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  • Should WWE bring back the hardcore championship?

    7 answers
  • What do you think about Phil 'CM Punk' Brooks stating he's grateful that fans are still hijacking pro wrestling shows by chanting his name?

    Best answer: He's always been the biggest mark for himself. Remember, this is the same guy that asked who was going to win his match with Taker. This doesn't really surprise me.
    10 answers
  • Agree or Disagree: Paul London was very underrated, as a wrestler?

    Best answer: I liked him, I thought he could've had a great singles career, I guess he was in the wrong place.
    6 answers
  • What did you think of Daniel Bryan turning heel on Smackdown! Live?

    Best answer: Fresh, new. Keeps his character interesting. It shows even the greatest heroes can fall. This man fought the authority and retired, came back to fanfare and did what he needed to win.
    12 answers
  • Which professional wrestler is better Eli Drake or "Stone Cold" Steve Austin?

    Best answer: Austin in all ways. I like Eli Drake, but he's not in Stone Cold's league, not even ******* close.

    Austin was a hell of a wrestler prior to his back and neck injuries. Keep in mind he had a five star match against Bret Hart. When was the last time Eli Drake had one of those?
    14 answers
  • What do you think about Becky Lynch missing Survivor Series after possibly suffering a broken nose and concussion?

    https://www.fightful.com/wrestling/exclu... Apparently, Nia Jax stiffed Becky causing her to be cut open during the brawl on Raw. What's your opinion on this?
    14 answers
  • Is stan lee related to rock lee?

    Best answer: His name is Stan Lieber so no.
    7 answers
  • What did you think of Cm Punk's pipe bomb?

    Best answer: I think it was an excellent promo and it enhanced his status as a superstar. He provided his own personal views about the company with the inclusion of the owners. It was a worked shoot and something like that is really uncommon.

    Is it the best promo ever? No but it's in the top 30 based on the seriousness and realism there and the fact that it was a worked shoot.
    6 answers
  • Why are professional wrestlers more prone to concussions and injuries now?

    Best answer: I think it’s due to them taking injuries and concussions seriously now. Before wrestlers would work through concussions and injuries. Now if a wrestler gets concussed or injured, they are out of action until they are fully healed.
    10 answers
  • I forgot to write, Randy Savage turned 66 years old yesterday?

    I still can't believe he's not around. He should be in The World Wrestling Federation right now, doing commentary or being the general manager. Happy 66th birthday Randy.
    5 answers
  • Was Hulk Hogan a huge megastar to most people in the USA in 1990-1992 to rival Michael Jackson?

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  • If Punk returns who would you like to see him fight?

    Best answer: Probably Johnny Impact, or Austin Aries. Johnny Impact has come a long way from the last time they were in the ring together.They have had great matches together. The difference is, Johnny Impact knows more psychology now, than he did as John Morrison years ago, and he is a heck of a lot more experienced. Athletically, CM Punk cannot do what Johnny Impact can do, but he has great psychology. Both are ring- leaders in that ring; they lead most of the matches. Both have a high work-ethic, and both know how to produce good/great matches. Austin Aries, because Aries seems to have the same demenor, and "attitude" as Punk did. They get compared a lot with their styles, how they carry themselves with confidence, and arrogance. Aries is so much cleaner than CM Punk with his moves, but he does have about the same style, I guess.
    4 answers
  • How much was Bruno Sammartino on World Wrestling Entertainment product during his 2,803 day WWE championship reign?

    Best answer: I kind of agree with you to an extent, but I will say that since the Hogan era it hasn't been that way. I do think it's a flawed approach to zero in so hard on the champ every week, especially when they're not going to be there every week. NXT sort of has an old school feel in that regard. Not everything on the card is about Ciampa, and it's rare that he shows up for weekly shows, much less wrestles. The same was true of Black and McIntyre, and it's made the North America and UK Championship seem like sought after belts in a short period of time due to the spotlight and time that they get at the top of the card on the regular shows.

    Maybe it would be more worth it if a) they booked it better and b) Lesnar put forth an effort in his appearances. There was a time when he would've been considered one of the best wrestlers in the world, and now he's went from being relegated to germans and a few F-5's, to flat out dropping the suplexes in his last match. People want to see a champion that's going to work when he shows up, and maybe if we got that we wouldn't worry so much about how often the champ does show up. Make those limited appearances special like they used to be.
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  • What else do you think the WWE will do as part of a cash grab and passive-aggressive way to get back at former wrestlers?

    So far to get back at demolition for suing for concussions they let the new day break their record. As a pathetic attempt at a cash grab and to have a quick Fu to Alberto Del Rio they had the 50 man Royal Rumble with no title shot and nothing really significant as a prize. As a cash grab with poor planning and a way to say FU to CM Punk they had the best in the world tournament. So the winner would have that tagline . From a financial standpoint even though a lot of these things were done with poor execution they did bring in more Revenue even if it wasn't the most entertaining. I'm a passive aggressive standpoint I can see how it's a petty way to hold the grudge
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  • What happened to Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper?

    Best answer: I don't know if Bray's injured or if they're just aimless with him after Matt Hardy called it quits. They kind of wrapped Bray's entire identity around Matt, so maybe he's off TV long enough for creative to think we've forgotten about him.

    Luke Harper was working NXT shows due to Rowan being out of commission for the foreseeable future. I don't know if he's injured either, but I seem to remember something about his hand or arm but who knows?
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  • What did you think about the TNA Abyss Vs. Half-Brother Judas Mesias feud?

    Best answer: It was a horrible feud that was, as you stated, a blatant ripoff of Kane vs Undertaker, complete with stepdad James Mitchell in the Paul Bearer role. I think Mesias came into the feud injured and really didn't give his best performance. Granted, from what I've seen from his stuff in WSX and AAA around that time his best performance wouldn't have been anything to write home about anyway. He's been killing it as Mil Muertes though.

    As for the claim that he was offered a spot in WWE in a lucrative feud with the Undertaker...well, the only person saying that is Abyss. I don't think he's prone to lying, but I wonder how things would've went if he had came in around that time and what he'd do after Undertaker. The first I heard of this rumor was around the time Taker was plowing through a lot of midcard monsters in the mid-2000's that didn't do much after their battles with the Deadman.

    As for what I think of his career in TNA overall...it's had it's ups and downs. He seems to feel fulfilled so good on him.
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  • Brock Lesnar is coming to my school to give us pointers. How do I take him down by surprise and show everyone how much stronger I am?

    Best answer: The man is 6' 3" and 286lbs. Start by praying for a miracle. Have the paramedics standing by ( for you!)
    13 answers
  • Any news on Roman Reigns?

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  • Why the hell are women closing raw?

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  • WWE Question Do You Think Vince Only Caters To Ronda Rousey And Becky Lynch And Alexa Bliss And Charlotte Flair?

    Best answer: If you're question is referring to Women who work Full Time in WWE today? I would say he caters to them because they have worked hard and gotten Vince's Attention. Otherwise he has a short attention span when it comes to wrestlers.
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