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  • My sister steals my stuff ?

    I am 29 and recently moved in with my sister and her fiancé because I don’t have a job right now and am living off SSDI. We can’t wear the same size but she still insists on stealing my clothes and other items when she has more than me and much nicer stuff too. She’ll wear like a pair of my pants and they’ll be too tight and short and she’ll stretch them out. My mom just tells her give the stuff back.  She weighs 130 or so pounds and I weigh around 90-92 pounds and have trouble finding properly fitting attire. I wear the same stuff because she steals most of my wardrobe. I have to pinch pennies and can’t afford to replace stuff, but she doesn’t care.  But if I steal her stuff, which I do from to time and don’t wear, to prove a point or if I steal my items back, she blows a fuse. I did wear a jacket of hers she had for years and never wore, still had the tag on it and she came unglued and stole it back and started wearing it. Her fiancé said he’d never seen the jacket before and that it was a bit tight on her, but she wears it just to rub it in my face, just like when she wears my clothes that are too small on her.  I am fed up with this. I don’t know what to do. She’s 26 with a good high paying job and can afford nice new stuff, except she spends it on food and wine. No locks on bedroom doors or we’d just do that. #madashell #fedup #biatch #selfishsister
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  • My biological mother wants to meet me, what might I say to her if we meet?

    Favorite answer: How would you feel towards her if she weren't your mother?  This is the question I asked myself about my father.  Just because she's your mother, it doesn't mean you HAVE to love her or feel anything for her.

    "Do I forgive her but refuse to trust her or have a relationship with her?"  This is an emotionally healthy solution and it's what I chose to do with him.  Choosing forgiveness frees you and not having a relationship with her (or only a very superficial one) stops you from being hurt by her again.

    It might be that she can't show remorse.  This is how it is for psychopathic people, so don't expect to see that from her.  My father isn't psychopathic but I know he'll never be able to or never choose to say he's sorry for how he's treated me.  In his mind, he's never done anything wrong.

    Since she's been out of jail for 3 years and is now contacting you for the first time, it makes me wonder what she wants or needs.  If she wants to clear her name, that's all about her and zero about you so she'll just be using you.

    If you choose to meet with her, remember that you don't have to do anything other than listen to her.  You don't have to forgive her or choose to start or end things with her - just listen.  If you meet with her, take the time to think things over and sleep on it.  If you want to, you can speak with others about it and get their opinions.

    If you haven't seen a good psychologist for their help with your traumatic past, it's something you'd benefit from doing.  And getting their opinion about this meeting with your mother is a wise thing to do.

    Take care.
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  • When my mother dies, I'll have nobody?

    I'm youngest of 3 and closest to my mother than my sister and brother are to mother. I'm 28 no boyfriend or kids and i feel like i need to have a baby like my siblings so im not alone when she's not here anymore. I don't get on with dad so he's not in my life. Moms getting sick a lot and is always in and out hospital. Now fear is kicking in that i may need to freeze my eggs for future. I don't want kids right now. Help  
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  • My sister made a false police report on my father and years back. Does thIs stay on her record?

    Favorite answer: If a police report was made against your father by your sister, she just reported HIS ACTIONS. If he was arrested, he's the only one who would have a record. Your sister wasn't arrested was she?

    If she was charged with falsifying a police report, then I can't say what is going on with that. You'd have to call the police department and ask them.
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  • Can I do something to leave home?

    I'm a15 year old girl, my dad is so strict I can't ever do anything, he still picks out my clothes to wear, He calls me in from work when he is mad at me then yells at me when I miss payments for the bills he makes me pay. He says my social time is dependant on grades and I have all As and one D and he doesn't let me do anything. Is there something I can do to leave home? I don't want to be here anymore I don't get any support physically mentally or emotionally.
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  • My gf has a son not mine. Dad is involved tho. His bday is coming up, and having a party. But she wants only his fam and dad there.Bad sign?

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  • How do I tell my mom/family that I’m not coming home for Christmas?

    I’ve come to the point where Christmas is something that I absolutely dread. And I’m not going to put myself through that, given the last six months that I’ve had. I’m doing this for my own personal/mental  health, not out of spite for any of them. I just simply don’t enjoy any holidays anymore, but that’s a different story. My mom is like the nicest, most sweet, positive person you’ll ever meet. Meaning, she doesn’t understand me, and she won’t understand why I won’t come home for Christmas. (Which btw is not just one Christmas on that morning, it’s three. One with my dad’s side of the family, one with my mom’s side, and one with my immediate family. I’m absolutely dreading all three). So, how do I break this to my mom, without totally crushing her heart? And also on a side note, why do I all the sudden hate all holidays? Even my birthday. 
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  • I Do Not Wish To Attend My Cousins Wedding?

    I am a female in my mid 20's, living at home with parents due to my cultural background.  Recently we have been invited to my first cousins wedding (dads side family), which is due to be taking place in a few months.  I simply do NOT wish to attend as firstly I am not at all close to my male cousin, this is mainly because me and my siblings do not get along or speak to my Aunty, it's only now come down to a 'hi and bye' relationship out of respect, some of her family we find to be dishonest and judgemental and do Not like them in the slightest, nor do they like us.  This whole thing is a formality to please my father and his side of the family by showing up, however I do not personally feel the need of my presence there only to make appearances in front of family member I do not speak to all year round.  I have already told my mother I will not be attending and listened to a whole lot of emotional blackmail to why I should.  I simply cannot get my head around attending an event full of people I hate, do not speak to and cannot stand, vice versa. 
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  • I am currently making more $ than my parents.  They say they are getting old (mid 40s) and need me to help them more.  I feel they are not ?

