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  • Some who travels often on trains and coaches help why are they so expensive ?

    Best answer: I can give you one reason. Passenger load. It doesn't matter how many passengers are on the train, it still costs, let's say £300 to run a train each Km. That includes the wages of the people who run the train, train & track maintenance and other overhead expenses (electric bill, management, ticket stations, etc). It's just about the same distance (160Km) from Birmingham to London as it is from Birmingham to Leeds. That means it may cost £48000 to run the train. But if you have fewer passengers going to Leeds, that £48000 has to be spread over fewer passengers. So their tickets will be higher. I'm sure there are other factors.
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  • Is there anywhere that you dress up to travel by train?

    Best answer: Train travel has not declined unless you're American. It certainly has not in Europe. OK, yes, the UK shut down a lot of lines in the 1960s because they became unprofitable but to get between major cities, it is very much still there, as in the rest of Europe.

    You'd only do it on an expensive luxury train like the Orient Express, or the Blue Train in South Africa, or maybe the Ghan in Australia. On those you're paying a small fortune for a luxury trip, dinner is like being in a top restaurant except you're moving, and you dress up for the occasion as you would in a top restaurant. You want to fit in, enjoy that kind of atmosphere, everyone else expects it - dinner suits and nice dresses are the way it should be, at least for dinner. Really you wouldn't be on this kind of train at all except for a special treat and to travel this old-style luxury way.

    All those I mentioned are long-distance trains where you're going to be on the train overnight so they need to serve meals and also provide a decent bed.

    But if you're just going by normal train from A to B, no. Not even in first class, which isn't what it used to be - all you're likely to get is a bigger seat and more chance of food being served at your seat.
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  • How fast does the Amtrak train go from Irvine California to San diego ?

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  • What would you do if you were stuck with a crazed hobo in the same train cart?

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  • Is amtrak fun to take & how is Amtrak first class?

    Best answer: Well really first & foremost I don’t mind the extra time that Amtrak takes because I enjoy the sightseeing.

    Easy to do as it travels at SEE level and has big windows.

    Bad stuff happens in this world. Usually not when you are nearby.

    Very long distance a good idea to get a room. You do not have to have a room every night if you have budget concerns.

    The advantage of the long distance train is you can get up from your seat or leave your room and walk around.
    Up to you if you want to socialize with other travellers. They might be from anywhere in the world.
    Take a meal in the dining car and very a very good meal cooked for you in the galley. Not a large menu but very well made.

    Take a break in the lounge car or cafe car for a snack and enjoy the view. The seats are comfortable and larger than most plane seats.

    You DO NOT need to just stay on train for days and days at a time. You can book a stop for a day or two along the way to experience places of interest to you.

    For the First adventure suggest you look at some of the packages Amtrak has created. You can make your own.

    Be aware that for part of the journey it is dark out and the view not so great. You can use some of that time for sleeping or just socializing with others in the lounge or the next seat.
    It is a little more fun if you have a travel companion for at least part of it. A chess board a backgammon board might allow you to play with someone that you cannot speak their language. A deck of cards many games can be played. Bridge is popular around the world.

    The longer overnight trains are much different. It can seem expensive for a room at first but it is a moving small hotel room that has a changing view.
    This video has a good tour of a train end to end.
    You DO NOT need to take the same route in both directions many make a circle tour to see more places.

    BOOK AHEAD the trains do fill up in summer and other peak travel times.

    WINTER journey can have weather issues but the train often can go when other stuff cannot.

    You could if you want to travel to Canada on the Train. There is a special train there with great scenery and it just travels in the daytime. The train stops for the night and you sleep in a nearby hotel.
    It is a FIRST CLASS train. It sells out months in advance. Rated one of the best Train trips in the world.

    Acela First class is just a short ride of a few hours.

    It is a huge country the view from the Airplane window is faster. The train adventure is an adventure. Enjoy the ride.
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  • I am lost my pnr no?

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  • Where can I drive a train at a rail museum?

    So my 16th birthday is coming up soon. I want to go to a rail museum and drive a train. What rail museums have a train driving program under 18? Preferably close to Indiana.
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  • How fast do trains normally go?

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  • Amtrak restroom policies, while in the station?

    Best answer: Yes. The reason it used to be a problem was that waste flowed out of the train and onto the racks, like 100 years ago, and they didn't want it stinking up the stations. But now it is stored in tanks, so it doesn't matter whether the train is moving or not.
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  • Why do freight trains sometimes randomly stop in the middle of the tracks?

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  • How do sleeper trains with showers carry their water?

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  • What's it like to be hit by a train?

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  • What speed do london underground trains do?

    Best answer: When underground they're not all that fast because the stations are close together. However, on some sections of the network, that extends way beyond the underground part, there are some long runs where the trains get up to around 60mph. Specifically there is a stretch between Hammersmith and Acton Town where the Piccadilly line operates as a kind of "express" service and goes through several stations without stopping. The statins between Hammersmith and Acton Town are served by the District line.
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  • Can you reply for the Union Pacific Railroad after 6 months? If terminated during the 90 day probation period?

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  • Map of Amtrak train station in Corpus Christy Tx.?

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  • Any accident happen in train station then what british transport police do?

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  • Where are railroad cars manufactured?

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  • Why do I hear a train horn?

    I was at the bus stop around the corner when I heard a train horn. It was a warm morning. The nearest train track is about 15 miles away. It does get some trains, but I never hear them from my location. It sounded like a car or truck, but a bit "throaty". It was too deep for a car. It could have been a truck, but It didn t sound completely like a truck.Was it a ghost train? Or just a car or truck?
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  • What was the sleeper car on a train called in the 1930?

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  • How do you get hit by a train?

    Trains don't go anywhere but the tracks. You know what will happen if you stand on the tracks or walk across them at the wrong time because you know what goes there, so how are so many people stupid enough to get hit by trains?
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