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  • Parents think I m a failure. What do I do?

    Best answer: If you're doing what you say you're doing better than average for your age. This is definitely something you should talk to a counselor or teacher you trust about. They sound at least close to abusive even if they think they're helping you by pushing you. This isn't appropriate and it sounds like you know they're doing damage to you.
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  • My BF hit me during an argument :'( 😢😞.... I feel so unloved and suicidal right now. What should I do?

    I was in an LDR with him, and later, he married me and we now live here in his country. He is 9 years older to me. I am 23. He loves me alot, he has helped me emigrate to a better country, away from my abusive family back home... And he also pays for my University tuition fee. He actually DOES love me alot, and I do so too But, he becomes really "scary" when he's angry or upset...it's the only bad thing about him. He is so scary that you just can't say stuff when he's mad at you... It's just the way it is.. otherwise he's really sweet He was upset with me because of something I said. His mum is a little rude to me (she's always been this way, she thinks I'm stealing her son). But, I didn't say anything rude about her ..... But something happened and the argument got really bad. Then, he said something about my dad (who was really close to me, my mum was abusive...but dad, as long as he was alive, was amazing). So, I tried to stop him (NOT rudely). And he slapped me. I disliked it so much He didn't even apologise to me even though he knew I was hurt, I had started crying. Should I forgive him? Afterall, no-one's perfect...maybe that's his normal self when he's angry
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  • Can my dad take my car if my name is on the title?

    Ok so I’m 18 and my parents want to take my car all the way to Alabama this April to visit family (we live in Illinois). My dad thinks he is entitled to use it just because I live in his house. My name is on the title and I’m the one who makes the payments, not him. But anytime I do something thay he doesn’t like, he threatens to kick me out for it. Even if it’s not a big deal he will just turn it into one. He’s like a baby when he doesn’t get his way. There is nothing wrong with my moms car that they wouldn’t be able to use it, they just think they are entitled to it because I live with them. Now of course he’s going to try to take my keys and then threaten to kick me out if I don’t give it to him. What can I do about this?
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  • What should I do, my sister in law keeps on pestering us?

    My husband's sister can't drive and she always asks my husband to drive for her. Our quality time was affected because as much as I want to spend my free day with my husband, she keeps on asking him to accompany her . I thought she think that the world only revolves her.What should I do? We live in the same house and we don't have yet the capacity to move to our own home
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  • Found Out My Daughter Smokes Pot!?

    I was helping my 16-year-old daughter clean her room and i came across a little thing of foil with marijuana in it. I got a little angry and i told her that we would discuss it later and she said she was sorry and cried a little. I don't know how or if i should punish her because she is not a bad kid. She does very well in school, doesn't get in trouble, barely goes out, and is home pretty much all the time besides for school... so i am a little bit shocked to have found out that she smokes pot. I don't know if i am being hypocritical because when i was a teenager i tried marijuana with friends.. so i want to know some other opinions of people and how would you deal with this situation of it happened to you?
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  • Is it okay to put cameras in the house to watch your child?

    I'm turning 18 in a month and my mom just put cameras all around the house because I like my brother's best friend who lives with us. Is that considered okay? I'm really mad about it and want to take them down that's why I would like to hear other's opinion about it. Please tell me if you agree or disagree.
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  • Teenage Daughter Buying Expensive Items?

    My 16 year old daughter has recently started going shopping nearly every weekend but I have noticed she is buying alot of expensive clothes (Gucci, LV and Burberry etc), She is also buying alot of jewellery and shoes. The problem is that I do not know where she is getting the money. All comments appreciated to solve this predicament
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  • Why do some people not want children?

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  • I’m a 22 year old guy and I’m gonna kill myself?

    I told my younger brother and sister about it, and they started crying and pleading that I don’t do it. I told them that I just don’t wanna live anymore, my life is worthless, no woman wants me, and tbh my mom gave birth to a mistake like me. Also my brother and sister went and told my parents about it. Why would they do that? Im planning to end my life in 2 days with one gunshot wound to my head at close range.
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  • Dad took $100 from me for being late to school?

