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  • Why do you think actors might like to play evil characters?

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  • I have a very talented 8 yrs old. He wants to be a actor, or a Disney kid We are planing our trip to California next week. Any advise?

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  • Why is there no censorship in American theatre?

    Best answer: Historically, there has been rigid, overreaching censorship (Mae West was jailed for "indecency" in one of her plays.)
    There still is censorship, in that there are laws against public indecency. For a while, the Hays Code strictly prescribed what was allowed to be seen in movies - but was struck down because of the rights of free speech.
    So there is a balance, and it applies to stage as well as screen. The studio film industry responded to some renewed threats to censor movies by forming an independent ratings system that would designate movies as for General Audiences, Parental Guidance Suggested, or Restricted, or Unrated (NC-17) - but note that those are voluntary designations. The theatre may have a policy of not allowing under 17 s to see R & NC-17 movies, but that s policy, not law. You cannot be arrested for watching those movies, only kicked out by the theatre owner.
    Theatre doesn t have a ratings system, although most theatres will have guidelines posted so that patrons can decide if they want to bring kids... but the only censorship is that applied to all performances - it cannot be "indecent". That standard is very. very open to interpretation.
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  • Shakespeare monologue?

    Do I have to read the play in verse or is it okay to read the play in prose. I know I have to perform it in verse.
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  • Can you "act" online?

    People were saying that I was acting like a kid, but I got confused because I wasn't acting. I was typing words off a keyboard.. how can they tell that I was acting like a kid when they can't see how I act in real life?
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  • Why is it a crime for a citizen to lie to the government, but it's fine for the government to lie to its citizens?

    Best answer: Uh oh, you found out the secret. We are not citizens, we are subjects.

    And we really don't have any rights. The reason it's not well known is because they come for our rights one at a time. Then the other sheep say "Baa! He/she deserved it!"
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  • How do you find an agent for acting ? What is needed to obtain an agent ?

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  • To be an actor?

    Guys but if someone has as a dream to be an actor but doesn’t have a English accent (in this case Italian accent) is it a big problem for the auditions?
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  • Asking an inexperienced person to direct in a community theatre?

    Is there ever a situation where it would be okay to just hand a play to someone with no theatre experience and ask them try to direct it on their own? Person has never even AD d or stage managed?
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  • Are some actors typecast?

    Best answer: Since most directors look for a certain type there is always a little bit of typecasting.

    An actor's type can change as they mature and change as an actor. Age too can change in terms of what roles an actor will be considered for.

    It can be a problem for the actor if they want play different kinds of characters. For the most part however there are more character roles than "leading actor" roles available.

    Some film actors go from playing romantic lead to character types and back. Some don't. The romantic lead offers stop coming after age 30-50 [different ages for men/women] and the experienced film actor can adjust to not playing the "romantic lead" type. Those that can't may transition to stage work or just stop acting.
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  • How will I find auditions for upcoming movies?

    Best answer: Those auditions are not open to the general public. No one hires or auditions amateurs or beginners, only highly-trained and highly-experienced professional actors repped by the best agents in town.

    That's because professional productions cost TONS of money, and they need to know it's in the hands of people who know what they're doing. It comes down to so much more than talent. No one's in this to make your dreams come true, this is a BUSINESS.

    If you're the former, I'm afraid that information is not available to you. The agents get that kind of info from casting directors. They get a character breakdown. They then go over their clients database and submit only the ones they think might fit the role(s). Then the casting director invites to audition only the ones they think might fit the role(s), also based on the person's experience, training, and skills (among other things).

    If you want to be a professional actor, start working for it. But not for a particular role on a particular production, that's not realistic. By the time you're ready for an agent and to work at a professional level this movie will be long done shooting. Because it takes about a decade, and there's no guarantee you will ever get to audition for serious productions at all.

