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  • Do I need to go to the hospital?

    I’m 14 years old, and this is my first year of obliged fasting. I’m underweight for my age and I already have a high metabolism. Last time I check, I was around 97 lbs. Ever since I started fasting for Ramadan I began to notice my ribs becoming visible again and I’ve seen that my stomach flattened out. I really don’t like the fact that I’m losing weight because it makes me feel weak all the time. Should I continue fasting for the rest of the month, or go see a doctor about this?
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  • Is sugar really that bad for you?

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  • I like to eating setting powder?

    For some reason, one day i was doing my makeup and had a crazy thought. I wondered what the setting powder tasted like. So i ate some and loved it. Now i can’t stop eating it. I have a to buy a new jar every month. This setting powder has talc in it so I’m really scared that I’m harming myself yet i can’t stop having the urge to eat it
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  • I took an expired micardis tablet?

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  • Democrats say they are going to run on fixing our healthcare system. Didn't they do enough damage the last time?

    Best answer: Their idea of "fixing" is making everyone who works pay for it.
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  • If there is a device within my head messing with my feelings fingers and ect.?

    what kind of x-ray or scan would be needed to see if there was anything out of the ordinary
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  • How often do men have erections?

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  • What should I do if I have frequent headaches and feel tired all the time?

    I've had pretty frequent migranes, for around 2 -3 years now. I can say i've got somewhat used to blocking them out, but I'm wondering, is there a way to get rid of them? I feel like its hindering my daily performance. I thought it was dehydration, but for the past year, I've been keeping up better with my hydration. Sometimes I'd down 1-2 bottles of water in a span of 2 hours and still have annoying migranes coupled with nausea(not to the extent of making you throw up, but feel somewhat like if you were car sick). I've ALSO thought it was lack of sleep. However as a recent example, I slept 11 hours on saturday, and 10 hours on Sunday. I expected to feel well rested, but in fact I always wake up to exhaustion. I feel like going back to sleep, and during the day, a lot of the time I start falling asleep during some of my classes. In no way do I wish to, or do I think the class is boring, but the world just blurs, and even if I'm drinking water, just ate something with some sugar in it, I basically pass out in class. I usually keep myself in this sem-awake state that is incredibly uncomfortable. I just don't think how much sleep i seem to need is even remotely normal for my age. I have plenty of friends thriving on 5-6 hours of sleep a night(not good), but when I sleep for an entire 11 hours I wake up exhausted and feel like sleeping more. i end up lying around a lot b/c of the constant exhaustion. I'm heading into my 3rd year of hs, I don't know if i can continue this.
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  • So i accidentally swallowed about 4 of these tiny ball shaped magnets ( because im god damn stupid.) Do i need to see a doctor or am i ok?

    Best answer: See a doctor immediately. Magnets in your bowels can stick to each other through bowel walls and can cause a bowel adhesion, which can KILL YOU. You will have to have them removed. Go to the emergency room.
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  • Should I just give up this conversation?

    Best answer: Be sure to warn him about the Boogeyman who lurks in the shadows, as well.

    Your "fears" are completely unfounded and are the result of the moron generation being raised in a protected sterile environment. If such dangers actually existed in the severity that you're so paranoid about, please explain how people still around as old as their 80s or 90s and even into the 100s, in some cases. These people never took such precautions because there wasn't such Liberal paranoia scares back in their day - and yet, they survived as long as they have.

    Here's my advice - go fishing, handle the weights. Help your friend scrub the black mold. Don't worry about a respirator - as long as you don't put your face down and rub it all over, it won't hurt you in the least.

    And stop being afraid of everything. There's a real world out there that you have to experience - and you can't wear protective clothing in a sauna.
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  • What are the reasons behind a sleep disorder?

    Best answer: You forgot the biggest one:

    24/7 internet/social media usage.
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  • How long can a chronic alcoholic live for ?

    Best answer: Depends on the person. Really irreversible damage happens when 99% of the liver cells are damaged and the person continues to drink alcohol. The liver is very resilient and can heal itself if there are remaining healthy cells. Some young people get told they're close to death, some elderly people just suddenly die and it was unknown by their loved ones that they were drinking daily for many years.
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  • Any advice for trouble sleeping?

