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  • Autistic people make terrible parents?

    Best answer: I think you are a moron, and your friend's dad is an a$$whole.

    I have worked with some Autistic adults. When I was working with them, they could barely do anything on their own, so I helped them as much as I could.

    I think there are Autistic people who are gifted. In my opinion, these gifted people care more about their own unique gift(s), and probably surviving just like everyone else.

    I don't think having a baby is common, for someone who is Autistic. I won't rule out this possibility, but maybe it can happen.

    Perhaps his mom, and dad could be Autistic. If they were not diagnosed with having Autism, then I think his dad is just an a$$whole.
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  • Is lusting over your child sexual abuse?

    Best answer: He's already been sexually abusing you for years with grossly inappropriate touching. You can get him stopped and get help for yourself by telling a teacher, a nurse, a doctor, a police officer, call 911, call Child Protective Services, tell them what's been happening to you.
    Don't bother telling your mother. Chances are she's well aware of what her husband's been doing to you and either doesn't care to stop it or blames you (you are NOT at fault). He is NOT being playful --- he is a sexual predator. I've seen many mothers abandon their kids like this. Get help and get out of there as soon as possible.
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  • Should I tell my girlfriend that I have a daughter?

    I had a daughter with a woman I met when I was studying in Germany. She's 5 and she lives with her mother. I visit her a couple of times every year. I haven't told my girlfriend because the girl lives far away and she will probably never meet her. Besides, I want to open a new chapter in my life. The past is the past.
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  • Im 5'1 and 14 going into high school my mom is 5'3 my older sister is also 5'3 and my dad is 5'8 how tall will I be??

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  • My stepmom moved in after my dad died, he left her with nothing, & now she thinks I owe her something. Can I evict her from my home?

    My father invested badly and lost almost everything. She was hoping to inherit a fortune, but that was lost due to my father's business practices and investments. How can I get it through her head that what I have I had worked hard for and I'm not going to compensate her for my father's bad decisions.
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  • Found my 17 year old sisters vodka. What do I do?

    So my sister stole ten dollars from me while I was sleeping and while I was home alone I snooped through her room and found vodka. She is a douche to me (as you can see by the fact she took my money, plus she hits me for no reason), so I was thinking I should tell or maybe even make her pay me off. What should I do?
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  • Would you kick out your nephew?

    My nephew is 21 years old. 6 months ago lost his job as a warehouse forklift driver. Since he had no job his mom kicked him out and his dad wants nothing to do with him. My wife and I opened our home to him with the understanding that it would be temporary while he got on his feet. Things started going badly from the beginning. He refuses to apply for jobs, eats all our food and complains about the quality, uses what little money he does have to buy video games and, worst of all, he refuses to shower or wash his cloths! We can;t take it any more and we want him to leave but I feel terrible putting family on the street. What should I do?
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  • What are thoughts on child (20yrs+) walking with parent through town or shopping?

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  • Why is my older brother so lazy?

    My older brother is 2 years older than me he is 20. He plays games all day (like all day and never sleeps) he also eats a lot of junk food and still lives at home. Whenever my friend and I go to the store we ask him does he want anything, but when he goes tot he store he never asks us. He just sits back and plays games and doesn't have a job or go to college. Plus he watches movies a lot and gets money off our mother. The only money he makes is like $30-40 dollars like each month cutting our aunts yard or do stuff online for paypal money but spends all his money on snacks and games. And he complains that he has a little bit of money int he bank and needs money to pay its monthly fee.
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  • Why do I feel so bad about myself?

    Hello, I’m 21 years old. I am currently in nursing school at UT and I work a retail job 35 hours a week. I am exhausted. On my days off I volunteer at the hospital. I still live with my mom because I save all my money to pay for my education. I don’t want to graduate with loans and my mom doesn’t help me pay for school. My mom expects me to do something everyday, and when I don’t meet that expectation she gets mad at me. I’m in my third year of college, I had made straight A’s all the way through until I recently got one B+ in my first semester of nursing school. My mom was very disappointed in me. I feel like my mom sets the bar too high and when I can’t meet expectations I feel very badly about myself. How do I boost my confidence? I feel like I haven’t achieved as much as I am supposed to and I’m not sure if I even will feel satisfied.
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  • If a 40 year old man dates an immature 21 year old girl who looks 13-14 is he a closet pedophile?

