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  • Is this normal?

    I know there's a lot of fake questions like this on here, but I'm honestly scared and I don't know where else to ask. Ever since I turned 16, my dad constantly talks about my body and how beautiful I'm getting. He'll get offended or angry if i don't kiss or hug him goodbye or greet him. One time he put money in the back pocket of my jeans, which I found weird because he could've just handed it to me. He also talks about how "mature" my body is getting and how it's "developing beautifully". He acts the same way towards my older sister and we both find it creepy, but I feel like he does it more towards me. Is this normal?
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  • My preteen sibling and I have a shared chore, they refuse to do their share and our parents don t want to get involved, advice?

    I can t just postpone the chore. Sadly, I ve been put in this situation the past 4 times and caved just to get it done. I don t know how to deal with this, they won t listen to reason
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  • I got raped recently, should I tell my parents ?

    I'm 21, already went to the hospital and did the kit. It's just hard, it was really hard to tell my aunt. I don't know if I can tell my parents.
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  • My mum inlaw went Pakistan and brought gifts for her son suitcase and just one dress for me which she gave weeks after should I hold a grudg?

    This happend a while back but it got to me abit we were newly married financially struggling we were sleeping on the floor my husband had no money no job I worked part time only £100 per week just enough for food her and my father inlaw went on a luxurious holiday whilst Asian culture we had to love with them and also didn't have money they left there son with me I paid for his essentials when they got back they got him 2/3 suitcases full of nice clothes and gave it to him in front of me and nothing to me a few weeks later she gave me one disgusting dress after asking her daughters also she gave them loads of clothes to I feel like never giving her anything anyway few years later I went pakistan and was soft hearted and gave the whole family suitcases full also our financial situation is a lot better now but today it brought back memories and I feel like never giving her a gift as I rather not have any from her what do u think am I over reacting
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  • What do you think of a mom who?

    Best answer: I think that is a wonderful Mom. She is teaching her children that when you are a part of something (a family and home) you have a responsibility to help take care of that; she is teaching them the value of resting both mind and body on a regular basis AND she is teaching them the value of being well read. That is one Terrific MOM! If you are her child, you are very lucky. She cares about you and about your future. That is a blessing not all children have.
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  • I ******* hate my parents?

    Ok I'm Haitian American and I'm 15 and my boyfriend is Dominican- American and he's 16. When my parents found out I was dating a Dominican they kicked me out in the streets, but my boyfriend's family took me in. My older brother who's 17 got two girls pregnant and my parents welcomed them in the house with open arms and is taking good care of them. I'm their own daughter and they kicked me out for dating , but my older brother got two girls pregnant and my parents let him and the two girls stay in the house. I'm so freaking pissed off
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  • What am I supposed to say when my wife's family invite me for Christmas?

    No offense, but I'd rather spend it with my own family.
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  • Should i call my father?

    The reason why i want to call him because i need $50.00 for a cab to take me to hershey for my interview and i really need a job. Hershey jobs will automatically hire me. Should i call him? Ive text him asking if he could send me some money but he didn't respond back and he stopped calling me. Its been 2 weeks since ive spoken too him. I Honesty don't want to speak to him because he haven't seen me in 12 years (i was 6 years old) because my mom didn't want to married him. But at the same time, i have to because need the money so i could pay for my cab to take me to hershey so i could go to work. I need a job real bad and this will be my first. Should i call him?
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  • What would you do if this was your adopted little brother?

    Let's say your in high school parents adopted a 12 year old boy who came from a broken, poor abusive family. His mother was caught selling drugs, got arrested and also was given a felony because she was dating a sex offender who would do unspeakable things to her son. A month after meeting him, Dustin says he will kill you and hits you. He also punched your father in the face and ran away. He bit your mother as well. Kicked your parents and they had to hold him down because he threatened to run away. One day he came into your room called you stupid and how you had a fat stomach. After arguing with you he pulls his underwear down and says I'll tell everyone you raped me.
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  • Is my mom wrong or am I?

