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  • What exactly does the Pencil Neck Geeks have against Hulk Hogan?

    Best answer: You'll notice John Dasani likes to throw stones living in a glass house. People forget context, when everything John pointed out happened Hogan's family was ruined, he was going through a divorce, his son was in jail and his daughter was floundering in the music scene.

    The fact that guys like Dennis Rodman and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson stood up for Hogan should be enough.
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  • So are sponsors going to leave WWE now that they let Hogan back in?

    Best answer: I don’t think they will. It’s been two days now, the MSM has been pretty quite. No one has threatened boycotts. No tweets have been sent to sponsors. I think WWE is safe for now.
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  • Hulk Hogan back in WWE; your thoughts?

    Best answer: That'll put butts in seats.
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  • What Would Happen If Hulk Hogan Became President!?

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  • Will there ever be a wrestler as over as Austin was back in 1997-2003?

    Best answer: Steve Austin got huge reactions no matter where he went. Punk, Bryan, and Jeff Hardy, get/got reactions from the crowd just not as big as Austin. If anyone is close to Austin it has to be John Cena. He gets positive and negative reactions from the crowd. I certainly think someone could make a case for John Cena being as over as Steve Austin.
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  • Who is your LEAST favourite wrestler? Mine is The Miz?

    Best answer: Dolph Ziggler.

    Miz is a close second
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  • What do you think about professional wrestling journalists wanting Alexa Bliss Vs. Ronda Rousey to main event WWE Summerslam?

    Best answer: It would be an interesting match up. Rousey is a great wrestler, and a different kind of athlete, and Alexa Bliss is crafty, and improving to be a really good competitor. Alexa Bliss will be an underdog in this one, but it should be fun. I would watch it; just have to catch up, lol.
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  • Would Pro Wrestling be considered a type of martial art ? (Obviously besides the use of ropes and entrances)?

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  • Why doesn't Brie Bella tell Daniel Bryan that since returning from injury his career has been a bust?

    The Miz said that nobody tells Daniel Bryan that since returning from injury his career has been a bust and is ruining his legacy and no one tells him not even his wife.
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  • Are there any heels with an evil clown persona?

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  • Will Becky Lynch Defeat Carmella To Get Titleshot At Summerslam?

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  • What do you think about the rumors that WWE is going to have Bobby Lashley become the first African American WWE champion at Summerslam?

    IF World Wrestling Entertainment has Brock Lesnar's 471+ WWE Universal championship reign come to an end by having Bobby Lashley go over at Summerslam to become the first African American pro wrestler to win the WWE championship, WWE is dead to me. You know who should be the first African American pro wrestler to win the WWE chaampionship, BIG E.! Big E. has busted his *** in The New Day since 2014, he's solid on the microphone, solid inside the ring and more over then that overblown walking wellness policy violation Bobby Lashley. Having Big E. become the first African American pro wrestler to win the WWE championship would be a modern day Ron Simmons. What has Lashley done in his entire career to deserve such a talked about accomplishment, got pushed to the moon in 2005 - 2008 for just being 'okay' in the ring and dead on the mic. Left World Wrestling Entertainment to get handed title after title in Impact! Wrestling floundered in Bellator MMA and came back mediocre as ever just to get pushed over guys like Big E. Bobby Lashley being handed that accomplishment now would just prove how the worth while current pro wrestlers [AKA not Fin Balor, Roman Reigns or Roman Reigns] have no chance in hell of getting to the top well Vince McMahon & Kevin Dunn are still around. On top of that rumors say WWE is going to have Hulk Hogan be the special time keeper who awards Lashley the belt after he goes over Lesnar.
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  • Do you think Brock Lesnar is good-looking?

    Best answer: Fine as ****.
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  • Do pro wrestlers typically die young because they are wrestlers, or are they wrestlers because they are marginalized people to begin with?

    Best answer: Wrestling has no offseason. The human body isn't designed for this. They spend about 300 days on the road with not much time to heal. Some take pain pills to ease the pain. Mix it with alcohol and it's a recipe for disaster. But not all premature wrestling deaths are attributed to drug abuse.
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  • Why do people vilify WWE?

