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  • Is it ok to stop autopay for tips on cruises and tip the people yourself?

    Best answer: Yes it is okay to do that. Some passengers feel better handing it to the workers.
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  • Why do some people cruise so much? I went on a Carnival cruise recently and there were people with platinum and diamond vip cards from?

    Best answer: I don't know anyone who cruises "day to day", but I know people who cruise a lot. I've been on 17 myself. I've been on Carnival once, and wouldn't do it again.  It was ok, but compared to other lines, it's the Applebees of cruising. 

    I do all of our vacation planning.  When we do a land vacation, I have to book flight, book hotels, drive, find restaurants, find attractions or whatever we're going to do, make alternative plans is the weather sucks, etc, etc.  It can be a lot of work. When we cruise, I have to book flights, a pre-cruise hotel, and decide what we're going to do in the individual ports.  All of this can be done ahead of time, so when we leave home, everything is pretty much done.  I don't have to make decisions, I can just relax.  And when my kids were young, I didn't have to find things to do if it rained.  There is plenty for kids to do no matter what the weather on cruise ship. 

    One of the most difficult aspects of land vacations is budgeting for food. I ALWAYS underestimate.  On a cruise, all the food is included. We may pay for specialty dining, but again, I do that ahead of time.  

    We generally take 2, two weeks vacations a year.  It could be two cruises, two land vacations, or one of each.  We did back-to-back cruises this past Jan, and are going on a land vacation starting this weekend.  Maybe if you tried another cruise line you might like it better. If you like lots of activities and constant entertainment, try RCL.  If you don't need all that, and just want to chill, try Celebrity. 
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  • Im going on a cruise! What unique items should I bring that YOU wish you brought or awesome ideas you wish you thought of before YOUR cruise?

    I m going on a 7 days cruise on the Allure of the Seas very very soon :) Any tips or ideas from seasoned cruisers would be very welcome!
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  • Can you bring sex toys on a cruise?

    I’m going on a Carnival cruise soon and I can’t find anything saying I can’t. I know you can’t bring “restraining devices” (handcuffs, etc). But are vibrators okay? I just don’t want to go through security and get held up or them hold my luggage because of it.
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  • I booked my first cruise and I am confused! Please Help!?

    I recently booked a cruise for December 2020 with my boyfriend. It will be on the Carnival Breeze. I signed up for the EasyPay with carnival so the actual cruise fair will be paid each month but I was wondering when would be a good time to pay the drink package off and the excursions off? Like how many months in advance? Also, is the drink package worth it? I paid for the pre-paid gratuities but do I still need to go all out on tipping or can I just do some here and there if the service is good? I'm really nervous because this is my first cruise that I will be taking without my parents. I turn 21 in July. Also any other advice for young first time cruisers would be helpful since we have no idea what we are doing and just want to make sure we are prepared for it when the time comes. Thanks!
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  • What's the required height for male when working in a cruise ship?

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  • Would you go on a cruse on the ocean waves aboard a ship,where all the other passengers & ship,s crew are of the same nationality as you?

    Best answer: Part of the point of traveling is to be exposed to people from other countries and cultures, be they passengers or staff.  I've had great conversations with a variety of staff members, and learned a lot from them. Similarly, I've met people from New Zealand, Australia, Slavic countries, Belgium, Germany, France, and numerous other countries whom I've become FB friends with.  
    If I wanted to hang out with people like me I wouldn't travel. 
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  • Is it weird to go on a cruise by yourself?

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  • What is it like working on a cruise ship?

    Best answer: As previously stated - depends on what your job is.  The majority of employees sign 2-6 month contracts where you work 6-7 days a week, 12-hours a day in various positions - not uncommon seeing the same person as a waiter also cleaning rooms.

    And there is a reason that those positions are not filled with Westerners.
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  • Where can I find Quarantine on a map?

    I got seasick on a cruise, and someone asked me while I was on deck, “Why aren’t you in Quarantine?” How do I tell the captain to turn back so I can get off at my stop. Because I think I might of missed my stop while I was sleeping from being sick. Please help.
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  • Have you ever taken a European River Cruise? If so what cruise line did you choose and why? Which rivers did you visit?

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  • When going on a cruise?

    Best answer: All depends on the type of cruise..........I do a lot of MED cruises, that run on a continuous circuit.

    That means, every stop......is an offloading, and on loading stop of new passengers.

    The general rule is-------the ship docks early in the morning, gives those passengers until 10 or 12 am to debark.........and then embarks the new passengers from like 2 to 4............and then is ready to set sail by dinner time usually.

    This also gives the other passengers from roughly 9 or 10 am......until 5 or 6 pm.....to take their day excursions and see that port.

    and when they say you need to be back on board by 6 PM. they don't mean 6:05.

    They have extremely SHARP schedules to keep.......and pay high fees to stay in port. THEY NEED to leave ON TIME, for the well running of the port and can't wait for stragglers.

    Those left behind,.-.......getting to the next stop is YOUR problem on YOUR Dime.
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  • Your invited to a destination Birthday cruise. Do you still get a gift.?

    Best answer: Yes, and it had better be an awesome one at that.
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  • Would you be afraid of someone pushing you off a ship?

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  • How much money should I bring on Carnival Cruise?

    Best answer: If you are going to "drink a lot" I would consider a drink package (which also include things like bottled water, soda, etc.) You seem to be planning on $1100 for alcohol while the drink packages are roughly $50/day/person....which for a 7 day cruise net $700 for two people.

    Also, read up on the tipping situation on your cruise. Many cruise lines automatically add a tip at the end to your bill unless you specifically go change it.

    Also, many cruise lines are going away from any cash and you just bill to an account that you settle up at the end. So you will want to make sure you have enough when you get to the end (a credit card is used by most people to at least secure the bill just like hotels)
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  • Can canned soda and bottled water be taken on board when checking in? We are traveling on Holland America Westerdam this weekend.?

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  • I have a fear of heights, how high is the walk up the ramp to board a cruise ship?

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  • What do you like best about cruise ships?

    Best answer: The fact that they float?..........
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