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  • Am I too old to be told what to do by my parents?

    I'm 24.
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  • I am going to kill myself tonight because of a car crash, should I write a letter to my family?

    I am 17 years old. Today I got into my second car crash. I am working at five guys and only have 700 dollars saved up. My parents payed for a crash I caused a year ago. It cost them 1,500 dollars. I know this crash will cost even more. I want to kill myself because I feel terrible for the amount of money my parents are spending because of me. I am an embarrassment to my family. I feel like I am not a part of reality anymore. I want to die. I am a senior and was planning to go to UF, to become a doctor. My tuition is payed for by Bright futures. This, and causing my parents pain because we can’t afford this crash is the two reasons I have to not die. I am doing it tonight. I don’t know what letter to leave. I don’t know. I need help I need to talk to someone I am scared but I am done causing my parents pain.
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  • Family doesn’t want me to date him because of his job?

    I’m 24 years old (female), and I come from a middle eastern family. Started recently talking to a guy, and we’ve only been on one date so far, but the chemistry was great. Way too early to tell how it’s going to pan out obviously. Anyways, I was considering going out on a second date with him....but my family found out what he does for a living, and now they are all against me going on any further dates with him because they found out he’s a construction manager. P.s don’t ask me how I know this, but apparently he’s making almost 200k doing what he does. He’s redicolously career oriented. Anywaysss, none of this matters to my family....nor his drive/ambitions or his salary doing what he does. They’re telling me that they would be extremely ashamed to tell our family what he does as a career. And also telling me that I would potentially be setting up a terrible example for my future children, potentially marrying someone who doesn’t even have a bachelors degree. Anyways, all in all, I’m getting MAJOR sh*tfor even considering going out on another date with him. Keep in mind that I come from a family of doctors/engineers/lawyers. The money or drive doesn’t matter to them- they think the title of his career is extremely shameful to potentially bring up to all of our family & relatives in the future. My family has usually given me so much freedom, but for once, I feel like I’m literally trapped & living in a cage. How would you guys have handled the situation?
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  • Why is my mum so incredibly lazy?

    Best answer: She’s just a lazy b!itvh
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  • My parents don’t support my political views, what do I do?

    My parents are extremely liberal and believe I’m brainwashing my 3 daughters with “evil” things just because I myself am a republican. My relationship with my parents is strained and at this point my daughters have no relationship with their grandparents. Is there any way I can fix my relationship with my parents?
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  • My parents are going to get me fired because they keep making me take days off from work for stupid sh*t?

    I'm 17 and I've been working at my job since August, but I'm going to get fired at this rate. My parents keep making me take days off for stupid stuff. For example, my mom forced me to take today off. To go shopping. For a turkey. I tried to tell my dad this was ludicrous and he backed her up. Not only do I not get paid for days I take off, I'm up to 8 days on the month, and my boss said if I take any more I run the risk of being dismissed. I'm honestly scared that if I get fired I won't be able to get another job because if they contact my current boss he'll say I was fired for missing too much work. Every time I try to explain that I can't just take days off for unimportant stuff (like turkey shopping) they get pissed and threaten to ground me. Please lend some advice, I have no idea what to do about this because I can't get through to my parents.
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  • My daughter has got arrested?

    My daughter is 15 years old and got arrested for assault. She done this because the girl stole her boyfriend. Right now I have grounded her and taken away her cell phone and computer. I don't know if this enough. She has never had a mother, she died at child birth. She has always been a troublesome kid, but she has never done anything to get arrested. Is my punishment enough? I have tried talking, I have taken her to a therapist, I even had my mother talk to her, today all I got out of her was "That ***** stole my boyfriend dad, I was saving everyone else from that ******* slut and man whore"
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  • I'm 22 male. My mom told me that she wants to check my privates. Shall I show it to her? Is there something wrong with that?

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  • What did you do as a teen that you think your own children shouldn’t do?

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  • Is it wrong to leave my mom?

    I am 20 years old by the way and live with my parents, I work and attend college. I am the only child, and my dad tends to work a lot. This year my mother’s mom, dad and brother all passed away so it has been hard on all of us especially my mom. I have been considering doing this special school abroad experience that I am very very interested in that would start in February, something I have been considering for a long time. Would it be wrong to leave my mom to do this? She does not really have any family here where we live in the US considering her family is from the Philippines. Just a cousin, and a lot of filipino friends here. She seemed upset when I first mentioned it to her saying something along the lines, “my parents left, my brother and now you would be leaving me.” I don’t know what to do, I mean ofcourse the loss of the family is hard on me too but I know its apart of life and we have to move on. What should I do?
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  • Im in love with someone I shouldn't be..?