    You can, however, be an extra without any training or experience. Which is what Andrew is talking about. Contact local agencies for extras. But bear in mind that if you're not in LA the chances are you will not find any extra work for big upcoming movies. Even NYC is not as good. Only few of those productions get out of CA and NY. And if you're not close to a big city, there any shootings or agencies for you at all. You need to be where work is. Also, hope you understand that extra work does not count toward acting experience. You can't put that in your resume, for example. You can't land an agent or be hired for more serious stuff based on that.
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  • How do I begin an acting career at 20 in Atlanta?

    Do I REALLY need classes? Can’t I just start auditioning? What should I invest in? I have no kids and have a car and willing to travel with flexible hours please helppp
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  • What should I do when stuck between two great theatre opportunities?

    Best answer: As AJ says - see if you can do some negotiating and juggle things.
    Recently my daughter was in very intensive rehearsals for two plays, on opposite sides of the city, where she had leading roles in both. She made both directors aware of the situation, and they managed to arrange things so it could work, and it did.
    She was also performing in the first few weeks of a Christmas-theme kids' experience every other day, (which she's now doing full-time until Xmas Eve) and working a part-time 'ordinary' job at the same time.
    Actors do have to be able to multi-task!
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  • Why couldn t Antigone be queen?

    Best answer: In antiquity, queens regnant (women who rule in their own right) were extremely rare. The ancient Greeks -- or Thebans in this case -- did not normally consider that women were competent to rule, so they did not have inheritance rights to thrones.

    Antigone's brothers inherited but were then killed. So Creon is acting as regent for the son of one of the brothers. The son is a minor.
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  • Guys and Dolls: Musical Help!?

    Best answer: The best advice: stop thinking of this as a competition between you and "Carly". And stop asking for opinions and trying to guess the future - it's a useless waste of energy.

    Look at the audition as a chance to perform. Prepare, do the best you can then let it go! I know that's easier said then done, but the fact is a lot goes into casting besides the audition: who looks "right", who is dependable, who takes direction well and who is a team player, who has a workable schedule, who does the director trust, who brings a positive attitude. Many of those are out of your control.

    Trying to guess who they will cast and asking everyone what they think are just distractions, so don't do that!

    Just be in the moment at the audition and show them how much you enjoy performing. Even if you don't get the role you want, you had the chance show them who you are as a performer and that's the best you can do.
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  • I watched Fiddler On The Roof and I didn't see any fiddlers nor any roofs. Can I ask for a refund?

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  • What is a talent agent responsible for?

    Best answer: Generally speaking, an agent is the go-between for an actor and a casting directors (CD). CDs send information about roles to agents (called "breakdowns") and agents submit actors for the role. To submit means to send the CD an actor's headshot and resume listing the training, experience, special skills and show reel. Basically, an agent tries to convince a CD to audition the actor. If the CD is interested in an actor, the agent schedules the audition. If the actor is offered a role, the agent negotiates the contract terms. For that work an agent is paid a percentage of what the actor makes (usually about 10%). NEVER pay an agent up front.

    Agents are NOT responsible for getting head shots, creating show reels or audition tapes, providing training, maintaining an actor's website, handing an actor's publicity or providing financial advice. An actor is in charge of their own career - they shouldn't expect an agent or anyone else to do that for them. Agents are part of their team.
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  • Thoughts on lying about age at auditions for ‘community theatre’?

    Best answer: Don't. Ever. if it says 'no exceptions' they meant it.
    Fess up - now. There may be some legal, financial or ethical reason why you have to be 18 or under.
    For example, if they get funding from a charity or copyright permission if the entire cast is under 18.
    When someone finds out, the entire production could be either cancelled or the theatre prosecuted.
    And it would be YOUR fault.
    You WILL get found out, so do the right thing and tell them.
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  • How do you deal with being type cast?

    Best answer: Do you still have to audition for roles, as most community theatres do?
    If so - only audition for roles which are a bit more challenging.
    Talk to the directors or those who make casting decisions - explain your frustrations and ask if they'd consider you for a more gritty role in the future.
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  • Published play female comedic monologue?!?

    I need a monologue from a published play that is comedic and 1 minute and 30 seconds to 2 minutes long. Please answer ASAP and no swear words in the monologue
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