    I can't remember the last time I've slept through the night. I usually wake up a minimum of 3 times, though it's typically more like 5 on average night. I rarely have trouble falling asleep for the first time. I usually get in bed around 11:30. I watch tv, read, or use my phone until about 12:00, which is when I start to get really sleepy. I put whatever im using down, and I'll be asleep within the next 5 minutes. However, I usually wake up around 3 AM. I'll then go to the bathroom, and go back to sleep. I don't have too much trouble falling back to sleep, but it's no longer that nice deep sleep. I'll typically wake up again around 5 AM, still thinking about whatever I was thinking about before. The same thing happens again at 6 and/or 7- still thinking about whatever i was before. My alarm then goes off at 8 or 9, depending on what I have to do that day. I'm usually in a deep sleep when my alarm goes off, but it feels like I had just fallen into that deep sleep. It takes me about 10 minutes to get myself out of bed. Once I start getting ready, I usually feel awake. I'll then exercise for about an hour, still feeling pretty good. But then by about 1 pm, I'm absolutely exhausted. I then usually have a headache until about 8 or 9 PM. I'll typically feel okay the rest of the night, but get really sleepy once I get into bed. Has anyone experienced this or have advice? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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  • Why does alcohol disgust me so much?

    I use to get so drunk avout 3 years that i would throw up and everytime it happend i would get more and more disgusted by alcohol and now its becoming a problem because at social gatherings or family gatherings i cant even drink a sip without wanting to throw up even just smelling it , is it a mental issue do to me remebering when i use to get drunk or it a physical pproblem in my body? I dont get allergys or rashes or anythibg i just get nauseas , feeling dizzy thirsty , it never happend to me before
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  • When's the best time to have a shower?

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    Earlier today, I got a funny sensation in my right leg, it felt like heavy or weak. just wobbly is what I would say. I'm now completely terrified it might be something like a stroke, Guillain Burre Syndrome, Ovarian Cancer, or some other Motor Neuron Disease? I'm 30 yr old female, Hypothroid (medicated), never drank or smoked, sedentary lifestyle (work at home) and suffer with severe Health Anxiety and depression. It happened earlier today, it's eased off a bit, but my leg still feels a little wobbly, but the side of my neck on the right feels tight, and my throat keeps getting a pinching when I drink water. I was only at the doctors 48 hours ago, he did an ECG, and Oximeter, and examined my back and chest, and said my heart and lungs were fine. My left back shoulder blade and ribs have been achy and tender, especially to touch, doctor also said that could be scapula or something but now I'm terrified after my leg went funny, and now my right side of neck feels like it's pulling tight. I'm going to my doctor in the morning (In 8 hrs to be precise). WHAT IS THIS? WHAT IS THIS???
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  • My head feels weird when I shake it fast, almost like my brain is moving inside my head from the momentum. What causes this?

    Is this anything to worry about?
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  • Does having cancer make you more susceptible to colds? (not on chemo)?

    I had my thyroid removed in 2015 due to hashimotos thyroiditis making it huge. It made it difficult to breathe and eat and swallow. They found a 1 cm papillary carcinoma incidentally. I was told I needed no further treatment. I have had a PET scan every year since, been relatively healthy and no problems. This year's scan lit up and had a biopsy and long story short it is back and has spread to a couple lymph nodes. I have had 5-6 colds in the last 9 months. Low grade fever up to 101, flu like pain, swollen lymph nodes (now we know why at least partially) and chest cold/bronchitis like symptoms. Each lasted a week or so and I never bothered to see a dr because I have an autoimmune disease and unless I am super sick I should avoid antibiotics because they can bring on a flare (in chemical remission for that disease right now but want to be safe) So sorry for the long story but I am wondering if the cancer had something to do with this, chicken or the egg etc. I start radio iodine therapy in a few weeks.
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  • Veins all over boobs?

    For about a week and a half I have noticed veins all over my boobs. What could this be from?
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