    Ive only known my mother for about 6 months im 22 now, everything is going well we have a great bond. I have only started meeting her side of the family very recently. I knew nothing about her side of the family beforehand, I was introduced to many of my cousins. After a few times seeing my 2rd cousin we had a connection, and I feel disgusted I feel this way but we cant help how we feel. I honestly dont know what to do. When im with her it feels right but wrong
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  • Hey Pearl L why do you answer so many questions?

    Best answer: Because it is fun
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  • My Mom likes to insult people in the family when she is alone with me. Why might I be the one she likes doing this with?

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  • My Dad is a worthless father. He offers no emotional support. He is an extremely arrogant man. What negative gift can I get him for Xmas?

    Best answer: You should give yourself the gift of healing. You deserve it, you deserve to not hold onto these things. You didn't deserve it then, it was never your fault...and you don't have to keep holding onto it now.

    Stop holding onto your pain. You deserve to let go, you deserve better in life and you deserve peace. Stop letting yourself go down this road.

    Ask yourself if you have to go out of your way to try to hurt him, who are you really trying to change or get through to? What are you really looking for? You're an adult, it's your life now, it's time you accept that. It's time you own it.

    You probably never resolved the bitterness between the two of you. You probably are looking for some sort of resolution or to let him know it, let him have it... get at him. It's incredibly unfair for people to treat you so unkindly to fill your heart with ghostly shadows, apparitions of the past. It's hard to see through our own fog some times, to see clearly.

    You've been injured, hurt...at least emotionally. You need to stop focusing on that pain, and stop focusing on what hurt you and you need to heal it. If you can't heal your relationship with your father then you need to heal it within yourself.
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  • Should I leave my girlfriend?

    I have been in a relationship with a woman for the past 4 years. We are both women and in our 40’s. She makes 6 times the amount of money I make. We live together in her home however I still have my home and my expenses (car payment insurance cell house expenses). I pay for the groceries and buy things for her house. She belittles me saying that I expect her to pay for everything. Tomorrow is her birthday and I paid for an all inclusive trip to Mexico for 4 days to celebrate her bday on the beach as she loves the beach. She is yelling at me telling me I am selfish as I only took 4 days to celebrate her birthday but I can take my vacation to go see my parents for Xmas (I am not even arriving at my parents until 8pm on Xmas day so I can celebrate Xmas with my g/f and her family). She has been on vacation all this week and has had about 12-16 beers each day and has spent all night starting fights, yelling at me telling me how I have ruined her bday once again and states she will not be getting on the plane to go to Mexico in the morning. She tells me I am the most selfish person in the world. While I just worked 32 hours in 3 days and have been helping cleaning her house as her parents are arriving next week to stay with us for a few months. I also do everything for her family and especially for her nephews. No one ever does anything for her but me. Please help - what should I do?
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  • My daughter ignores me and physically overpowers me, I think I'm scared of her?

    I'm a single mother of a 13 year old daughter, I'm small and skinny, I'm 4'10 and weigh 105lbs but she seems to have inherited her father's body type as she's already 5'7 and has a lot of muscle. It started a few weeks ago when I asked her to do something and she refused, then she pushed me to the floor and said she doesn't have to do anything I tell her, now she seems to completely rule the roost, she locked me in my bedroom to punish me last week and when I was watching TV and she wanted the seat I was sat in, she physically lifted me up and moved me. I don't know what to do
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  • I’m 16 and I was kind of being a smart *** to my 24 y/o step brother he got really mad and grabbed my wrist. Should I tell my dad he hit me?

    So it was me and my two best friends and I was kind of being rude I won’t lie and he got fed up and as me and my two best friends were walking away he grabbed my wrist really really tight and started yelling at me that I was disrespectful and if I keep it up he’s going to take my phone away so after he talked for so fricken long my friends and I went to my room and I think I should tell my dad he hit me and my best friends would totally back me up and say he did. Is this a good idea?
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  • Should I tell my parents?

    Best answer: Yes, you should. That sort of behavior needs to be stopped. She needs to be told just how stick someone can get from the bacteria in a toilet and she needs to be told by her parents, and punished for such a disgusting, disgraceful thing to do.
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  • My parents found out i'm moving out?

    Best answer: youre 20, youre allowed to move out, call the cps if they wont let you leave
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