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  • Despite how Chris Benoit killed his family, do you think WWE would recognize him someday? Lets face it hes been a part of so much history.?

    1 of the "SmackDown! Six" 1/2 of the 1st ever SmackDown Tag Team Champions (w/ Kurt Angle) Legendary best of 7 series US title (WCW and WWE) Historic 2004 Royal Rumble victory emotional WrestleMania XX world heavyweight title win but not before Eddie Guerrero his best friend the WWE Champion embraced with him
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  • Are you a fan of john cena do you like him in raw or smackdown?

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  • Should Canada accept 10 million refugees per year?

    Best answer: Wow! They could double their population in a little over 3 years at that rate! We should ship the next caravan to their border!
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  • Do you think if the WWE was more "edgy" a lot more people would take more time to watch it?

    Best answer: Edginess doesn't keep ratings. If it did, WCW would still be around and Vince Russo would be heralded as a genius for saving the company. Compelling rivalries that don't depend solely on having a match every week, great promos, and the slightest tinge of suspension of disbelief would help WWE by leaps and bounds.

    There's also the conspiracy theory that Vince doesn't want to create a single one-and-only star of the show anymore due to being burned by Hogan leaving for Hollywood and WCW, Warrior holding him up for cash, Austin walking when booking didn't go his way, Brock leaving for greener pastures elsewhere, The Rock leaving for Hollywood, Cena leaving for Hollywood, and arguably Roman for having health problems, although I don't think he's been considered "the guy" for quite some time before his diagnosis. Vince's formula for 30 years was push one big star to the top and have heels chase the gold,and now he's left in a situation where he micromanages everything so that new talent can't break out ahead of the pack and I'm of the minority that believes this is by design. He wants WWE as a brand to be the star and that doesn't work when there's no unique entity within it to glomp onto and booster.

    CZW has been an entity for 20 years now. It's been on the verge of bankruptcy almost every year of it's existence, and all it promotes is edgy gimmicks, promos that would make a sailor blush, and death match wrestling. As of 2017 even it started to veer away from that formula because it wasn't garnering any attendance figures or earning them any television deals. It's still struggling despite the fact that old school booker Dave Marquez because it still has that stigma of being death match wrestling.

    Edge will only get you so far without substance.
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  • Daniel bryan or aj styles?

    Best answer: Aj styles
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  • Which 2 Wrestlers do you dislike that everyone loves?

    Best answer: Carmella and Ambrose
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  • Agree or Disagree: Jerry Lynn was more talented, more skilled than RVD in the ring?

    Best answer: Absolutely. Look at it this way: Jerry Lynn had 3 major feuds that were based almost solely how good he was in the ring. First there was Jerry Lynn vs Lightning Kid, which was a game changer for it's time. Then there was Jerry Lynn vs RVD, a rivalry that consists of a vast majority of RVD's best matches. Then, of course, against AJ Styles, which helped shape how independent wrestling is to this day.

    I don't know if he was a ring general against Rob, or if it was 50-50, but one thing's for certain, and that's that Rob hasn't had a singles match as good as his bouts with Jerry Lynn since. He's had good matches with big moments, and awesome multi-man bouts with ladders and whatnot, but when it comes to straight up singles wrestling, his resume starts and ends with Jerry Lynn.
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  • Will Carmella Ever Be Smackdown Woman's Champion Again?

    Best answer: Not anytime soon I don't think.
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  • Wrestling Fans:?

    Best answer: Total Nonstop Action Wrestling can't book a professional wrestling product audiences would get behind that stations would actually keep airing, the last three were lost because people behind Impact! Wrestling are incompetent morons. Dixie Carter for starters accidentally emailed the head of POP TV who saved TNA's *** from going under referring to them as idiots for signing a deal with Impact! Wrestling, I'm dead serious.
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  • Do WWE Wrestlers travel together from city to city in a giant bus?

    Or do they drive in their own car? And do they all stay together in the same hotel? Any info appreciated
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  • How has WWE raw gotten so ****?

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  • What do you think of Mandy Rose sending Jimmy Uso a gift saying she wants to be locked in Uso penitentiary and a key to a hotel room?

