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  • True or false: your nose is always red?

    17 answers 4 days ago Nantes
  • How many teeth is it normal to lose a year?

    I'm at a steady 3/year
    7 answers 4 days ago Nantes
  • I recently started vaping but now my legs are turning black? Like, not dark brown but completely black like my hair?

    5 answers 3 days ago Nantes
  • Is one reason certain questions get moved to Abuse and Spam because certain users hope these questions get reported and deleted?

    a) yes b) no When you answer, can you give me an explanation?
    5 answers 2 weeks ago Nantes
  • What's the smallest thing?

    Best answer: I am not going to say, but it still satisfies my wife.
    23 answers 1 month ago Nantes

    5 answers 1 month ago Nantes
  • Why my pp go up? help..?

    5 answers 1 month ago Nantes
  • How to make less money?

    Best answer: Take less shifts, get fired, take on more expenses, have kids, have a partner
    7 answers 1 month ago Nantes
  • Why are people attracted to people who are attracted to other races?

    4 answers 1 month ago Nantes
  • What are some good vegan foods to try?

    I am a new vegan and I am looking for good vegan foods to try. I recently tried Beyond burger and really enjoyed it. What else should I try?
    14 answers 2 months ago Nantes
  • Most efficient way to drink mayonnaise?

    Best answer: Squirt it up your ar/se
    Why else would it have a squirt top?
    8 answers 2 months ago Nantes
  • Was John F Kennedy most famous for being assassinated?

    Best answer: Today I think so. But at the time he was much more famous. He was seen as bringing us into a new age, bringing us big change, moving us ahead from the Eisenhower years. Much like Trump, actually, he was seen as a new kind of politician bringing us into the next political era.

    He might have done a lot more if he'd had two terms. We wouldn't have gotten stuck in Vietnam, people wouldn't have lost faith in government, Barry Goldwater wouldn't have changed the direction of the GOP to the disastrous path they've followed ever since.
    10 answers 2 months ago Nantes
  • Was Robert Kennedy evil?

    Best answer: What specific actions of his would lead you to such an absurd conclusion ?
    6 answers 2 months ago Nantes
  • Are scientists required to be celibate?

    And should they be?
    16 answers 2 months ago Nantes
  • Why are vegan meat substitutes like jackfruit and seitan so expensive?

    Best answer: Why are vegan meat substitutes like jackfruit and seitan so expensive?"

    Before I go into detail, I read the answers, as well as the comments left. One of those comments I'll get into latter on that may prove important to you, as well as others. Now onward and forward about why vegan suitable meat substitutes are in some cases expensive.

    As pointed out the reason that vegan suitable meat substitutes, such as jackfruit or seitan are so expensive, is either shipping costs, or in the case of seitan, the cost spent on research and development. It takes on average about five to seven years to recover the costs of a product, and that doesn't count the cost of marketing. That adds more time to the cost recovery. Foodstuffs such as tofu or tempeh, has been around either for a long time, or even for centuries as in the case of tofu. Also demand or the lack therein of demand will cause the prices to be higher on some things. Another and often forgotten factor is the cost of manufacturing such products, as the equipment that's needed, is often expensive, due to being specialized.

    Now as pointed out Jackfruit has little n the way of protein. However it doesn't stop there. Jackfruit has only one micronutrient of note, and that's manganese.Basically as a source of nutrition it doesn't have enough to count. There is a statement that says basically anyone who is a vegan can not get or will be able to get calcium, iron, or zinc. Simply put that is NOT true. All three of those micronutrients can be found in plant based foods. No credible licensed dietitian would make such a claim, and in fact would debunk it, as the falsehood it is.

    The only one that is true, is vitamin B12. As far as having to eat beans and rice for example to get adequate protein, that too is NOT true. Some beans contains all nine of the essential amino acids. However there are other vegetables that also contains enough of each of then nine to make a complete protein chain. However that's not the end of things, wherein protein is concerned. While the body does store protein, it will also break down a complete protein chain, and store much of it, as the nine essential amino acids, that will be used by the body to create other types off proteins, that the body needs and uses for different things. But that starts getting into a more detailed and technical area, than is needed here, or in general.

    Now finally the one comment that stood out to me was that you recently learned that you're allergic to red meats, as well as dairy. The whole line "the other white meat," was more of a way to bring attention to pork products. However it's still a mammalian meat, as were some of the other types of meat mentioned. The reason that got my attention is that it sounds very much like what' known as the alpha gal syndrome. The alpha gal syndrome will cause an allergenic reaction to any form of meat from mammals. However the reaction is usually delayed by two hours. Now to get to the next point, and an important one, do you remember if you were bitten by a tick recently, as that is carried by certain types of ticks.

    If you don't remember being bitten by a trick, then you need to have a doctor run a test for alpha gal. But even if you do you still should be tested for it. However be ready for resistance as very few medical professionals are even aware of alpha gal syndrome. You can however find articles to take to the doctor, that are from solid sources, such as the Mayo Clinic, or the National Institute of Health. However the alpha gal; syndrome os something that regardless of diet, should be a concern to everyone, as it seems to be spreading and slowly becoming more common. The catch as to why this should concern everyone, is that some medications are in capsule, which are gelatin based. Even though that's a very small amount, it can be enough to set off a serious and even become a life threatening reaction, as the gelatin is mammalian based.

    Now there's one vegan in this section who said, and correctly at this time alpha gal syndrome is very uncommon. However when it hit my radar a few years ago, I watched to see if my suspicions that the incidents would increase. Which it has increased, and seems to be increasing. My advice is regardless of dietary and/or lifestyle choice is get the attention of your medical care provider, so that if faced with someone who has been bitten, and has developed a reaction to dairy and anything from mammals, they will have an idea of where to start, and what to test for.

    Now in closing, and for the sake of clarity am NOT a medical expert, nor a dietitian or certified nutritionist. The reason though that I know as much about nutrition, is from many many years of reading actual research papers, and sometimes even medical research papers. While Yahoo Answers can be helpful, it should NOT EVER be used as a replacement for medical advice, or even for advice on nutrition.
    7 answers 2 months ago Nantes
  • Why is the word **** censored?

    8 answers 2 months ago Nantes