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  • How do you find out the name of actors in commercials?

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  • Disney Channel agents/casting directors?

    I’m interested in acting for Disney Channel, I’ve beeen searching for a while and I’m not able to find any websites or emails for Disney Channel agents or casting directors. Help please!
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  • Do you know any good fights or arguments from plays?

    I need an argument of at least 16 lines from ANY PLAY. Can't be a musical or film but yea any fight or argument. Would super appreciate any ideas! Thank you!
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  • Can I be an actor AND a talent agent?

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  • How would a performer know if an audition went well?

    Best answer: When you aren't shushed, stopped or interrupted, when they stop talking and watch you intently and when they let you complete your piece. It can also be the opposite, when they ask you to do something more, give you something to read and then come back or if they start whispering a whole bunch between themselves. It's usually much easier to know when an audition is going poorly.
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  • Are there any (singing) musical theater roles for women in their 40s, 50s, 60s? If so, could you name them please?

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  • Women and Girls Only! Need advice on playing a woman in school play. I’m 14 years old and go to an all boys school.?

    It is a leading role and I want to be an actor when I’m older. How can my character be realistic (clothes, wig, makeup, jewelry, shoes, etc) ? How can my character have boobs and a female hips and butt? Also what advice do you have for sitting, walking and talking like a female? My character has to wear a skirt in one scene and a dress in another. Since she is a woman should I wear pantyhose and high heels (how high?) There is a Ross, Target and thrift store near the school. I’m nervous about shopping in person so that is another reason why I want to know what to look for. This way I won’t look so lost. While I think I can play the character, I know it will feel different pretending to be a female and there will be days that I am uncomfortable. I’m glad there are zero kissing scenes. Any advice you can give me would be great. Rehearsals start next month. My brother says I’m gay to do this, but I’m not gay. I want to be a good actor. We live with our divorced uncle so there aren’t any females at home. I’m short and thin and think I could do this with help and practice. Thanks for your help.
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  • I’m a sag aftra Actor and I got a lead acting role can my agent negotiate a higher pay for me?

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  • Which is a bigger role, hermia or Helena in “a midsummer nights dream”?

    I’m auditioning for my school play and I got called back for both but who has more lines and how are the two characters different?
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  • Should I minor in Acting?

    I am a Management major but I have always had an interest in Acting. My school offers a minor in Theatre which I am considering taking but I am not sure if it would be a waste of time or not. Thanks!
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  • Any advice on what I should do for my career?

    I went to college. Started as a Sports & Movement Science major, wanted to be a GM of a sports team originally, realized I hated Business, switched to Communications sophomore year, wasn't motivated that much about Journalism, took my first acting class senior year and loved it. Now I want to be an actor. I know they don't get job stability unless you've made it big. But I got loans coming up and my mom is really frustrated that I can't just work a journalism job or some kind of copy editing job. I'm not confident in a lot of Communications jobs like those and plus my professor for journalism was terrible. Most of the class dropped her course in a matter of two months, including me. I got two part-time jobs right now but they are so basic. Decent money but that's it. What do I do to start my acting career? Take acting classes? How do I join the Screen Actors Guild and get auditions?
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  • I’m 14 and want to be an actor?

    hi i’m 14 and i want to be an actress. i’m very shy but i’ve heard that most actors are introverts. i have a backup plan to be a chemical engineer and i will still go to college. my question is what type of acting classes are there in college to go to that won’t like make me do a play. i can act but i can’t act on a live performance, you know?, like that’s why i’m not doing school plays because i can’t act live. so i’m not sure what to do. Is drama acting live? or is drama a live theatre performance i’m not sure what to do.
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  • I’m 14 and have acting questions?

    hi i’m 14 and i have a couple questions about acting. i have this intuitive feeling that i’m SUPPOSE to be an actress like it’s a huge feeling i have no idea what it is it’s just a feeling and the only problem with me is that i don’t think i can perform live acting like at a theater. I think i’m better acting behind a camera (i know your still acting in front of a ton of crew members) but it’s like if you mess up you retake it but live performeance you mess up and you can’t take it back, what do you suggest i do because all there is in school are live theater and i can’t do that.
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  • I want to become an actress need some adviceim 14?