    Best answer: At least WWE has put Mandy Rose, Jimmy Uso and Naomi in a storyline. None of them seem to be in contention for championships these days. Mandy Rose was trying to play Jimmy Uso for an idiot, but Jimmy Uso wasn't born yesterday.
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  • Which former WWE Superstar has better movies..Stone Cold or The Rock?

    Who is better?
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  • Do you think Naomi will never be as hot as Mandy Rose?

    Best answer: I think that Mandy and Naomi are beautiful in their own special ways.....
    Mandy is more of the classic "Diva" beauty, and Naomi is vibrant. I love both of their entrances, gear, and overall looks.

    I know that this question wasn't meant to be taken seriously, but..... XD
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  • Who Is The Greatest Woman Wrestler Of All Time?

    Best answer: Both Aja Kong and Manami Toyoda would certainly have to be considered for this honor.

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  • Okay....if there was an alien apocalypse, and there were only a limited amount of wrestlers you can have on your team, who would you pick?

    Best answer: HIGH-FLYER:
    Ricochet, Kalisto, Rey Mysterio, IO Shirai, Kacy Catanzaro.

    Ricochet. I think Ricochet is the best one from the list. He is the strongest, and just as quick, or quicker like you said before. I would probably add in Rey, because of his experience in the ring, and fighting different opponents of different styles.

    Deonna Purrazzo, Toni Storm, Tessa Blanchard, TJ Perkins, Britt Baker.

    TJ Perkins. TJ Perkins knows a lot of holds, and has a lot of strikes, and he can take it to the air. He is well rounded, imo. He is really quick. He is resourceful, and creative, too.

    Stone Cold Steve Austin, Paige, Dean Ambrose, Rhea Ripley, Pete Dunne
    Pete Dunne. He seems to not only be a great striker, but is an expert at ripping a limb apart, especially the arms. He seems vicious. I don't know much about him, bit I prefer his style over Stone Cold. I'm not a big fan of Stone Cold as much as most people. On second thought, I seen some of his action movies; he know how to fight and take punishment. Stone Cold, too.

    John Cena, Braun Strowman, Brock Lesnar, Nia Jax, Drew McIntyre

    John Cena. Cena is pound for pound the strongest out of the list, and probably overall the strongest with his muscle control, and overall body strength. He would probably be a great leader, too. He is brave, and has the most experience. Bran Stowman, too. Braun could mow down them aliens with his size, power, and velocity.

    Daniel Bryan, Becky Lynch, Samoa Joe, Chad Gable, and Kurt Angle

    Daniel Bryan and Becky Lynch. Becky is an aquarius, so I'm assuming she is trustworthy, creative, honest, and original(Which are qualities you seem to have, too, since you're an aquarius). Also like you said, she seems to know a lot about how to survive. She is also a great wrestler, energetic, and determined. Daniel Bryan is one of the best wrestlers on the planet, and also knows how to strike, and he gives it his all.

    Dakota Kai, Matt Riddle, Asuka, Sonya Deville, and Roman Reigns.

    Roman Reigns. Roman was fighting cancer, and still is for pete sakes. He is a true hero. Even before I knew about that, I still would have picked him. He is strong, explosive, and has a lot of intensity. He is also a leader, and one of the hardest workers to have improved in the ring as much as he did, with each year.

    ALL-AROUND(Multiple abilities):
    AJ Styles, Charlotte Flair, Seth Rollins, Johnny Gargano, and Tommasso Ciampa

    AJ Styles. AJ Styles plays video games, so I'm assuming he would know how to defend against aliens, lol. But seriously, one of the greatest of all time, in TNA and WWE.
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  • Why do people think the WWE is fake?

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  • Is Denny Omega going to WWE?

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  • What do you think about Kevin Hart’s situation? Did he apologize for his past jokes? Should have his past been brought up now?

    Best answer: He's apologized, and now he's pretty much turning away every member of the media trying to pry another heartfelt apology out of him.

    I tend to agree with the comment saying comedians shouldn't have to apologize. Their bits aren't necessarily reflections of themselves. They're more like distorted, smiling, satires of current events and culture. The comedians are just a vehicle in which these bits are conveyed.
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  • Has AEW put WWE out of business yet?

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