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  • I have nightmares about my father in 9/11/01?

    Best answer: its normal for you to feel this way, maybe you should talk to a counselor about it
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  • Why do people always say "Don't get involved with a married guy." What's wrong with it, if it's true love?

    Like, if the guy doesn't love his wife, that's their personal problem, not mine. Maybe he just now found his true love. So why do (some) people always advise that a girl shouldn't love a married guy? It's not like you fall in love with conscious effort. His wife is also free to date and find someone else.
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  • What can I do to make 3 years go by fast?

    I'm 15 and i already wish i was 18.. Please help me find a good coping mechanism. My dad doesn't really want to talk to me and my stepmom hates me and my mom is going through an extremely tough time.. Im in another state than my parents and living with my uncle... I hate it here... I miss my mom... Please help... I have no one...
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  • Why is family suddenly poor ?

    My mom and dad’s salary combine for approximately 285,000 a year but they don’t have the money to take me school shopping, grocery shopping, or the money to pay for my homecoming ticket. It’s like we’ve suddenly gone poor... I don’t want to sound spoiled but it’s concerning seeing people that make almost 300,000 a year struggle to put food on the table and clothes on their child’s back.
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  • What is my half brother's kid to me?

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  • If my half brother has a cousin, and his cousin has a kid, what is that kid to me?

    Best answer: Half Cousin In Law you Moron
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  • Found out my dad is cheating because his mistress messaged me. What do I do?

    She messaged me out of the blue saying that she has been with my father for 3 years but they broke up a month ago. I am obviously distraught and sad because I do love my father and he has been a great dad to me and provides me and my mom with everything we need. I believe her story checks out and her profile picture was of them together. She also added other details in the message which I can’t mention but again, also check out. Now what do I do with this information? Should I tell my mom knowing it WILL hurt her? Is there anyone in this subreddit who has a similar experience? When she messaged me on Facebook, it was sent to the “message requests” because we weren’t friends but after I read her message and switched between apps it disappeared and said “Unavailable because it might be spam, etc.”. Is there anyway I can get it back? I just wanna read every word again because the first time I read it I was a bit frazzled. P.S. my dad doesn’t know about what I know so telling him about this is another issue I have to deal with I feel so alone with this. I don’t have any siblings or close enough friends to open up about family matters as personal as this.
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  • Need help to make my brother happy?

    My brother is 5 (turning 6 next month). He is a sweet and adorable boy and I love so much. Last week, I broke up with my boyfriend after I found him cheating on me and when I got home, I unleashed all my anger on my brother (Verbally) which reduced him to tears. I apologized later and he accepted him, even hugging me and giving me a kiss on the cheek but I still feel very bad for what I did and want to do something which will make him very happy. Can you guys give me good suggestions ?
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  • My brother keeps using my car and he expects me to give him money for gasoline. How can I make him stop?

    Best answer: That's a tough one. He sounds like the sort who, if your car broke down, would phone you and say: "How dare you lend me a car that breaks down!"

    Tell him he has to pay you 10c a mile (if mostly city use).

    You could work on an always full tank system like hire cars, but if he's only doing short trips that will be a PITA for you both.

    Or, run your car with hardly any fuel in it so that he has to put some in.
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  • My father is a bad person, what do I do?

    Best answer: Stop having anything to do with him.
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  • I hate my fiancé's and stepkids new dogs?

    I have always hated all dogs they are dirty disgusting and dumb.I dream about poisoning the dogs.I feel like my fiancé likes them better than me. I yelled in my stepdaughter's face which offended her. I wasn't really yelling at her I was yelling at the dog who was looking at me and following me around.The kids should keep them away from me.They told their dad they don't want to visit him anymore if I am always gonna be mad . Kid's nowadays are so thin skinned.They need to suck it up and get over it in five minutes when I scream at them and tear them down.Our parents didn't care if we were happy and we turned out great.
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  • Do I have to ask my parents if I want to sleep naked?

