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  • How can I get my sister to stop being naked in front of me?

    My sister gets naked in front of me all the time like it's nothing. I think she does it on purpose. Her excuse is "we're both girls." It doesn't matter. I still don't want to see her naked. Who wants to see their sister naked? And how does she know I'm not a pervert? Girls can be perverts too. When I tell her to stop being naked in front of me she gets mad. She thinks I'm jealous of her body. No, I just don't want to see it. I think she's trying to gross me out. She also rubs her naked butt on my bed sheets. I have to keep changing my bed sheets. I barely have any bed sheets left. When I tell her not to rub her naked butt on my bed she gets mad and says she can rub her naked butt all over my bed if she wants to. I'm tired of this. This has to stop.
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  • My older brother chooses his fiancée over me?

    I’m 18, my older brothers 28 and I’ve always admired him because I didn’t have a father growing up. Him being the oldest it was always my mom and big brother taking me places, watching over me etc. we are 8 years apart so we aren’t the closest, but as I’m getting older all he ever wants to do is be around his fiancée. He’s ALWAYS with her, always has to be with her wherever we go, always buys her stuff etc. I get that’s his girlfriend but in my 18 years of living my brothers never done anything that nice for me and I’m his only baby sister. I know his fiancée loves having him all to herself and how he’s barely is around my mom and I anymore.  I texted his fiancée the other day (she’s 26) telling her I don’t like the fact she’s hogging my brother and she’s not gonna take away my blood. She didn’t like that very well and my brother and I argued to the point it’s all about her and her needs. Is this normal? 
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  • Should i cut ties with my brother?

    Hi i am 20 years old with asthma and I'm looking to become someone big in my life. Me and my brother have been on good terms for most of our lives but lately its been very disappointing. My brother smokes a lot of weed inside the house, I have let him know it severely affects my asthma and other members of our household doesnt like it either. We had made an agreement that he smokes in the balcony. But everytime i come inside the house i see him smoke in the washroom, and in the house and he tells me not to be a little *****. He has always been greedy and selfish for the majority of my time spent with him and he is lazy, lacks ambition and work ethic. Life is short and we all die which is why i'm being as calm as i can without losing my ****. Should i cut ties with my brother? I need some advice and help with people in similar situations?
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  • Parents would you be okay with this?

    Best answer: What is your idea, to bring your gf who is going to be your future partner to sleep in your room  or bring women to enjoy sex in your room. If it is the first with the permission of parents it is perfectly ok. If it is the second women for sex move out of your place rent a room or a place and enjoy life. Bring women to your place for that purpose amounts to insulting your parents.They have not brought you up for that purpose.Respect them.
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  • How can I get this ring ?

    I really want a $1,500 ring. I haven’t formally asked my mother for it yet, however I plan on doing so, and I am wondering if there is an effective way to do this. I’m fifteen years old, a fantastic student, and my mother is extremely wealthy. If I could have a job and purchase the ring myself, I would. My mother does not want me to have a job during the school year and did not want me to even have one last summer. Is there any way to do this effectively? 
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  • My sister is an abusive person but has a boyfriend. Does this mean the boyfriend must have terrible self esteem to be dating one this mean?

    Best answer: You may not know if the boyfriend is being abused. Your sister may relate differently to different people.
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  • Why does my dad want me to study hard for college, but also always rails on me for not "doing anything useful"?

    I'm a full time college student studying electrical engineering, and I study all the time. My dad also gets angry at me a lot and says I don't do anything useful. 
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  • Boyfriends parents are completely unfair to him... HELP!!?

    Yesterday my boyfriend vented to me about something I think is kinda serious. He has a younger sister me and him are both 18 she’s 15. His parents are consistently favoring her and putting her first. For instance she’s in Girl Scouts, and she needed cookies delivered to her house while her parents were out of town, but wanted to go see her boyfriend at work. My bf was busy writing an essay for college. So when he told her “no, I have to finish this I can’t take you.” She went to her mom and got her parents to tell him if he didn’t he’s grounded, the drive was over 30 mins away just to get there. Then his sis told him he needed to get the cookie order for her since she wasn’t there, then pick her up when she was done, and he had to pull an all nighter just to finish his work. They both do chores in the house too. But if his sister doesn’t do hers, his parents get mad at him and make him do it. Last night I went over and walked in on a fight where I witnessed his mom completely ignore anything he said. she told him to just “shut up and stop making everything about him” he’s told me he’s tried everything to get his parents to even talk to him. They won’t even try to sit down and have a civil conversation because “ they are the parents and he should stop questioning everything they say.” He’s told me he’s tried everything and the only way to even speak is if they're in a screaming match, But his parents still don’t listen. I want to help him but idk how.. any advice is helpful 
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  • I got into an argument with my homophobic mother-in-law, was I wrong for asking them to leave?

    Best answer: I would have told them that they are guests in your home, and if they had a problem they are to leave. No discussion. If they open their mouth once more, I would have opened the door ant told them to leave and NOT come back.
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  • Should I go live with my dad?

    Best answer: Well if dad's a healthier situation then I'd have to agree it sounds like the better option.
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  • Can I put cctv in my son’s room?

    My son is 19 and I know he’s brought girls home a few times. He denies it but I’m the one who washes his bedsheets. I know what he’s doing.  I’m a devout Christian and I don’t believe in sex before marriage. If my son chooses a life of sin that’s up to him, but I don’t want him breaking my rules when he lives in my house. Can I install cctv in his room to prove what he’s up to?
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  • I found out my 10 year old son is not mine, biologically. What do I do.?

    Best answer: You know what I think. I think it is utterly unfair for a man to not have a decision in what child he chooses to be with. A woman can kill her kids, but a man can't have the choice to take care of a child that isnt his? Thats Crazy! The mother should be accountable for this issue. She choose to sleep around and she is the reason her son doesnt have a father. Why should YOU be responsible. You didn't sleep around. SHE DID!  
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  • My cousin might be a potential serial killer/rapist.?

