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  • I have a bump on my finger and don't know what to do about it ?

    I was playing with a Mic stand and dropped the part where the Mic goes, it slid down and hit my finger. I'm left with a small, purple bump on my finger. The area hurts slightly. It's probably nothing but I want to be sure 
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  • I hit my head against my friends head yesterday when I touch the part i hit it hurts should I be worried ?

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  • Mug fell on my head, should I be worried?

    I was putting dishes away last night and must’ve not placed the mug all the way on the shelf, it fell and hit me on the back left side of my head. It only feel from maybe a foot and a half up. It only hurts when I touch it, no headache or anything else. I’m probably ok right?
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  • Self harm on arm no STUPID answers?

    Best answer: Yes go to see an emergency doctor.  If you cannot make a fist, you may have injured a tendon or ligament in your arm.
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  • Need help with a concussion?

    Last Sunday I fell and the back of my head hit the concrete. I was able to get back up but my head was hurting. I also vomited that day only. It's been 8 days and the particular area in my head that I hit is hurting. When I go to work, I feel like I have brain fog. Will these symptoms clear up?
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  • I hit my head in shower help?

    I fell in the shower and I'm pretty sure I hit my head as I have a lot of pain in my head and neck, and I feel a bit weird. Please help I'm scared and I don't know what to do or if I should tell someone. I'm only 14!
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  • Ankle sprain so bad!?

    Is this a grade 3 I think it is! How long did it take for you to recover? Thanks
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  • Do orthopaedic doctors work on weekends?

    Best answer: some do; some dont; and there may be clinics that are daily every day. everyone is different. They will generally call you at the appropriate time span.
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  • What kind of doctor do you see for nerve damage, after surgery?

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  • How to heal cracked finger that wont heal for 4 years?

    My middle finger has been like this for 4 years..   Caused by bussing tables at a restaurant and having my hand in acidic juices in the bin. I've tried polysporin and bandaids and "working hands" cream. But it just won't heal. :( it gets better but if it's ever cold or dry it cracks again.  Is it forever ******??? 
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  • My hip is sore, is it a cause for concern?

    Best answer: My hips hurt off, and on and I don't give it much though. Your worried, otherwise youw wouldn't be asking this question, so I suggest to go to the dr, and get a piece of mind.
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  • Should I go to the emergency department tonight?

    Best answer: You need to get the mess drained and cut out if necessary. You would do better going to a dermatologist as opposed to pot luck doctor at the emergency room.
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  • Can I over rule a doctor that says “I don’t need surgery” , but I want surgery ?

    I tore my PCL 3 months ago the doctor says do Physical Theropy, so I’ve been doing that for a hot minute. My knee isn’t getting better it’s still the same this a lot of pain. I asked my doctor if I can just do surgery he said it should heal on it’s own but it’s been months already I just wanna get it over with.  Can I over rule him? 
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  • If i have an injury will my child be born with my deficiency?

    so like if I hurt myself and lose my arm then does my child have a higher chance of being born with no arm?
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  • Fingernail stuck in my asshole?

    Best answer: Eat plenty of bran and prunes to pass it out naturally, also film it with your phone and show me
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  • Cut by sort of rusty bedframe?

    a few hours ago i cut my finger on a sharp edge on my bedframe, it was a little rusty around it but i didn't see any rust on the part that cut me. i haven't had my tetanus shot in the last 10 years either. should i go to the doctor?
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  • The side of my big toe hurts should i be worried?

    Best answer: maybe wrap some ice around it.  if it doesn't get better for another couple days or a week, consider seeing a doctor.  maybe you have wide feet.  if it's been awhile, don't be afraid to have someone help measure your feet so you know you get a good fit.  
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  • What type of injuries would this cause ?

    sitting on your window in a two story house and lean forward and fall on grass .
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  • Can i crack my broken elbow?

    i broke my elbow about 2 and a half weeks ago, and i’m supposed to wear a splint to work and such. however, i’ve been gaining an increased amount of movement in my elbow (whether or not that is a good thing.... i gained it from moving my elbow through the pain) and i am obsessed with cracking my elbows, toes, etc. i have even been getting satisfying cracks out of my broken elbow. it is a fractured bone (not displaced or anything, but with a considerable amount of swelling) so am i doing any damage by cracking it ?? i did the same when i broke my toe earlier this year, i just kept cracking it and despite the pain it eventually did heal. side note, the doctor said i can be practicing gentle elbow movements to regain strength. 
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  • What is wrong with my toenail?

    Best answer: Well I’d guess that the talons you call toe nails got caught somewhere and bent back. So now you’re experiencing some pain. 

    For the love of god, please cut them. Gross. 
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