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  • Besides locomotives and other railroad vehicles, what other transportation methods came out of that period?

    Best answer: "Transportation" has broad use in many ways. Though i wish i knew for sure, what period of time you are concerned with, to be sure.
    The term, "carrier" is used with rail cars and copper wire. Therefore we have to say telegraph was an early period transportation mode, as it carried information.
    Does this help in the least? Please help me to help you.
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  • Is it true that russian metros have burger joints built into the train cars?

    Best answer: They call that a dining car. I have been in two, one on an AMTRAK train in the 70s and one in Germany. It wouldn't surprise me.
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  • Getting on train as child at 16 on weekday will they give me a child ticket ?

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  • Train experts: What is going on in this situation?

    Yesterday, I was driving home and traffic was stopped for about 15 minutes. The train gates were down and flashing red, but there was a yellow truck on the tracks with a hook or something. What was happening there, and why would there be a delay this long?
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  • Today I got a ticket for not paying a ticket fare on the light rail. Now I have to go to court. What do I do? So nervous?

    Best answer: Being a first-timer with a plausible story is a good start. Unused tickets bought before the incident, or a receipt or bank statement showing you paid the rail service enough for several tickets will help.
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  • What's the difference between rail and train tracks?

    Best answer: Effectively they’re the same thing.

    But train tracks are specifically for trains whereas rail tracks could be for trams, dockside cranes, or anything else which runs on rails.

    But whenever you mention rail tracks the default understanding will be that you still mean trains.
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  • If Mussolini was able to keep the trains running on time...?

    Best answer: It's the same with the postal service, Dept of motor vehicles, and every other Government run operation. If they were a private business, and operated in the same manner, they would have been bankrupt long ago.
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  • Can I own my own train and have tracks on my land?

    Best answer: It is certainly possible for an individual with the necessary funds to build their own private railway line and operate a train on it. If they do not use the line for any business purpose or carry any fare-paying passengers they do not need much by way of operating certificates, insurance, etc.
    Because full-size railways are very expensive, most private railways are narrow-gauge or miniature, but there are a few standard gauge ones around. E.g. In the UK multi-millionaire businessman and rail enthusiast Sir William McAlpine had the Fawley Hill Railway built in the grounds of his mansion: http://fawleyhill.co.uk/about-fawley-hil...

    Connecting a amateur-run private railway to a working railway network is much more complex as it raises a number of safety issues. It is sometimes done by semi-professional heritage rail operations who have the funds and engineering expertise (and often have retired senior railway executives on their boards, who smooth the process using their old contacts) but is very rare with amateur lines.
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  • Is there an Amtrak in Lubbock tx?

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  • Where can I get a boxcar? Or, a free one? Thank you?

    Best answer: There is a local restaurant that was originally run out of a converted boxcar. They kept getting more boxcars (presumably free) until they had enough for a large dining establishment, although the box cars are only for the dining area. I was wondering how they got so many boxcars. The scrap value on those things is probably worth hundreds of dollars. It almost doesn't make sense to give them away but certainly you will find people who inherit them or find them abandoned on their property and aren't quite sure what to do and don't care about the scrap value.

    If you're persistent about asking around and posting on internet forums I think you'll find someone. There are probably also "scrap auctions" but i'm not sure how anyone would transport such a large and heavy item to your property without first deconstructing it.
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  • Are freight trains usually noisier than passenger trains?

    People always say a tornado sounds like a freight train. From what I’ve noticed freight trains are longer, bulkier, and slower moving than the Amtrak so they probably would be louder. In the movie The Polar Express the train was a passenger train but I thought it sounded more like a freight train (maybe it was different in the 50s).
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  • How late does an Amtrak tend to run?

    I know it tends to run late, and I know why. These things do not answer my question. My friend is taking a trip that is a little more time sensitive. He is taking a trip from Missouri to Wyoming, and he is meant to meet me on a Friday to get this new apartment. If he is not there before the office closes, we have no place to live all weekend and I lose everything I own. I know Amtrak tends to run late, and he has a few transfers to make along the way. He is mostly taking the Texas Eagle. Does that line tend to be on time? His train is supposed to get him there early in the morning. How worried should I be?
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  • What is the max legal travel speed for Sydney Trains? (Australia)?

    Does anyone know the highest legal speed in which Sydney trains are allowed to travel at (max legal speed, not max speed the train is capable of travelling at.) I can t seem to find this information on the internet anywhere. For example: the highest road speed for cars is 110km/h overall, what is the equivalent for Sydney trains?
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  • Anyone else agree that railroad crossings should be required to have gates/arms, at least at busy crossings?

    I feel like just lights aren't enough because some people might still think they can outrun the train, which they almost certainly can't. Gates are stronger protection and make it clearer to motorists that they can't beat the train.
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  • Will I die if I touch the 3rd rail on a subway track?

    Best answer: Yes, very quickly. You will feel nothing as you will die immediately.
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  • Calling all train nerds!! Why are there so few trains running on Sundays?

    Best answer: A. Freight trains - need to be loaded and unloaded. If fewer people work on Sundays, then they might have less freight to haul.

    B. Passenger trains - many people take Sundays off. Fewer passengers might mean fewer trains in the schedule.
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  • How does a train get from london to france is theres water in between? is there rails on the water?

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  • Does a train or locomotive never get released in advance of the calendar year?

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  • How far away can you hear the Strasburg railroad?

    I live about 18 miles away from the Strasburg railroad. That is the closest railroad to me. All day, I hear a train's horn. The Strasburg railroad blows the train's horn twice each time it goes out... that's what I hear. 2 long train blows at a time every 20-30 minutes the same way the Strasburg railroad does it. Is this possible?
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