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  • Can my parents forbid me from having sex?

    Best answer: No your parents can not stop you , you are at the age we’re you can make up your own mind .
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  • What are you living for?

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  • What is wrong with my mother?

    Ever since I moved in with my grandparents, my mom has been on my case. Let me explain. I'm from Florida but my mother moved us to phoenix. I absolutely hate both places. Phoenix summers are miserable, absolute pain. It's ugly, depressing, crowded, hot. All the brown just got to me. I moved in with my grandma in Tacoma for my senior year and I was so happy. Everything about this state just makes me happy, I feel like a new person. And now im pregnant and 17 (still finishing my senior year) and I live in Spokane right now with my boyfriend. Because I smoke weed (not rn cause I'm pregnant) she thinks I'm gonna become a hard core drug user living here cause its legal. She constantly tells me my son is gonna be miserable living here, and I'll become fat and lazy living here in the cold. (Id rather play here in the winter than in the Arizona summer.) She tells me I'm gonna get sick, my son will get pneumonia and she thinks the cold cancels out vaccinations or something like that. She says snow is no place for a kid to grow up, and they need to "live in the sunshine." I wish I grew up in snow honestly. I do get tired of the winters but I still like the seasons here more than east Washington. And its very pretty like to where I want to do things, phoenix is just depressing. In winter when I sent her pics of me in the snow she got mad over the phone and screamed at me how I'm making myself sick and always bragged about the sunshine there.
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  • Is it sad to be 22 living at home?

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  • Should I be honest with my brother that not being invited to his wedding is kind of hurtful?

    Best answer: No.
    Your poor brother has a father acting like a child.
    Everyone would agree that his father giving him a choice between you and him was awful.
    You telling him how hurt will just be awful for him.
    Sometimes in families, you need not to say things for the other person.

    His father was wrong saying he would not go to his son wedding if his brother would be there. That is just unthinkable. Your brother, want his father there, at any cost. That is sad, his father did this to him.
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  • Why are my parents so controlling?

    Best answer: Thankfully my parents aren't quite as bad as yours, it's frustrating hearing it's because they care over and over again. My advice would be to gain independence little by little, get a job etc the more you're away from them the easier it gets. People will also tell you that if they weren't so strict you would be doing drugs or something, it's not the case at all. One of my friends has a fairly chill mum and as long as she tells her where she's gonna be and who's she's with she doesn't have a problem. My friend doesn't do anything bad and appreciates the freedom. I started drinking and having sex at a pretty young age as a way to distance myself from my parents and I lie to them a lot. It's the opposite, strict parents create sneaky kids
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  • Could this be considered emotional abuse? What should I do?

    I'm a child, still in middle school, and I live with my mom & brother most of the time because my parents split up when I was nine. I see my dad every other weekend. For the past 2-3 years, my mom has been controlling, intimidating, manipulative, and has refused to ever be pleased. She either yells or raises her voice at me any time I make a mistake, which in her eyes, is any time I do something. For example, I'll 'sweep the floors wrong' or misplace something, etc. and my mom will yell at me and try to intimidate me and insult me. I'll try to be nothing but polite to her, and she yells at me and doesn't give me any chance to explain how I feel. She puts me down any time I upset her. Any time I upset her, she gets in my face, uncomfortably close to me, and yells or raises her voice at me. She insults me and in passive aggressive ways, tries to make me feel bad and tells me everything is my fault. She says I am responsible for a lot of her problems and I have begun to feel that I really am responsible. She says I never do anything useful, but makes me do all of her chores around the house and clean up after her. She makes me worried, scared, guilty, and upset. For the past few years she's made me feel worthless and my mental health is horrible, and I constantly have suicidal thoughts, and her yelling at me doesn't make it better. I've told her about how I feel and she's put me on more than 10 medications and ignoring it instead of trying to help. I don't know what to do. Help
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  • Do my parents hate me? They no longer want to take care of me?

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  • Politics have ruined my relationship with daughter? How do I get her to be on my side with trump?

    I voted for trump and she hates the man. She is drinking almond milk which is the reason dairy farmers are going bankrupt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It makes me sick that she voted for killary and is buying the medias lies that he slept with a pornstar and stole the election. We have most of these fights in the car and she no longer wants to drive with me or come over to the trailer if I am gonna talk about trump or have Limbaugh on. Because we both get heated esp me. Today limbaugh was talking about how certain commie websites are not letting you write any negative reviews about Comey's book and she says it is isn't true, they like them edited a certain way. We ended up having a fight and she ended up leaving. Her whole generation is soft and shiftless and has been brainwashed by the media and it just makes me weep that she won't understand what a great christian man trump is.
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  • My mother in law cut my 4 year old sons hair without my permission, this is her overstepping her boundaries, right?

