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  • Are egg sandwiches good to take on a train journey?

    Best answer: Good for you but not the passengers so much!
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  • What would you do if you were in this situation? Was i right to do this as a last resort?

    Ok so i stayed with my mum recently for Christmas and came home today by train and while i was on the train the carriage was full. When i had to get off the train when it arrived in my home town i politely asked the other passengers if i could get past so that i could get off the train at my stop but they ignored me and didn't move out of my way to let me get off. I then asked politely again if i could and they did the same again. I was extremely worried at this point that i would not be able to get off at my stop and not get home because of what they were doing, so as a last resort i pushed past them saying 'this is my stop move or i will miss it'. This is not something that i would normally do or ever have done up until today, but i had to to prevent me from missing my stop so that i could get off. What would you do in this situation? Was i right to do this as a last resort?
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  • Is being hit by a train a painful death?

    Is being hit by a train a painful death? Would you feel anything or would it be instant?
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  • What dos it cost to ship a boxcar of grain on the railroad?

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  • Is this a sign of anything?

    This guy I like is in my science class. He left in the middle of class, and he requested to follow me on Instagram while he was gone. Does this mean anything? Thanks!
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  • When will the USA have bullet trains?

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  • Railroads provide a faster way to move goods and _________________.?

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  • Would it be possible to send a train from Europe to America and vice versa with a merchant ship?

    Best answer: It's not that unusual.  I remember when Amtrak was "trying out" two European train sets, to see if the technology would be good for the US.  The individual train cars were placed on freighters and brought to the US, where they were reconnected and some  modifications made  so they could run on US tracks.  After the end of the testing, they were shipped back to Europe.
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  • What came first- trains or railroads?

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  • Could a merchant ship bring a train from America to Europe and vice versa? The track gauge is the same.?

    Best answer: While most of Europe uses the same 1,435 mm gauge as the US and Canada, the railways in Spain and Portugal use a wider 1,668 mm gauge.  Ireland and Northern Ireland use 1,600 mm gauge; Finland uses 1,524 mm that is also compatible with the  1,520 mm gauge used by the countries of the former Soviet Union. 

    The US shipped thousands of locomotives and tens of thousands of rails cars to Russia and USSR during World War 1 and 2 so it's possible to ship rail equipment across ocean but why would you want to ship rail cars in addition to cargo?  They only take up more volume and add weight to the shipment.  It is cheaper and more efficient to transfer bulk and containerized cargo from train to ship than shipping the loaded rolling stock across the ocean.  
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  • What is the least used tube station that is actually underground?

    Best answer: On the London Underground, I know Roding Valley is the least used station at all, located at the northern/eastern end of the Central line, in Essex. At the last recording, Roding Valley, had around 370,000 passengers that year (2017) and over the last 11, saw around just 691 a day. I think it would be Heathrow Terminal 4 station which sees around 2.3 million passengers. Gants Hill station is completely underground and is  generally less-used. I'm not entirely sure about the least used station that is underground though. Hope this helps. 
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  • Which of the following typically comes out in advance of the calendar year?

    a) locomotives/train engines b) airliners c) mass transit buses d) all of the above e) none of the above
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  • Do some freight trains in the USA still use cabooses at the end of the train?

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  • If world not flat why train rails not curved?

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  • Why do train engineers have to sound the whistle/horn even at crossings where there are lights, gates, and a warning bell?

    I would think the bell is enough of an audible warning, but it seems like it's mandatory to blow the horn until the engine clears the crossing.
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  • Does a weekly train ticket include a return.?

    Best answer: Since the day you are starting work is only the 2nd weekday of the month, you should consider buying a monthly ticket instead of a weekly ticket. Buying 4 weekly tickets takes more time than buying 1 monthly ticket, and may cost more as well. (However, if you're not working the week of Thanksgiving, then buying 3 weekly tickets is probably cheaper than buying a monthly ticket.)

    If you will be going every workday starting

    Where I live, a weekly ticket allows unlimited rides, in both directions, until the day that it expires. (Also, it's good for 7 consecutive calendar days, starting with the day you buy it, so it you buy it Monday, then the last day you can use it is Sunday; you don't get a full 168 hours. It expires at midnight Sunday night, not at the time you bought it Monday.) So you could technically go and return several times a day, but most riders just use it once to go and once to return each day.
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  • Question for train engineers and conductors: How many times have you hit someone and do you become desensitized by it after awhile?

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  • Taking AMTRAK just for fun possible? ?

    Best answer: Sure, it's possible. You just have to check the schedule to determine what the turn-around time is between arrival and the next train back.

    It would be a shame to visit a world class city and not step outside the train station. Go for a walk, at least. Hell, while you're in DC visit any of the Smithsonian museums; they're all free.
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  • Politics: Should we revamp railways and encourage more people use them for transportation?

    Best answer: I assume you are talking about the U.S.. as in Europe we have dense, frequent and large rail networks. Obviously the train can't compete in journey time for long journeys such as New York to Los Angeles, but where distances between cities is 400 miles or less the train scores highly providing it is a fast, frequent high speed service. Trains generally operate city centre to city centre so no congested journeys to and from airports. No 2 hour check ins and less weather delays or flight delays caused by massive over use of major airports
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  • Why were steam locomotives still used during WW2?

    Best answer: The overwhelming majority of engines, particularly for freight service, were steam.  It was a matter of most countries using what they had, rather than gearing up to build additional diesel-electric.  Where there were diesel-electrics (or in some places, such as the New York-Washington corridor, straight electrics), that's what was used.

    While I know that Germany had some diesel-electrics, they were few in number, and mostly used for the passenger trains used for the Nazi elite.  Freight, including military goods, were exclusively pulled by steam.

    If World War II had started say 10 years later, there would have been many more diesels in use.
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