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  • If I got a tattoo of Burt and Ernie from Sesame Street on my arm would that cool or just gay?

    Best answer: That would be dope, their clashing personalities could be a representation of your emotions or personality
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  • What do you think of people who have a single small tattoo (size of your palm or smaller ) in a super visible place such as the wrist?

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  • Can you wear gloves during a road test?

    So I have to do a road test soon to get my license and i wanted to know if im allowed to wear gloves or not. I have a tattoo on my hand that i dont want my dad to know about and since he will be in the back seat i want to wear gloves to hide it. I live in massachusetts btw
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  • Is the anus a good place to get a spider web tattoo?

    Best answer: depends on how puckered the hole is. might be a bit painful but it sounds like it'd be worth it
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  • I think tattoos only spoil and disfigure human skin and body.Your opinion?

    Best answer: I agree 100%. However, two girlfriends had the exact same tattoo, a small red rose. One had it on the point of her left hip, the other in the near-middle of her back, where the bra clasp was. Those were acceptable. However, the 1st would now be 63, & the 2nd 58. I wonder if the tattoos are still as tasteful as they were when I knew them, when they were 24 & 26/7?
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  • Is this price too expensive for a tattoo?

    First time getting a tattoo and I've decided to get the Stark sigil in honor of Game of Throne's final season. I've thought about getting this for years and have finally decided to. I messaged a very popular shop in the downtown area of where I live and got a quote. $300 for a 4 inch tattoo on my forearm, black ink. And I have to give a $100 deposit to make an appointment. Their quality of work is exceptionally good and all heal beautifully. They mainly do that minimalistic, thin line style that's become popular along with some color realism. As stated above, I just wanted black ink but there's a catch. They can't just "copy" the design and tattoo it on me. They have to create something original and inspired by it. Huge concern for me as I simply wanted the Stark sigil and nothing more. But my main concern is that they're overcharging... I looked into some reviews and saw that some people paid (unhappily) $120 for barely an inch tattoo and someone else $750 for a 6 inch tattoo; both not including tips. I don't want to be cheap because that leads to a horribly done tattoo that can even get infected but I also don't want to overpay for something that's relatively small. Thoughts? I can afford it and if they come up with a great design I'll go for it. I just don't want to overpay.
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  • Unfinished tattoos?

    Best answer: You have a terrible artist.
    They are hopping from shop to shop because nobody wants them and their lies in their shop.
    Accept the fact that you won't get this person to finish the tattoos, and find a better artist to finish them.
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  • Any tattoo ideas?

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  • Will I get hepatitis from getting a tattoo?

    Best answer: If you goto a reputable and professional then not a chance.

    Goto a back alley artist and then there a chance you could get anything.
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  • NYS tattoo law question?

    I was looking on this site https://www.health.ny.gov/community/body... to see if there was any way for me to get a tattoo before turning 18. First it says that it is completely illegal, but then it says it is legal if my parents sign a DOH form. Which is it?
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  • Will a sleeve tattoo affect my future?

    Best answer: It's all depends on the company tbh. Some will say no because of tattoos but there's way around them - long sleeves ort attoo makeup make them disappear.

    But it's not as bad as folk on here make.it out to be - I'm a photographer and covered in tattoos. My sister and friend are both police officers with multiple tattoos and my doctor has many tattoos, including hand and neck and he's been a GP for 15 years.

    All you gotta do is work harder when it comes to interviews
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  • Do you have no resistance to getting a tattoo? In Japan, only a minority of delinquents and scores of gangsters get them.?

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  • What jobs can i get with face tattoos?

    Best answer: Don’t listen to these people. Any job you set your mind to. You will have to have a better resume and be very outgoing but it’s possible. I have my eyelid, jawline, complete head and left cheek tattooed and haven’t made less than 100k a year in the last 9 years. These people are quick to answer and criticize with little basis for thier answer. Like I said you have to sell yourself harder and faster than you would without them in an interview but once you find your field and begin making a name for yourself in that field that will actually help people remember you. I work in the renewable energy sector btw
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  • What can I turn this tattoo into?

    Sorry about the shitty quality and angle. The tattoo is at an awkward angle so taking a good picture was hard. Anyway I have an appointment at a tattoo shop coming up and I would like to incorporate this into something new but I don’t know what it should be. Anything that isn’t mountains or an arrow is a welcome idea :) thank you!
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  • Have you ever seen a black person with a tattoo?

    Best answer: how about one with a job
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  • Do tattoos make u a poser?

    Best answer: Having tattoos 'makes' you pretty much everything and anything. Absolutely hate some of the folk, especially on here calling people with tattoos losers etc etc.

    In the end tho - a tattoo is for you, not anybody else. There will always be people looking to out you down but let them. You like it, you get it. I have half leg tattoos - one calf with Leonardo and the other with shredder (teenage mutant ninja turtles) and I couldn't care less what people thought of them.
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  • Why do my nipple piercings not show through my shirt?

    I just recently got my nipples pieced and I have tried on all different types of shirts with out a bra (tight, loose, white, black, yellow everything) but it doesn t show up even a little bit. I was wondering why this happens and if its fixable, since this was the main reason I got them pieced.
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  • I am getting a tattoo today, what should I do to not wimp out?

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  • What are your thoughts on matching couple tattoos?

    Best answer: I like them. The fact is name or couple tattoos have no bad luck association or cause break ups.
    Another fact is relationships change or end at times. Tattoos last forever.
    My take is I have spouse and children name tattoos. The relationship is strong and has been for decades. I see no changes in the future. I wish the same for all couples.
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  • Why don't people do piercing/tattoo parties anymore?

    About a decade ago girls would all pierce/tattoo each other during slumber parties and get togethers. Now none of my friends want to join me for such a get together
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