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  • What causes bad eyesight?

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  • What causes someone to have low Vitamin D levels?

    My mother just had her blood tested and it says her Vitamin D is low at 5. What causes this?
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  • Is ok to sit in a towel sfter a bath in your bedroom?

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  • Alcohol is worse that marijuana?

    Best answer: The answer to this SHOULD be 'in what way?'

    But I think alcohol is worse than marijuana in MANY ways. Just about every way.

    You can's poison yourself with marijuana. People actually die from 'alcohol poisoning'.

    You can't smoke yourself into gross ataxia, passing out, not being able to remember what happened. Really you can only get so high no matter how much you smoke (within reason).

    Pot has never been shown to cause permanent physical damage to the body. It doesn't threaten the liver, the heart, etc.

    Some people get angry and even violent when they drink. I've seen this myself. They get into fights in bars. They abuse their wives and kids. I've never seen anyone get ugly on pot.

    Marijuana is NOT PHYSICALLY ADDICTIVE. It's 'habit forming', like brushing your teeth every night, but just stopping 'cold turkey' is not actually physically dangerous, as it is with some drugs. You don't need 'rehab'. Some people use weed, as some use alcohol, to run away from their problems. And weed doesn't really do that any better than alcohol, but at least weed itself doesn't BECOME the problem, as alcohol does.

    Alcohol kills. Excessive alcohol consumption is responsible for 1 in 10 deaths among working-age adults! The only way you'd die from weed abuse is if a truckload of the stuff fell on you.

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  • Why don’t doctors do what you want them to do?

    Best answer: They won't do it until you have kids..I know!..they don't believe anyone that says they don't like babies. They think they know better and that you'll change your mind and then sue them. There is a way to get it done. If you check with the doctor, ask if you get a psychiatrist to sign off on your being of sound mind and know what your asking for, you MIGHT be able to get it done. It can go the other way too, the shrink can say your too unbalanced to have children. Go for the sane one. Also DON'T get a full hysterectomy, you can just get the tubes to your ovaries removed and keep the ovaries. Same results but you won't get premature aging and arthritis. JUST the tubes and you will never get pregnant.
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  • Should i get just a multivitamin or should i get a vitamin D supplement too?

    Best answer: Definitely can take a multi vitamin and vitamin D. Multi vitamin has some vitamin D in it, but not enough. I take a multi vitamin, plus 2000 mg vit d3 every day. My doctor knows this, but also knows that my vitamin D level is low when not taking the vit D supplement.
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  • Cant fall asleep I've literally tried everything. What are some methods to fall asleep fast?

    Best answer: Put the phone and computer away at least 30 minutes before going to bed. Reading is relaxing and helps to "shut down" the brain. When you do lay down to sleep if you are still awake after 30 minutes get up and read some more. Do not eat for at least 2 hours before bed. If it's is noisy at all where you live earplugs can help- they work wonders for me. I've gone through this also so I know it's frustrating. Good luck.
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  • Do you guys think weed is addictive?

    So I think it is if u use it to an extent. What are your thoughts?
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  • Why is my mom nearly bald/balding?

    My moms in her early 50s. I’m 16 and she’s nearly bald. She has been sick for a long time but she has never lost hair before and always had very thick long blonde hair that I was jealous of. She’s almost completely bald and I don’t know why, her sickness never made her bald before in the last ten years she’s had it. I’m genuinely worried for her and I know she is embarrassed by it because she constantly hides it with hats. Is this normal? Does this happen with age or something?
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  • Cant sleep, any ideas on how to get to sleep?

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  • Is it a good idea to tale bath in Clorox?

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  • How to quit getting sick?