    So about 2 weeks ago, my cousin was in the house by himself and his two sisters (No parents), and he boiled water and poured it on the arm of one of the sisters. This really shocked me because he's always been a really bad kid, since we were like 9 and 6, Im 15 and he 12 now and it seems to have gotten worse because before he wouldn't harm people, he would just spend a money card without permission and steal and lock his sister in the closet or something like that. But now it's different because he's harming them. Most of my cousins don't really like him because of his ADHD and how hyper he can get. Last year for the first time I seen conflict between him and my 10 year old cousin(girl) and she told me that he was grabbing her butt and asking for kisses, so I asked the other girls if he does it to them too and they all said yes. It just scares me that I'm watching my best cousin do stuff like this. I just don't know what to think right now.
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  • I'm worried about my cousin; she hasn't responded to my texts in several days (she usually does). Is she dead?

    My cousin is middle aged, but claims to be in good health. But I haven't heard a peep from her in days. I'm suspecting that something's wrong, like she's sick or worse, dead or dying.  My parents are both in the medical field, so they'd be notified by now if something like this happened. Also I looked up her name online (I won't type it), still nothing. I tend to be pessimistic and a bit of a nervous wreck, so I'm worried sick at the moment......
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  • Mother in law makes me raise her youngest child?

    Mother in law makes me raise her youngest child, I HABE to do everything for her pretty much, make her school lunches, watch her everyday, she doesn’t take her out with her, I have to carry her along everywhere with me plus watch my own baby who is just turning 1. She makes you feel bad about not watching her child or “including “ her in an outing I’m going. I have to discipline her child and deal with her temper tantrums all the time, I feel that her mother is a bully.. at first it was my s/o watching hwr which is his sibling, doing everything for her, since she was a baby, she’s now 6 years old. He has to jobs I’m on mat leave but soon going back to work and school, his mother actually got mad when both of us would be working. She always brags about how much money she has but doesn’t get a baby sitter or daycare lol. What can I do to stop this? Besides move out, we are staying here for a while saving up for a hoise. Trying to stay on her good side but I also am beginning to hate her and her selfish behaviour. She recently had a j live n her house and she takes him everywhere and cooks for him and everything, but not her own child. She uses her working everyday until 3pm to not do anything for her. She’s 44 but it’s not our fault she had a child late and can’t take care of her and uses everyone else to do it.  No one even asked me if it was ok for me to watch her cause I’m on mat leave so they assume I can do it just because. I’m stressed out she’s a bad child to deal with. 
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  • Hate my older sisters boyfriend. ?

    I’m 18, my older sister 24 & her boyfriend 33. He’s round the house 5 or 6 days a week! He doesn’t pay my dad any rent for staying here whereas my older sister and myself do. She was meant to be moving out to get a place with him but now... he’s moving in! WTF. This has made me to start hating me a lot more now as I just find him so annoying... I think that he’s 33 and instead of moving out and getting his own place (which he should’ve done before 33) he’s moving in to my dads house. He hasn’t paid any rent for the year and half he’s been here like 5 days a week, using the water, etc. He said he will pay £100 a month when he does move in (in a week) When he’s here I feel confined to my room, like I can’t go downstairs & do stuff I normally do? And as I recently brought a puppy this isn’t good for him to be locked in my room with me! He’s so annoying from when he talks over tv programmes where we are watching them (and the subtle hint of me turning the tv up, & he doesn’t seem to realise) To him making snarky remarks about the fact I’m up early and I actually do tidy and he doesn’t seem to believe it? (When on my days off I tidy the whole house as my older sister basically lives like a slob) He smokes, vapes & does weed which I’m not too keen on & how he talks is excruciatingly annoying, making weird LOUD noises in the morning to clear phlegm from his throat, to immature sex nosies (he makes at 33) Or taking FOREVER in the shower.  Can someone help explain it please! 
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  • My mom screams at me everyday?

    Best answer: You should go live with your dad until your mother gets the psychological help she so obviously needs. The next time she threatens to kill herself tell her if she doesn't stop you will call the police and have her hospitalized. But really - you should move out.
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  • Would you let your daughter’s boyfriend stay in your house?

    Best answer: I even provide the condoms.
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  • When you write a will and leave people out ?

    What is your thought process? Weird question but please hear me out. My aunt passed away recently. We were close, she had no children of her own and told me I was the daughter she never had, I also called her my “second mom” We talked on the phone every day for an hour. She always complained about my brother and my mom but was nice to their face. I stayed neutral. But now I wonder if she complained about me too. I’m not upset that I was left nothing in her will, it upsets me to wonder if she ever really meant what she said to me. If she loved me. Or if she made fun of me like she did my brother and mom. I can’t ever find out. But when you have made out your will and leave our family members you are in close contact with and care about, what is your thought process? She left everything to one of my cousins who is wealthy. I just wonder why. Did she care about me? She saw my brother once a week even though she made fun of him. Maybe she hated me too and it makes me feel so sad not knowing 
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  • Im 13 and i really want a baby ?

    like not just a baby i want to help it grow up. and ive always wanted to be the chill mom. my mom would be ok with it. im just scared of how people would think of me at school and how i would get pregnant also the money do i get benefits since im a minor with a kid  i was at target with my dad stepmom and 2 brothers one is 11 the other is one i told my stepmom id take him just so she can shop and when i was hanging outwith him I was looking at bathing suits and a worker went up to him and said "helping mommy find bathing suits" and i said sister but she didnt hear me then i realized how much i wanted my own also does a c section hurt and id look so cute in a bikini with a baby bump 
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