    How do i become an actress, im 14 and i was thinking about joining fpac while im in highschool to gain experience, i want to become a chemical engineer as a backup plan and still go to college just in case you know?, i just want some advice if thats a good idea or not, and i was already looking into colleges like theres the University of California Irvine which has a major for chemical engineering and has an acting program, is this a good idea? I know i shouldnt move right away but i have an intuitive feeling that this is my like destiny you know but i know people will say "its just a feeling" but im just adding that in just cause. I also want to add in that i live in new jersey so i am close to new york too but im not sure if broadway is for me, i wasnt really looking into doing live plays, i wanted more of behind camera things, (yes i know tequnically im still "live" behind camera but its just different for me) im a smart kid i have good grades so i think i can really gain up to a good GPA to get into that college but now im just typing a ton of extra stuff so im going to stop typing and let you give me advice thanks!!
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  • I’m auditioning for Philia in “A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum”. I need an audition song that is comedic & resembles FTHOWTHF?

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  • I need a soulful belting song for an audition. Help?

    Auditioning for a program in New York and another musical locally. I can’t find any songs that fit my voice type. I have a soulful belt and there’s nothing. It has to be a musical theatre song. Help??
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  • What rope is best for a hanging (class project)?

    Best answer: During that time, there wasn't much choice. You would pretty much have to go with hemp. It would have been undyed and 1/2 to 1" in diameter.
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  • Is it okay to audition with Dentist! for a children s musical?

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  • When did we stop calling female actors 'actresses?

    I said i coinided with the movie The Crying Game in 1992 and my gilrfriend says I'm crazy
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  • Is a drama class taken in high school somethings I should put on my acting resume?

    Best answer: Since you have nothing else, sure include it on your resume for now. It's not going to help you for professional work, but it's something and everyone has to start somewhere. Most of the work you'll try now for will be non-professional things like community theater or student films now and you don't really need a resume for that.

    Understand that a resume is not a list of everything you've done - it's a marketing tool where you put the best thing on it. So as you get better and more appropriate training and experience you include that and take off things like your high school drama class.

    As for advice - I'd suggest that you focus now on learning and growing as an actor and performer and not worry too much about trying to get professional work and give up the fantasy that you'll be "discovered". That's not how the industry works. So find quality acting classes with respected instructors. A monologue study class is essential in understanding character work It'll help you understand things like subtext, having an objective, conflict, circumstances and transitions. Scene study and improv are also helpful. Look into the various different acting techniques to see if any click with you. Acting involves interacting and reacting with others - so a class with other people is best (rather then some coach alone). You can learn by watching and listening to others. Voice and dance/movement classes are important too.

    Audition for what you can - school plays, community theater, church shows, student films. Join drama club and compete in forensic speech/drama contests. Read plays and scripts of all kinds keeping an eye out for characters you love and monologues you want to develop. get together with friends and make your own shows for fun.

    Really for now - have fun. Try new things. Take risks and fail - and learn from them. Make sure acting something you're really passionate about and love doing. You're at a disadvantage if you want to start a professional acting career as a teen. Companies prefer to hire adults to play teens since adults have more experience and generally a more professional approach to work and they don't have the legal restrictions and requirements that teens have.

    If you do become serious about a professional career - research and learn the business end of the industry. Scams and rip-offs prey on people who mistakenly think actors are just "discovered" It's a business. There are not a bunch of open auditions you can just go to hoping to get a role. For most professional work you have to be invited to audition, usually through an agent. And you can't just hire an agent it's more like they choose you. And it's not that you get an agent and they take care of everything. You'll need to understand the casting process (agents, casting directors, breakdowns); legal issues (contracts, unions, taxes); marketing (head shots, resume, show reel, website, social media) and networking. You'd basically be running your own business where you are the product to be marketed and sold

    Good luck.
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