    Ok so my mom is mad at me right now and I don’t think she has any reason to be. I am 17 years old and me and my mom haven’t been getting along recently (typical teenage problem I know) . I feel like she is always mad at me for something. Now about tonight... So she doesn’t have a job right now and my dad is retired so we live paycheck to paycheck but that isn’t enough sometimes. I have a job though and always lend them money to use until they can pay me back when his paycheck comes. So she smoke cigarettes and my one rule was that they couldn’t buy cigarettes with my money bc I’m against it completely. So every once in a while if she really needs them she’ll ask and I will say yes. But lately, more recently tonight, she made up an elaborate story about how she needed to go get toilet paper and that she needed my card to pay for the rest cause she only had $9. So when she got home I checked my bank account and there was $13.50 taken out. I knew that was about the price of a pack of cigarettes and I questioned her about it and she confessed to lying about buying them. So I nicely told her how much it bothers me when she goes behind my back like that because I feel like she’s trying to pull one over on me and be sneaky and now she is so mad at me! I really don’t feel like I did anything wrong! I calmly tried to tell her something that bothered me and she flipped out like she always does. So does she have a right to be mad at me? Or am I entitled to feel this way?
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  • This whole feminism thing is turning my mom and sister into b*tches. Any advice on how I could make them less extreme?

    Best answer: Show them how feminism is hypocrisy in every single way. Manspreading = sexist, banning men from Australian army = fine. And if they even touch on the gender pay gap then they are probably autistic given that it has been debunked many times. It is a very broad average that doesn't take into account that women on average work fewer hours, take less overtime, take more holidays and ask for less promotions or raises. Furthermore, it doesn't take into account career choices that women frequently decide to do such as hairdressing, therapy or customer service. Lastly, the studies that look at specific careers such as doctors for instance don't look into the fact that women frequently aspire to become less specialized forms of doctor such as proctologist, pediatrist or psychiatrist whereas male doctors more frequently aspire to become radiologists or heart surgeons. In fact, as a ratio of number of hours worked daily to salary, women earn more than men across the board. For the same jobs.
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  • I don't know what to do?

    I'm a foster child and my foster parents have 3 biological kids. 2 girl twins that are 6 and a 17 year old boy. They just recently took me in 3 months ago and I'm a 14 year old girl. Me and the 17 year old... I'm gonna call him jack, became good friends and we hang out and go to the same school. I hang out with his friends which are all boys. But I don't like it and I don't wanna hang out with them but I feel like I have no choice. I am so embarrassed to say this but he made me do oral on 2 of his friends. He said if I didn't he will hurt me and it won't matter because no one will care. I tried to leave his friends house one day but he blocked the door I'm not very strong I couldn't get out and he did stuff. It's all my fault I can stop this is don't know how. I will have no one if I tell someone because they will get rid of me and then I'll have to get another family. I have no friends at school because I'm always so stressed out and too shy. And English isn't my first language people think I'm weird. I can't take it anymore I don't know what to do. I feel help less What should I do who can I tell? I don't wanna get in to trouble.
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  • Can you die from showering at 4 am?

    i need to take a shower but i dont want to die yet
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  • Everyone thinks I’m too old to have a snowball fight?

    I’m 23. I’ve never really seen snow before and yesterday we had a lot of it. It’s he most snow we’ve had in this area for ages. I’ve always wanted have a snowball fight, but everyone disagrees with me. They say I’m too old to have one and that they’re only for children. Are they right? Am I too old?
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  • What are good pranks to play on my baby?

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  • Will growing up with racist parents have long-lasting effects on the child's life?

    There's children who watch their parents talk badly about a certain group of people, disapprove of an older brother's girlfriend because of her culture, and negatively stereotype others. They'll likely learn that it's wrong since people are influenced by many others. Most schools don't tolerate racism so that's another way they could find out. Some of us are more heavily influenced by parents and will learn their way of thinking. Will having a family like this have a long term effect on children's lives?
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  • I just need some advice. My brother (younger) passed away 9 years ago (when he was born). I don't know who to talk to. 😞?

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  • My parents want me to join the Navy? Should I join so I can make them proud?

    So I'm a 21 year old guy and I still stay at home with my parents, I work at a school and I like what I'm doing but I'm trying to find a another job with higher pay. Anyways my parents keep trying to convince me to join the Navy, they told me that they want to see me better myself. Anyways my little brother just left for the Navy last week, and is stationed now in chicago for boot camp. Anyways I feel like my parents want me to join because my brother is there, and that's just something I just don't really wanna do..but at the same time I want to make my parents proud. I'm thinking about signing up at a community college to take up a major..and is there anything wrong with still staying in the job force? I'm crying as I write this because I want to make my parents proud of me..I'm tired of feeling like a loser. What do you guys think I should do?
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