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  • Help! Delta airlines booking mistake.?

    I just booked my flight to Jamaica with Delta, who I'm not used to. I'm used to flying with Southwest but couldn't this time. Well I purchased my ticket and didn't see the option to choose seats so I paid for my ticket and just expected to get my assignment during check in. But my friend who I'm going with was able to choose hers. So now I'm screwed because we're more than likely not going to sit together. Also I may be stuck with really bad seats since I couldn't choose. Is there a way for me to fix this? Any Delta flyers out there that can help me?
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  • Flight Confusion?

    I m a first time flyer, and a little confused. I booked through cheapOair, and in the email, it doesn t say what terminal or gate the flight will be at. I m flying out on July 27th. I wanna make sure I get it right. Thank you in advance!
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  • I’m afraid to fly tomorrow!?

    I’m going on a trip with my mom,dad, and older brother. I haven’t been on a plane in 7 years. The ride will only be 1 hour and 44 minutes, but I’m scared of plane crashes. Plus, there is said to be Thunderstorms where I’m heading. I don’t know what to do. Please help me!!
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  • Can i bring pepper spray on a air plane?

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  • Can i bring my cleanser on the plane?

    i have a facial cleanser that isn’t liquid (kinda a scrub/paste) but is 3.5 oz. can i bring it on the plane? here’s the product: http0c96SyzHrvlMzAfkhd29UFsSgaAn2UEALw_w... it’s lush so i don’t wanna risk them throwing it away!
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  • What time should I get to LAX if my flight departs at 6:08am and it boards at 5:35am?

    Best answer: You're advised to get there two hours prior, and LAX security usually opens between 4-5am. That being said, the airport isn't usually overwhelmingly busy that that hour. I myself would rather be too early than too late, so I wouldn't be comfortable arriving any later than 4:30. You might be okay if you are there by about 5. That means IN the airport by then - not parking your car then.
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  • How come multi-city destinations can't be booked as one itinerary, or can it?

    Tried Kayak and it qouldnt allow it to be one itinerary, ones throug Justfly and the other was American Airlines.
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  • Why can't I access my boarding passes approved earlier today?

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  • I have my us passport, but not my ID, will I be able to fly?

    Best answer: Your passport is your ID, the best ID you can possibly have for international travel. You don't need a driver's license unless you intend to drive at your destination.
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  • Got a flight in 2 days, but have a leg cast can I fly?

    If I get on the flight it would have been a week since the cast was fitted. There is a full split down the whole cast. It is not too tight anymore, little wiggle room. It’s a 2 hour flight. I’m on anti coagulant injections. Is it stupid for me to go on this flight?
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  • What happens if I buy a ticket and an emergency disrupts my travel?

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  • United airlines allows active duty 5 bags and dependents but the wording is confusing do me and my wife get 5 free bags or each of us get 5?

    Best answer: If the dependent is traveling on the same reservation as the active duty AND traveling on official orders/i.e. relocation, then everyobe gets 5 bags each.
    A dependant can travel alone as well on official orders and get the 5 bags. Otherwise, dependants are subject to normal fees and allowances
    Under exceptions
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  • Question about connecting flights?

    This is probably a dumb question, but I've never flown before. I live where there isn't a really major airport, so when I look at flights it's from my city to ATL (connecting flight). Then it's a layover to the city I want to travel to, and it says ATL to Destination City. My question is, when I arrive at the city I'm traveling to, does the flight say from ATL to the Destination City, or from My City to the Destination City?
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  • Identification for flying?

    My son is 14 and might be flying to Florida with his running team in a few months. We don’t fly anywhere so we don’t have passports. He would be flying from Massachusetts to Florida so it’s not like he’s leaving the country that he would need a passport. What would we use for him as identification when boarding a plane with his teammates?
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  • Where is ticketing at LAX?

    I am heading home to Vancouver, BC I depart from Raleigh on Delta, I have a 2 hour layover at LAX and depart on Westjet at LAX. I may not get a boarding pass from LA to Vancouver. When I arrive at LAX, what signs should I follow to get to the ticketing area? Do I follow Baggage Claim signs?
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  • I bought an airline ticket for klm but it says operated by delta airlines. What does that mean?

    That i m taking delta plane or klm airlines to wherever m goin
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  • I’m 17 and flying alone?

    Not to be such a wimp but I’m a bit worried. Like I figure I’ll be fine but like for identification?? I have no clue about that. Since I’m a scaredy-cat I don’t have my drivers license either (I trust myself not other drivers) which means no proper form of id :c Any idea on what I should take to prove I’m me?? Like will a birth certificate work or??? I’m honestly low key panicking lmao
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  • Will I get boarding passes at the same time as well?

    I depart from Raleigh, NC to Vancouver, BC tomorrow. I have a 2 hour and 27 min layover at LAX. Before I arrived here I got boarding passes at the same time. I will be departing on Delta and on Westjet from LAX. I have two different confirmation codes. Will I get the boarding passes at the same time this time as well? If I don’t, will I get them at the gate?
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  • On a small jet plane the seating is labeled ABC for left row all the way to the back and DEF for the Right row of seats all the way back?

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  • Scared of flying?

    Tomorrow I’m flying to Moscow, I looked at the weather and it will rain with chances of thunderstorms. I’m flying with Russian airlines which enhances my fear. Do planes still land and take off?
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