    Best answer: antibiotics are quite dangerous....[ beforeitsnews.com/health/2015/01/why-do-... ] and read.....and as for getting sick, it's more likely than not that your diet needs to be addressed, there are foods to avoid, and more are so busy, they don't bother looking....AVOID commercial eggs-cage free are fine, AVOID refined oils , anything deep fried uses refined oils and are not healthy to ingest at all..AVOID flour products, bread, cereal, pasta, donuts etc, wheat is no longer a healthy staple to be consumed, it is sprayed with round-up a chemical to dry the product and the world heath organization considers it a carcinogen. AVOID sugar,
    which is a sweet tasting slow acting poison that will slowly clog up your veins. tuff to deal with that one. AVOID milk, str8 from the cow is fine, but once processed it is to be avoided, but goat milk, coconut milk, rice milk is all ok, just no soy! it's a known hormone disrupter !.....a fine product , a combo of fruits n veggies may help, it helped me, 42 fruits and vegetables from vitacost are amazing....the first time, I took 10 just to see what would happen, and I took it at bedtime and when I got up, my feeling of well being felt like it had doubled in my sleep......I was speechless.....
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  • Why the **** can’t I fall asleep?!?

    Best answer: 1. Get one hour of physical activity per day.
    2. Have a regular schedule, including weekends, no naps.
    3. Have a set bedtime, people are machines, our bodies eventually surrender to routine.
    4. Shower in mornings, not at night. But have a routine of washing face and brushing teeth right before bedtime..you’ll avoid cavities and have less pimples, plus it will signal your body that it’s bedtime.
    5. No tv, no cell phone, no computers, no music. If the house is noisy, wear ear-plugs.
    6. Make your bed as soon as you wake up, the military does that, this way when bedtime comes, it’s ready for you and feels nice.
    7. Pray while you fall asleep. I ask God for forgiveness, thank him for all I have, ask him to watch over me as I sleep, ask him for....ZZZZZZZZ...*no bad dreams
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  • Why do many believe pharma ads like the "Jardiance" commercials as their only choice?

    Instead of seeking alternatives, like lifestyle changes, diet changes and non-pharmaceutical alternatives? Notice how the ads portray that life is great after you take their pill....then you are happy to enjoy work, family, retirement...........What the.......
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  • What's worse, having an anal polyp or listening to a feminist trying to act like she understands what she's talking about?

    At least an anal polyp goes away when you cream it.
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  • Sudden nausea when falling asleep?

    The last 4 years I experience an intense wave of nausea when I'm falling asleep. Every single night. It comes all of a sudden, no matter what I did before, what I ate before, where I'm sleeping, or what position I'm lying in. When I open my eyes, it is gone as quickly as it came - just to happen again when I'm on the verge of falling asleep. Since it repeats over and over again, it sometimes takes up to 5 hours until I really fall asleep. No doctor I visited has ever heard of this problem before and no medication has an effect on it. I'm desperate and I can't handle this anymore. It destroys my life. If anyone experiences this too and has an idea WHAT it is - please tell me.
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  • Why do people think vaccinations are bad? and what are your opinions on those people?

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  • What is up with me?

    I have six swollen lymph nodes. All on the head, neck and in the armpits. I've had them since last april. The biggest one is about the size of a quarter. This accompanies me being so so tired all the time, I sweat so badly when I sleep to where I have to change and rinse my face. In the past two months I've had two stomach bugs and a sinus infection. I made an appt with the doc for a second time to address this. Last time I went was last april, I got a cbc and all that came up was that I'm anemic and had a virus. I took iron pills for months after that, got another blood test and was told im no longer anemic. Should I ask her about my thyroid? I just need to talk about it to calm my worries
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  • Can cigerette buds cause a fire?

    Before anyone says anything, I’ve made the decision to stop smoking indoors as I’m aware of the dangers. For a while I’ve been smoking cigarettes out my window (I live in the top bedroom of my house). I’ve been smoking out my window for a while and have been putting them in a hole out my window (nothing damage has ever been caused). I’ve just smoked another cigarette and made sure it was completely out before placing it in the hole outside my window. However I’m still feeling insecure, is there a chance this can cause a fire even though this has always been safe in the past and I made sure the cigerette was completely out?
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