    She is incredibly immature. She cannot spell to save her life and she is from the suburbs, lives in her parents nice home yet she talks in slang terms. Her grammar is awful and she talks like she is in a gang despite living in an affluent neigborhood with her 2 married parents who dote on her. She complains that life is too hard and she shouldn't have to do her own laundry or work part time while in college. She is obsessed with memes and facebook and writing long rants about how life is so unfair and she has the hardest life of anyone she knows. The girl is spoiled rotten, her parents baby her and gave her a car, free rent, free college. All she has to do is pay for her car insurance and her food and she thinks its the end of the world. She looks like she is 14 years old at the very oldest. She listens to trap music and the horrible artists that do nothing but swear and say words that rhyme and she is the type that makes snapchat vidoes of her making duckfaces with those songs playing in background. A typical phrase for her is something like "im so sick of life lol, when ur parents tell you have to pay insurance, now wonder people drink or commit suicide, i work just to hand my money to bills, thank god for weed and beer, ugggh" To reiterate she looks 14, she could pass for an 8th grader, she's 4'11 and wears childish clothes as well
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  • Is it fair for me to be annoyed by my sister?

    For context I’m 17. My sister is 24 and still lives at home. I love her but I’m getting more and more annoyed with her. For the past 3 years she’s talked about how she’s “planning” to move out - yet she doesn’t even have a job. She mooches off of everyone, and has even tried to borrow money from me. My issue is that I get no alone time unless I’m shut in my room. She wakes up at noon and sits on the computer all day. Her computer is by the front door too, so she sees everyone leave & come home. I feel crowded in, and unless I leave I get no time away from her. She doesn’t really leave or have friends. I’m working this summer, and any time I come home shes THERE. I get frustrated feeling like I can’t even go to the kitchen & make food without her noticing & trying to talk to me. She stays up really late as well, until like 2 am. Is it fair for me to be annoyed that my sister is always home when she should have a job?
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  • Do you give your grandparents a quick kiss on the lips when you greet them?

    I know this is a random question but do you kiss your grandparents on the lips quickly when you greet them. One of my friends thought it was weird but what is the harm, you are their family. It’s not like your giving them a big long kiss, there is nothing sexual about it.
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  • My Grandpa is rude and selfish, is it normal for people his age and health condition to act him or how should we deal with him?

    Best answer: You should never be too busy for your family. Spend time with him. Find a museum or ball game he may enjoy with you. Put a smile on the old man’s face!
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  • What should I tell people about my father?

    My father left us a very long time ago. People ask me what my father does about his jobs and such. My friends and teachers ask me about him and I honestly get so nervous when they ask me because I don t know what to say. I don t want to tell them that my father just up and left because that would make things so uncomfortable and awkward for me. When teachers ask I just tell them a lie my mother taught me that he works overseas but people sometimes ask for more detail and I just get scared. I don t know what to tell people because honestly I don t know anything about him myself.
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  • After mom died we put the home for sale.After closing my brother never spoke to me (4yrs now).Now he wants to reconnect ..What gives?

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  • Is it unreasonable for me to request that my mom stops sexually assaulting me?

    I’m a 17 year old boy and my boy mom is always touching me inappropriately. She will just slap or touch my butt randomly. I always tell her to stop but she never listens. She also pets my arm when I’m near her. I just really don’t enjoy her touching me in general and especially not being pet or getting my *** slapped. I have expressed this to her many times but she just yells at me and says I’m mean. She tried to say that nobody is perfect as an excuse for touching me. There is a fine line between harassment and a mistake. You can’t just go around committing sexual assault and just say “nobody’s perfect” and expect to just get away with it. I don’t necessarily freak out from just being touched. I’m not like autistic or anything. It’s just when someone who is in a somewhat position of authority starts touching my butt, I get bothered, I don’t think it’s right, I don’t like it and it’s my body so I feel like she has no right to continue this behavior. I’m scared to really stand up for myself because I know that I will get in trouble. What should I do, if there is anything?
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  • My grandma PASSED AWAY?

    Best answer: And this is the venue you come to seek sympathy from?
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  • How do I solve this problem?

    I got the keys to a new house yesterday and my dads been helping me with removals. He asked me if he could have the spare set in case of an emergency and I felt obliged to say yes and handed them to him. Now I have some family and friends saying I was crazy to do that and that my dad could walk in anytime I have someone over. I don’t want to just change the locks and not tell him as it looks too nasty and sneaky. How do I solve this?
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  • How do i persuade my parents to get me a phone?

    I am almost 13 years old and i really want a phone. My Mom said no a trillion times. Most kids my age have a phone. I have so many friends that id like to get in contact with. I am even willing to pay for the phone itself and the phone bill. I am very responsible and my grades are high what do i do?
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