    Best answer: No, you don't have to. Just get in bed with no clothes on. They don't need to know and they probably will never find out unless you tell them or they come on your room while you're sleeping.
    Lots of people sleep naked, it possible that even your parents sleep naked. It's more common than you'd think.
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  • How to deal with embarrassing narcissistic mother?

    Best answer: Ugh, your mother sounds incredibly irritating! You did the right thing by moving across the country. Just continue keeping her at an emotional distance, because unfortunately, she will never change.
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  • I would like advice on moving?

    I’m 20 years old and am struggling with the decision of moving from Colorado to California. I was born and raised in California and all my family except my stepfather, mom, and little brother live there. My mom raised me she was basically both my mom and dad. The reason I would like to leave is for a change as well as my grandparents are doing so well and I would like to be with them. I’m stuck between both as I would like to leave Colorado to be with the rest of my family or stay in Colorado and live with my mom who is everything to me. I want both choices but know I must make one.
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  • As a child (or maybe after) did you ever do the Saltine Cracker Ball?

    So I m trying to prove that this is a natural occurring phenomenon for the sake of science. I also wanna convince my boyfriend that I m not weird. For clarification the Saline Cracker Ball is where you chew up saltine crackers then spit them out. You do this repeatedly until you have a great big wad of saltiness mush. Then you eat your giant cracker ball. Thoughts?
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  • My dad and i had n argument n he got mad n pulled my hair so hard my scalp is red and sore to touch, my mam just told me not to tell anyone?

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  • Losing my virginity, what should I wear ?

    So, I still have a while to plan this out, but yes. I’m losing my virginity to my boyfriend of 2 years, (going to be going on 3 when it happens) on my 16th birthday, and I’m very excited, and have no idea what to wear ? I was thinking my Date bra and panty set from Victoria secret PINK, but should I wear lingerie like that ? Or just keep on casual underwear. Also for clothes on top of lingerie, what’s best ? Leggings, skirts, jeans ? I know many people will think I’m too young, but I know personally I’m ready. I’ll also be on birth control when it happens. These days, most people do have sex young. It’s not that uncommon. As long as I’m ready and protected there’s no issue :) I’ve also done masturbation for a few years now, so I’ve done self exploration lol. Basically all I’m asking here, is tips on outfit choices. And anything I should be cautious about much first time. I can wear tampons, and finger myself fine, so I’m not worried about pain, or my hymen. Sorry if that’s tmi lmao.
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  • If I am close to my Dad should I still cut him out of my life?

    Best answer: You don't have to cut him out, just keep your distance and see him now and then.
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  • No sex..no love.....work my *** off to fund alcoholic partner.....somethings Gotta give?

    Hi..Been with partner 4 years. ...his drinking and attitude getting worse...went from nice guy to lazy alcoholic who drinks every day and sleeps it off while I work my butt off and do two jobs ((supervisor role))...no household stuff done...rarely Cook a meal for me...Just watches TV and passes out every night... im teetotal and currently awaiting hospital results for illness. ..im 200 mile from family and close friends (tf for internet)..ive lost almost a stone in weight recently and tired. As for sex...He's not interested although I'm fairly attractive ...its like living with a lump of stone..do I throw him on his *** and move on or give one more chance ????? ((PS he doesn't see any problem..denial.....
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  • My mother keeps criticizing me?

    I am 23 yo and came to Canada from Europe alone over 5 years ago. I finished a college program here and now work in my field. I do not depend from my family financially, but my mother is always pressuring me with thing like:” You need to obtain a better diploma, you have to be successful, you have to find a job thag would make you more money, you have to bla bla bla bla”. No real advice, just the critics. What is more, she is criticizing my music taste saying that it is too primitive (I like electronic/trance music). We have really big conflicts over Skype regarding all that stuff. Sometimes it feels like she doesn’t accept who I am that makes me feel really sad and embarrassed. How to deal with that? ☆ Sent from iOS Dr. Know! 1.1.04
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