    Best answer: Cause X alumni [Jim Cornette] did a 'shoot' on World Wrestling Entertainment and pencil neck geeks on Reddit eat that manure up to feel superior against 'The McMahon', then there is the anti-professional wrestling side 'cause it's fake bro' even though the cat was out of the bag back in the 1930's and then we have the Phil 'CM Punk' Brooks marks that think they know everything about WWE cause CM Punk whined about it.
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  • With WWE letting Hogan back in their business now, how's Vince gonna react?

    Best answer: It was Vince's decision.
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  • Do you agree with Miz that Daniel Bryan since returning from injury has been a bust?

    The Miz said that Daniel Bryan's return from injury has been a bust and no one tells him not the crowd, not his wife.
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  • Super Hardcore Fans: Which of these wrestlers do you like better?

    Best answer: Wow so many answers but anyways I will post my usual long answers for your questions but I think I will expand it considerably.

    Owen Hart - Owen Hart was one of the best wrestlers in that era of WWE wrestling and he showed the best of his abilities against his relative, Bret Hart. I think he is one of the more underrated wrestlers and he is well known enough to be listed in the top 30 most popular legends. Outside of WWE, he was well liked for his good and overally friendly character and he made a high amount of friends. He was also a good family man and I don't think he received any backstage heat and many can interpret his attempts at doing the piledriver and injuring Steve Austin as a mistake that shouldn't be take into significant heights. He would have done more and gained more popularity had he not fell from a considerable height.

    With Pillman, I can only remember him for his association with Steve Austin where he later turned against him to align himself with Stone Cold's biggest detractors at the time. He was a good superstar since a lot of erudite fans give a positive opinion of him. Nonetheless, I still choose Owen based on the fact that I have more knowledge of him than I do of Pillman.

    Brock Lesnar - Brock Lesnar always performs fantastically well when he steps into the ring and I always enjoy his work. He has a decent moveset that is enjoyable with those painful-looking german suplexes and the crushingly powerful F-5. He is an elite level talent and he would have been even more better had he not have that one terrible flaw of frequent absence.

    Vader was a good superstar with a massive bulk and his match with Shawn Michaels at Summerslam is perhaps his best match with HBK carrying the man well through the match but I haven't seen more of his matches and I know his involvement with NJPW and his hardcore matches but the thing is I actually haven't seen any of those matches but I know for a fact that Vader was a good match since that match with Shawn received positive reviews from critics.

    I've known Lesnar more so I guess I lean towards him here.

    Neither - Although I have no interest in NJPW, I have read the reviews made by Dave Meltzer where Shinsuke Nakamura had arguably his best match(according to Meltzer) against Kota Ibushi but I don't care about any of them in general.

    Rey Mysterio - Even now, he is still one of the best high flyers of the world and perhaps the greatest cruiserweight superstar in wrestling history. At his prime, he was legendary and performed elite level high flying which triggered high astonishment from the audience. He is mainly referred to as the Ultimate Underdog which is an excellent nickname for him because he is not strong nor is he big and when he is put against a bigger and more powerful foe, the odds are always stacked up against him but the one thing that Mysterio has is his heart and he instead resorts to his quickness and high flying to bring down bigger foes which he has done many times. He even showed an act of defiance against The Undertaker and proved to be capable opponent for the much much more powerful Undertaker.

    Drago hasn't shown anything, not just high flying that is able to put him on the level of Rey Mysterio and he is simply just an high flyer. I did look up on Drago because you listed him and he works for Lucha Underground but that is all I know of him. Perhaps if he came to NXT, he would be more exposed and I would be able to look at his matches and review them.

    Johnny Gargano - Don't get me wrong, I respect Ricochet as a superstar and I enjoy his work as a high level high flyer but Gargano is someone I really like and respect. He always makes the best of his big matches which are usually critically acclaimed and he is clearly a diligent worker with excellent talent. When he has a big match with Tommias Champa, you'll know that it is going to be 4+ match just like AJ Styles vs John Cena. When Gargano comes up to the main roster, I don't want WWE ruin this man and he is more suited for a main event role rather than a mid card role.

    Ricochet continues to have good matches and I would like to see a match between him and Neville so that the can show their chemistry in the ring and put on the show that leaves every fan impressed and happy. He is among the top high flyers in WWE but he should get exposed when he makes it to WWE.

    Neither - I looked up these two but I wasn't interested in any of them but I do know WWE consider or do consider Ospreay.

