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  • Should I babysit my niece and nephew for free?

    Best answer: She is correct in that it's nice for aunties to spend time with their nieces and nephews. However, you do that on an occasional basis when it's convenient for's not a JOB with a required SCHEDULE.

    If it were my sister, I'd tell her that I'd be willing to fill in here and there if her regular carer was sick, but that your priorities are school and a paying job. You just don't have time for a five day a week volunteer position.

    Maybe your sister should make up with your mother. It's pretty cheeky of her to get into a pissing match with her unpaid employee and then expect you to pick up the slack.

    It's not like she is a single mother. These kids have two parents and they are responsible for them.
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  • Do my mom and dad have any right to FORCE me into doing stuff i DO NOT want to do if im older than 18?

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  • Is it okay to slap your 15 year old when necessary?

    I got into an argument that my daughter is too young to date someone in college. She talked back and became angry with me. I slapped her and CPS is involved because she went to the counselor the next day, told her that I disapproved of her trying to date someone. The conversation focused on why she “loves” a college boy, but the school called CPS to inform them about multiple concerns. They’re related to not only child abuse, but the fact that she’s a young girl involved with an older man.
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  • I was the unplanned child?

    Hi, im a nineteen year old boy I am the youngest of three my brother is twenty one and my sister is twenty five. A couple of weeks ago my brothers friend who i dont really like said to me”at least i wasnt the unplanned child” i kind of shrugged it off and turned it back on him. But then i saw on my brothers phone that he had told this girl that our parents said that i was the unplanned child. My dad got vasectomy im assuming after i was born. Im having a bard time going through my teenage years and i just dont know why i even exist if my own parents who are the people i trust the most didnt want me at all. This has mad me depressed and ive been crying over it a lot.
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  • Predator didn’t get fired, feeling angry, any help?

    Best answer: Maintain your composure.

    I am also surprised that there were not more severe repercussions, there may be other relationships here in action.

    They have resolved the problem for the moment by getting him away from you.
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  • If my parents getting divorced, is it somehow my fault ? Cause my dad said its my fault?

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  • I'm 22 and my dad still won't acknowledge me?

    I have been trying to reach out to him for years, I grew up with out knowing him and I want to at least talk to him one time. I messaged him on Facebook and all he doea I read and never responds. Is there anyway to Make him talk to me?
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  • How is my fathers sisters husbands brothers daughter related to me?

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  • Should I report my neighbor for hitting his wife?

    Best answer: The wife is an adult and fully capable of going to police herself. You'll just be wasting police time since she's not likely to press charges.
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  • Why is my 19yr sister so messy and have bad personal hygiene? why is she like this, I’ve spoken to her about this a million times.?

    Best answer: I'd marry YOU, but not her.
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  • Help my family is suffocating me ugh?

    Last semester I joined a sorority. I've always wanted to & I'm glad I got the courage to put myself out there & join since I figured it's my senior year. With joining a sorority comes obligations such as attending events & supporting sisters etc. Some of these meetings/events end at 10:30 or even 11 pm & because I commute, I take a bus or an uber home depending on how late it ends & ill usually get home by or at 12 am. My parents don't like me coming home at this time because they fear the worst will happen. We've been getting in a lot of arguments bc of this. What's the point of joining if I'm not going to participate at all? Last semester I missed out on a lot just for the sake of them & I feel like I'm getting tired of this. I'm 23 & they've become so controlling I feel suffocated. My brother got a cold last week & my dad assumed he was going to die bc of something he saw in the news. As much as I would love to move out, I don't have $ for that. I'm a straight A student & whenever I get back late, they think the worst of me. One time my dad said I came back late bc I was selling drugs. I text them when I get there, I send a pic of the event I'm attending & whom Im with but it's still not enough. My brother has a good job & sometimes contributes to the bills & they do his laundry, iron his clothes, wake him up early for work, offer a ride to work. Ive talked to them about this but all they say is worry about yourself!! They are driving me crazy. Please help!
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  • My boyfriend is talking about marriage?

    Best answer: If you think it's too fast, tell him that you're not ready to talk about marriage with someone you barely know. Because you barely know him. Two months is nothing. You're still working on getting to now each other.

    And you have a right to speak your mind. I sure would.
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  • My female cousin just sent me a topless picture of herself, on purpose. Does this mean she wants me?

    Best answer: In Italy, FIRST cousin marriages are still legal.....and common.

    which, explains alot here............but still.

    My wife's cousin's married......and quite frankly....... he was a lucky dude.........I would have hit that too.......she was gorgeous.
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  • Did life seem cold after your mother passed away?

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  • Having trouble moving out of my moms?

    Best answer: If you have never lived away from home before it can come as a bit of a shock, but treat it as an adventure and try to.go with the flow. Arrange one or two evenings a week to drop by and touch base. I think your anxiety will diminish with time. Speak to your girlfriend so she can understand your anxiety. Look, if things get too much you can always return home. At the moment though you should accompany your girlfriend as she and your baby need to be number one right now.
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  • If my parents never met, yet they each had a child with another partner, which family would potentially birth me?

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  • Is this a normal thing for a father to say about his child?

    Best answer: So you actually got into an argument because you're jealous of his daughter? And you're actually jealous of her? Wow.

    Our kids are a part of us and ought to be one of our biggest priorities if not the biggest in our lives. But i don't even see why this would be a topic of discussion... ?

    And our love for a child vs love for a partner? It's a completely different type of love and a different type of bond all together. I don't see how it can be measured or why someone would want to measure this.

    if you're this insecure and jealous maybe this guy isn't for you
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  • Niece wants me to help her get an abortion, should I?

    I am not against abortion, but I never expected this from her. My sister and her husband are hardcore pro life so if they knew there's no telling what would happen. She's legally an adult and is in her second year of college. She won't give me any details about the father, but as far as I know he is in another relationship. What she wants is for me to travel with her (it's pretty far) so she isn't alone and help her pay. My main concern is if she regrets it and just keeping this secret in general. I'm leaning towards helping her, but I'm still so unsure. Never really thought this would happen to someone I know.
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  • If my parents had never met would I still exist and be born to a different mother or father?

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  • I can't find it in me to support my daughter, what to do?

    I am a lawyer, my oldest is going into neurosurgery, second oldest is interning at Micron and is shooting to be an engineer. The youngest are the twins. The oldest twin has already taken up the debate club and is set on following my footsteps. On the other hand, her sister (the other twin) wants to work in child care... That career choice doesn't seem fulfilling or very succesful. I don't know how she could have the siblings she does and choose child care. I really don't understand and I want to support her but I can't.
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