    I was late to school the other day for sleeping in, and got myself ready for the day as I normally would, because the class I was in I understood the material and I've only been late once. On the way out my dad started yelling at me and told me how I owe him money because I'm "late all the time", even though at the time I hadn't been late once. He has a horrible sense of time and thought I left the house the day before at 8:10 (school starts at 8:15), even though I left way before that and was on time. He then took $100 from me which is totally unfair, why should I owe THEM money if I was late? I have very good grades in my classes, and if I don't get an A, my parents **** on my B's. right now I'm top of my history class but my dad still told me that my mark needs "improvement". I need money to buy things I want... My parents actually have very good jobs and are affluent, I doubt they need my $100. Meanwhile here I am with practically nothing while my parents spend thousands every day. My dad never lets me talk in arguments, and both of my parents can never handle being wrong. It's like if my mom said "the sky is purple" and I said "no it's blue", she would still think it's purple even if I show her it's blue. She would then probably scold me for being an ungrateful child even though I buy all my clothes with my own money and all my parents do is feed me.
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  • My aunt & uncle are liberal Guardian-reading, Labour-supporting Remainers, should I stop speaking to them?

    Best answer: I'm surprised they're willing to talk to you as it is. Having the cheek not to agree with them OBVIOUSLY means you're racist, sexist, homophobic blah blah etc etc
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  • My mom is making me get a restraining order on my childs father?

    Im 20 years old and my mother is very religious. She thought that i was celibate. I found out i was pregnant and she has not been happy. She hits me and now she's trying to have my boyfriend not go on any appointments with me. And she won't let me talk to him. She's making me go to the court house and get a restraining order on him, she has been sending that's to his phone. And said she doesn't want him involved in the childs life. He has a good job and a home. He wants me to move in but my mom wont let me. She told him hes going to have to figure out different way to sign the birth certificate. I want him in my life and the child's what do i do
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  • Would you be offended?

    When I mention to my sister-in-law that I was sending my niece a bracelet and necklace for her 11th birthday, she sounded pleased and said, "please check with me before sending anything because I almost regifted you what you sent her for Christmas two years ago" (until my mom reminded her the gift came from me). At the time she was nine, and I sent a Trolls lip gloss set and a matching fingernail polish set. She proceeded to tell me that it was too babyish for her at the time and that it still sits in the closet all packaged up. I sort of feel like not ever sending her anyting again and now I see why my mom always says my kids are so appreciative. Seriously, am I being too sensitive, or is that good protocol to check with someone before sending their child something so that I don't as she said, "waste my money"?
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  • My 2 kids, daughter 14 and son 13 are always fighting. I coming to the end of my options.?

    I was hoping there are some sucessful suggestions, my kids fight about everything, they seem to be more worried about what the other one is doing rather than what they need to be doing. It makes the house a very unhappy home, now my daughter wants to move out with her father on the otherside of the country, because she hates her brother, she tells him she wishes he was dead. She publicly makes fun of him, he also aggravates her on purpose. I have tried the seperating them, but it seems like as soon as they are near each other for more than 10 minutes, the fights back on. I am sure some of this is teenager sibling rivalry, but I think its at the point of being unhealthy.
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  • My grandma steals from me?

    Best answer: nnaybe you should put a hidden cannera around, this way you can prove it was her
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  • I hate this?

    I'm so mad and angry at my mom, my brother is expected to finish high school this semester so she's gonna get him a Playstation 4, a phone and fully pay for his driving lessons. While when I graduated high school I got my own phone and also paid for my driving lessons, it's just unfair I always tell her she has gender double standards but she won't accept it! She says after I graduate from university she'll help me get a car but I know she won't. I'll just end up taking a loan, while my brother gets everything without even trying. It's like he has his life planned for and all he has to do is live it!
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  • Am I rich.?

    Ok. So my dad owns a business and makes about 15,000 after tax a month. I live in a 2 million dollar house. I drive a 45,000 car. My brother drives a 35,000 truck. My mom drives a 34,000 car. I don’t pay bills. What am I considered.
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  • Reporting to DCF?

    Our neighbors (the husband is friends with my husband and they often take weekend jobs together) left their barely 5 year old home by herself briefly yesterday. And now on two occasions, I have intercepted the little girl playing outside by herself. She is friends with my daughter and is in the same school this year. To me this is being neglectful. With everything going in the world today, I don't think I would leave a teenager by themselves, much less a child who isn't even in kindergarten yet. In you were in my position, would you report this to child services?
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  • How to get over leaving family behind?

    So I have an opportunity to move away from Louisiana to Wisconsin. I can leave by train in a month or by plane in July. But...I can't seem to stop crying when I think about leaving my family behind. My stepmom and stepsister, my grandma, my mom and sister, just everyone. I want to leave so bad. But I can't stand the thought of them crying over me leaving. How do people do this? Serious answers only plz?
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  • Im scared of being home alone this weekend?

    Best answer: nnaye you should have a friend stay with you or go to their house
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