) Goldberg 7) Andre The Giant 8) Ric Flair 9) Randy Savage 10) The Miz 11) John Cena 12) The Undertaker 13) Edge 14) Bret Hart 15) Bob Backlund 16) The Iron Sheik 17) Jimmy Snuka 18) Jake Roberts 19) Ted Dibiase 20) Kane
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  • I stopped watched wrestling back in April and moved on to MLB are you jealous?

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