    My husband and I visited New Zealand 3 weeks ago. The first week there my mother in law committed on how long my sons hair was getting. My son has shoulder length hair because he looks cute and I see no problem with it. I told her this. My husband went to take me to look at his old childhood school..ect...just touring. We went and had lunch then came back. I walked in the door to see my sons hair all cut off and shaved to about 1 inch. I am angry. Mainly because I felt betrayed that she did not ask if she could cut his hair. That is my child not hers and she overstepped her boundaries. My husband said it was no big deal and she hadn't overstepped her boundaries, she was just being a grandmother. Worse part is she isn't even apologetic. She thinks what she did was okay and right. Am I wrong, this is her overstepping her boundaries?
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  • My son broke up with his girlfriend of 2 yrs. Can I send a note?

    My son dated a lovely girl for 2 years. She acted inappropriately while drinking and my son found out. She was like the daughter I never had and I probably overstepped as her own mother is not in her life. She was at our home daily, went on vacations with us, etc. I feel cut off and miss her. I understand why they broke up and support my son. I know she is a good person that did something stupid. I would like to send her a note telling her that I thought so much of her and wish her the best. I have no intention of mentioning my son or why they broke up. My son does not mind if I do this. Is this OK?
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  • What to do when my sister’s 18 y.o. boyfriend keeps flirting with me (13)?

    My 16 year old sister’s 18 year old boyfriend constantly hits on me, a thirteen year old girl. Whenever I ask him for a favour, such as picking something up for me at the store, I assure him I’ll pay him back for the cost. But then he refuses and says he wants something better than money. I’m not ignorant and I know he’s referring to sexual favors, as he’s also blatantly asked me for nude pictures of myself. One time, about midnight on a school night, he wouldn’t stop contacting me and asking what I could do to convince him to help me. I told him to forget about the favor altogether as I was extremely uncomfortable and to the point of tears. He’s since apologized for that one incident, saying he went too far, but continues to flirt with me whenever my sister is not in the room. They plan on getting married when she leaves high school and are often found discussing their future together. I know she loves him deeply, which makes me hesitant to speak up about what’s happened. This hesitance is also reinforced by the fact that all of my family members seem to adore him. Do I tell someone and ruin their relationship and my sister’s trust in those around her (which will happen if she finds out)? Or do I keep quiet and hope his advances stop and let everyone live in blissful ignorance?
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  • Under what ideology would my mom expect me to pay for her divorce lawyer?

    Best answer: Tell her to get lost. She’s twisted for trying to give illegal hard drugs to her CHILD. Parents should want the best for their child. She’s a selfish drug addict

    I’m glad to hear that finally a father wins a paternity case for once
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  • I live with my son and his wife and my 4 month old son and when i ask them if anyone has to to the bathroom i am going to take a shower?

    They say no just as i get my clothes off my daughter in law saids she has to go pee i told her i asked if anyone had to go to the bathroom before i get annoys me when she does that she does it all the you have someone do that to you let me know and if it annoys you.
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  • Is it bad that I laugh at my crush?

    There is this guy at my job who really likes me and I can barely work because he’s always staring at me sometimes I bust out laughing or have to cover my face because his desperateness just drives me insane. Whenever I turn around he’s there. He’s so over the top that I laugh at him.. sometimes I wanna be serious but it’s so hard that boy has me rolling on the floor sometimes.. don’t get me wrong I like him too but I give him his space and don’t be watching him work and stalking his life in the work place.. overall is it bad that it laugh at him?
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  • What should I do? Should I just leave?

    I am 18 years old and just got my first job. Ive waited so long because my mother always relies on me to watch my little brother and sister. My sister will be in the 6th grade next year and my little brother will be in 1st. I'd hate to leave them at the house alone but I need a life of my own to. I dont want to be a bum using excuses for being a loser in life. Ive recently started college and Im planning on working a lot and taking courses over the summer. Ive talked to my manager and he is upset with me for the obvious reasons I can only work very limited hours on weekdays and weekends because I have to babysit nearly everyday. My mother thinks Im easily influenced by my manager every time I mention her finding another babysitter. Her reasoning is: If Im living in her house I have to contribute in some way which is babysitting. I want to move out but between paying for college and only making minimum wage I have no choice but to stay at home (I cant rent a room on campus because I go to a community college).
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  • How you get better people in your life?

    I hate all of the people in my life. They're all just worthless trouble makers and annoyances like even people who are very close to me like my mom and my brother. How can I get rid of them and meet new people?
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  • Parents: Would you be concerned?

    My daughter told me that my husband (her stepfather) was trying to pull down her shorts. She said she asked him to stop and he was like, "What are you embarrassed that I'll see your underwear? It's just me". My daughter is 17 and I know she can stand up for herself, but I don't like this. I don't think you should play like that with a teenager. My father never played like that with me.
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  • My friend said it takes her a lot of courage to text me and talk about personal things and open up to me. What does that exactly mean?

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