    AJ Styles - I really like these two but I like Styles a little bit. He is currently the best talent that WWE has but what is even more better is that he lives up to his moniker. He always performs at a phenomenal level that places him among the best wrestlers in the world. He sells excellently with great emotion, with great passion and with great effort and not many can sell as good as him. One of the best thing about him is his interactions with his opponents in the ring, he always make his opponents look good and better yet, he brings out the best in them. Examples include:

    -Jinder Mahal, a particular mediocre wrestler and nearly of his matches are below decent and even the great Shinsuke Nakamura who carried him in both of their matches couldn't do anything to make the match decent. AJ Styles challenged the bland wrestler and made their match together actually decent.

    -Baron Corbin. Corbin is one of the less talented wrestlers but his match with Styles where Styles had his rematch clause was a good match with Styles carrying Corbin through the match.

    -Shane McMahon. For someone who wrestles rarely, Styles gave Shane his best match that exceeded the one with The Undertaker. It's safe to give the match ***1/2 because it was awesome.

    -Brock Lesnar. Styles is responsible for giving Lesnar his best match since 2013 against CM Punk. The match was absolutely awesome with Styles proving to be a powerful challenger to Lesnar after Styles was dominated early on until making a major comeback and the match would have been considered a ***** if Styles managed to kick out of the F-5 before being beaten by another ob=ne or perhaps beating Lesnar.

    Oh my I wrote so much stuff that I didn't say anything about Michaels. Shawn Michaels is the best hall of famer and he certainly had better matches than Styles without a doubt but I just like Styles more because he is a very nice guy backstage.

    Braun Strowman - He is a big man with a likeable character and he is said to be the best monster heel ever, a claim I absolutely agree with. He has a good theme and an intimidating look with a fitting hairstyle and attire. I won't undermine Sheamus and I will say he is a good wrestler, not average but really good wrestler that has had great matches with his partner, Cesaro but he has a boring character that hurts him.

    Chris Jericho - He is a legend and purely exceptional in mic work and wrestling work and he is the king of WWE catchphrases and if you want to know all his catchphrase, you can ask Chris The Jericho Fan who is the biggest Jericho fan here. Steamboat is a popular legend but thing is that when Steamboat is mentioned, he doesn't receive a powerful reaction like Steve Austin and Shawn Michaels usually receive.

    The Miz - Because he is.....AWESOME!! but actually because of his mic skills and promos. He has improved over the years and he is pretty good in the ring, in fact he is one of the better wrestlers in WWE. His mic skills and promos are what really stands out for him and he knows how to play his heel character very well. Kevin Owens should improve if he wants to exceed Miz in mic skills.

    Seth Rollins - Rollins is one of the best and most diligent workers in WWE and he is performing absolutely.....Glorious!! and he keeps on improving. Soon, he will replace CM Punk and become better than Punk ever was. Who knows? maybe he has. I like Nakamura and his heel gimmick is interesting but if he can win at Extreme Rules and enhance his character and stop being kind of lazy then I might lean towards him.

    Jushin Liger - He invented some moves. None of the Tiger Mask incarnations are as great as Jushin is.

    Neither - DUD! but honestly I just don't like these two at all. Kane is just extremely creepy and Abyss of Impact is just grotesque.
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  • What are your thoughts on the following IMPACT! wrestlers?

    "The Machine" Brian Cage Kongo Kong Fallah Bah Tommy Dreamer Eli Drake
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  • What are some things you sub-consciously don't like to see in a wrestling match?

    Best answer: Distraction roll ups. Asuka lost to Carmella twice because of James Ellsworth. By now she should be more focused on Carmella than that turtle. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame of WWE creative.

    Not selling an injured limb your opponent has been working on. Charlotte is bad at doing this. Why have her opponent work her leg if she isn’t going to sell it for the Figure 8? It’s simple wrestling psychology. Charlotte has been wrestling since 2012. There’s no excuse for it.

    Chair shots to the head. We’ve seen what chair shots to the head can do overtime. Luckily they’re rare in WWE. It’s not uncommon for it to happen in the indies though. It’s not just chair shots either. Stiff kicks and punches to the head is unnecessary. Good wrestlers make it look real.

    No selling. Normally when someone is super kicked, that’s the end of the match. No selling the move takes me out of the match.
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