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  • How much does Amtrak train ticket from Cincinnati Ohio to San Francisco California cost?

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  • Where did you travel, and what was the elapsed time app. on the fastest train you've taken?

    Best answer: In Japan, I rode the Hikari Shinkansen from Tokyo to Shin-Osaka. It was a speedy 1 hour 45 minutes in quiet, smooth comfort. Hikari is the 2nd fastest shinkansen (Nozomi is the fastest) and it reaches 285 km/h on the straight and 275 km/h on curves. It was the N700A series. (A is for advanced) When the shinkansen I was on passed another going the opposite direction on the track right next, in just a couple of seconds all 16 cars passed.
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  • Do you need an ID to ride Amtrak trains?

    I'm taking an Amtrak train from New Hampshire to New York with family in about a week. Everything I could find on Google about requiring an ID was very different, so I figured I'd ask on Yahoo where people most likely have taken an Amtrak in their life and could speak from experience. I'm 20 ( but look a lot younger) and don't have an actual ID. I have a student ID and a paper driving permit but those are pretty much useless I'm assuming in terms of actual identification. Should I bring my SS card or birth certificate?
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  • Why do American steam locomotives have warning bells and built-in headlights but British ones don t?

    Best answer: British locos did not have bells as they relied upon the whistle and the ordinary operating noise to give warning of their approach. British tracks are enclosed and there was very little street running.

    US locos only started using electric headlights after electric lighting became practical. In Britain, by that time they were accustomed to operating without them and so did not introduce them (again, the enclosed tracks were probably a factor, there was less need for headlights).
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  • Would someone buy a real train station?

    Best answer: Many ex stations on disused railway lines have been sold as private houses
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  • Does Norfolk Southern require a driver s license to be a conductor?

    Best answer: Call their human resources department and ask. My best guess is, no, not specifically for driving the train. But I'm thinking one has to move up in the company before they can be a conductor. A lot of the other jobs do require some driving and therefore a drivers license.
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  • How many personnel (like engineers) are there in the cab of a long distance Amtrak passenger train?

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  • Two trains close together?

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  • Is it okay to ask somebody to move from your reserved train seat?

    My mum and I were travelling home to Leamington from York after a university open day. We’d reserved seats because it’s a 2 and a half hour journey and we didn’t want to stand. I’d (stupidly) slipped and sprained my ankle the day before travelling home, so definitely needed to sit down. The train was REALLY crowded but we got to our seats to find a woman in her 50s sat there. I politely told her that we’d reserved those seats and asked her to move, but she started shouting and really rudely told us that she’s not moving, she’s a pensioner, she doesn’t care that I’ve hurt my ankle etc. At this point the whole train carriage is staring and she’s started saying that she’s not moving because SHE reserved a seat, but couldn’t find it, so she’s not moving from our seats. She was telling us to get the train staff because “they wouldn’t make [her] move”, but the train was so crowded we couldn’t move down the aisles. In the end a man near us gave her his seat so that we could sit down. It was a really awkward situation, but were my mum and I in the wrong for asking her to move?
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  • What if commuter trains ran on a bobsled-type track instead of the regular standard gauge rails?

    With walls on both sides to prevent derailments and so they could also go much faster?
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  • Can a train with a diesel locomotive run backwards?

    So I take this commuter rail train with the front part that pulls it but. when going the other direction it doesn t switch tracks. It simply goes backward. Does the last back car have a conductor too? How does that work? It s the Metro North train Waterbury/Bridgeport line by the way. Anyone familiar with it?
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  • Why are there lights on the roof of trains?

    Best answer: One of many benefits (although probably not the reason for having them) is that they make it easier for helicopters to locate trains in an emergency.

    The original reason is probably that the person responsible for telling trains whether it was safe to go or they had to wait for another train to go first, and responsible for figuring out which switches needed to be thrown based on the positions of the trains, would work in a tower and look down at the trains from above. Lights on the top of the trains would make them easier to see at night.
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  • Is it easy to be a train driver?

    Best answer: It's a heart attack job. You hire out thinking your job will be to operate trains : that's the easy part. But ultimately , your employer will insist you become a full time student under threat of penalty. The rules constantly change and you will be expected to keep up with every little change. Much of your time off between work shifts will be devoted to reading and study. The material will be extremely dry and written in leagalease. You will find yourself wondering if your on the job response to an unsual situation is a recollection of past requirements , or , the latest change that your memory has confused. It may be a proficiency test by your superiors and if you fail , your income may suffer a penalty.

    It's a heart attack job where professionalism is not allowed. They don't want professional train drivers , they want professional students.
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  • Can we buy tickets at the Rutland Train Station?

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  • Why is amtrak not running on time to Birmingham Alabama?

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  • How many solar panels can we install on a single coach of a train.?

    Best answer: Install one and then you will know the answer yourself.
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  • Please Answer my questions?

    Best answer: What's your Question????????
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  • I have some railroad base plates and I would like to scrap them I know it's illegal but I only have four?

    I know that it is illegal in that is stealing from the railroad but but they are discarded and have been there for years and I only have four of them and I will be mixing it up into a lot of other metal so will they notice it especially if I Just Junk them instead of getting the steel count for em? And do you think I'll get reported? I know that technical answer is probably yes but I would like some people's input possibly people that have scrapped railroad things
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  • Have you ever taken the train across Canada?

    Best answer: Yes across most of Canada in the early 1990s. I particularly recommend the train called 'The Rocky Mountaineer' that goes across the Rocky Mountains from Vancouver to Calgary. The scenery is wonderful and the train very luxurious.
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  • Why are strollers allowed o pblic buses and trains?

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