    They are not trying to help themselves very much and just expect opportunities to find them.  I am mid 20s graduated from college last May (my folks did not pay for any college related expenses).  How much help should I be okay with giving them ?
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  • Should I ask out my little sister’s friend?

    So I’m 19 years old, home from college, and my younger sister (16) had this friend that was over the house the other day. We seemed to hit it off. She laughed at all my jokes and we had good convos. I’m thinking of asking her out sometime, but I know if I tell my sister she’ll be pissed and wouldn’t let me... Should I ask her out anyways and not tell my sister?
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  • My mother made me sit away from the family on Thanksgiving cause she did not want to tick off my sister. How do I avoid this on Christmas?

    Favorite answer: I don't understand why your mom would make you sit away from everyone else just to appease your sister. I understand what it means to have a sister with narcissism who is a bully. I have one and she is 9 years younger than me. I feel bad for you because you were punished for no reason. I would have left early too but your mom is not doing your sister any justice by overlooking her behavior and instead making you pay for it. Your mom sounds like she has no backbone at all and my mom was like that a lot too because she didn't know how to handle her. Christmas will be a repeat if you see your sister on that day. You don't need to let it ruin your day because if you stay there it will ruin your day. I don't have a lot of friends either but I am married and so that helps plus my sister lives out of state also. Personally, I'd rather spend it alone if that was the way it was going to be in my family. My sister dislikes me too because I called her out on her bullsh@t and I'm glad I did. If you go there on Christmas, you can rest assured your mom will want to separate you again. If you do go, leave right after dinner and sit at the opposite end of the table if possible. Then cut out early and treat yourself to something special like jewelry or makeup. Who cares what they think? Isn't that better than sitting in a corner all evening? Good luck!
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  • My sister is a horrible person and I am scared of what she might do to me over Xmas. How do I refrain from fighting back when she insults?

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  • Gifts for grandpa? ?

    Favorite answer: Have you thought about gifting him an experience?   Especially one that you will be sharing with him?      Tickets to a sports event, musical, airplane museum...heck, sign the two of you up for a ballroom dance class or a photography class or an (ethnic) cooking class.   Since he likes movies, you could give him a "dinner and a movie" night. 

    Or how about a "thing-of-the-month" club?  Wine, cheese, chocolate...there are a zillion of these kinds of subscriptions from food to hobbies.

    Have you thought about asking him to go Christmas shopping with you?   Sometimes I can get hints about what to get someone simply by seeing what they look at or comment on when we're shopping for someone else. 
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  • Is my parents age gap disturbing?

    My parents are 16 years apart (My mom is 39, my dad is 55) and they are both my biological parents. Their parents don't care about their age gap (My dads mom is like 79 or something idk, and his dad is dead. My moms dad is 59 and so is her mom). Is their age gap disturbing or is it fine..?
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  • What are you doing for Christmas?

    Favorite answer: not sure right now, my family is jewish so thats out, and i dont have a family myself
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  • My dad hates my boyfriend?

    My dad hates my boyfriend. We been together for over a year now, and he wants us to get a place together, but my dad hates my boyfriend! He hates the way he talks, dresses, his job! The whole 9 yards! My dad is extremely old school, and some say he's more than old school. He believe you should be married before living together, or sleeping under the same roof. My boyfriend should pay for everything, and fully be able to support me where I don't have to work. My dad came by one day and we were in bed together sleeping. (Fully dressed) My dad now despises. Recently he got a flat at my place, ran into some issues so I drove him home, and he came back the next day, and I let him have a key to my place, and he ended up staying a few days while I was working. My dad was beyond mad I let him have a key, and was even more mad I let him stay while I was at work. He has his fault of course, and things he needs to work on, but so do I, and a part of me really wants to get a place together, but my dad would go ape $h!÷ . He already took the keys back to his house I had because I let my boyfriend have a key to my apartment, and him hang out while I was at work. My boyfriend his side I am already expected at all his family evens, and family photos. What do I do? We won't see eye to eye, talking will turn into an arugement. Unless we break up. That is the only way I see my dad being happy is my boyfriend and I were to break up.
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  • When did you move out of home; I'm 27 and still live with mom and 20-year-old brother?

    Favorite answer: If you're 27, a lot of people have moved out of their parent's home and are independent by your age. When I was 27 I was married and had a child and had been living on my own for several years. I hope you are going to university and working so you can move out soon and claim your own life as an adult.
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  • Since my sister is an evil person what good things can I say when people ask about her at the funeral Tuesday?

    Favorite answer: Obviously, she's not going to be at the funeral, or else people wouldn't be asking you about her. Just say something like: "I haven't seen her recently, but she's doing okay. She lives in Houston" (or wherever). There's no need to go into WHY you haven't seen her recently, or talk about how you feel about her. 
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  • Why would a women only create children if she it the custodian parent?

    Favorite answer: probably cause she likes having children
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  • I found out my Dads deepest secret. How do I cope with this? I am 17?

    I am 17 years old my Mom and Dad are divorced because they both never really got along.My Mom moved out when I was 4 and moved into my Grandparents house 4 hours away they live in a lakefront on a popular lake in my state (Ohio) My grandparents owned their own business a restaurant.My Dad has lived in the same house since he married my mom 1989 my parents are in their later 50's. I live in a small rural farm town on a 12 acre farm with dad. I found out that my dad has been too jail 6 times one was for drugs and the other 5 was because of fighting when he was in high school he was kicked off the football game for beating four other kids up in high school sending them to the emergency room in the early 80's
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