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  • Why am I aging so badly??!?

    I’m 28 and look and feel like I’m 35. II have a child and have never felt like myself again since having her 5 years ago:( I now have bags/ wrinkles and dark circles under my eyes and wrinkly hands:( My skin is not as shiny as it used to be also my hair is always dry and brittle. Help!!!!
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  • Cartalige piercing at 14?

    I am turning 14 in a few months and was thinking about asking for a helix (cartalige) piercing for my birthday. I only have my earlobes pierced (once) so far and I got that done when I was 10. So just wondering if you think that this is a good age to get it done. I don’t really see the problem with it personally because it’s a very common piercing, won’t affect my chances of getting a good job later in life and I can just take it out if I don’t like it later. Just wanted a second opinion really before I asked my parents about it. Thanks in advance :)
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  • I hate my breast shape, i think its small too and implants cost so much, what can i do to give them beautiful shape?

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  • How do I get lots of facial freckles?

    I have a few freckles on my cheeks and was wondering how I would be able to get more? I'd love to have them all over my face?
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  • Will a sniffer dog smell this?

    I’ve put 2 gram, mdma, in a wee baggy, then that baggy I’ve wrapped in tinfoil, I’ve then covered it with roll on deodorant, then put the tinfoil in the roll on deodorant and placed the lid back on top. I’ve then covered the actual roll on deodorant exterior in more deodorant, and place this all in the middle of a huge tent, and rolled it up, I then sprayed the tent with a blueberry car scent, and placed all of it back into the tent bag.
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  • Apple cider vinegar, does it really remove moles??

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  • Had my helix peirced 2 months ago but now I have a job at a bakery and need to take it out..?

    Best answer: Keep bathing your ear is salt water to make to heal faster and you could wear your hair a little longer or put a band aid over it to stop it showing.
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  • How can i get rid of a tan fast?

    i went to a baseball game with ripped jeans and now i have a tan where the rips were so in conclusion i look like a tiger
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  • Why are women bigoted against unmanly guys?

    I'm sorry I am not mr muscle macho man, with a deep voice, chiseled jawline, and ten foot schl0ng. I hate myself, because I feel I am not manly enough for women... I keep thinking of cutting myself too.... I can't even grow a beard 😭😭😭
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  • How can I clean my ears without q tips?

    I run out of q tips and find my ears disgusting. Does anyone know how to deep clean ears and remove all the ear wax without using q tips?
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  • I got my ears pierced at 10, and i almost fainted and threw up right after. i want to get a double piercing, but will it happen again? im 15?

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  • Nose piercing problem help?

    I pierced my nose myself with a safety pin (no judgement please) I put the stud in which is a straight stud however I think it is too short because even if the jewel part is touching my nose, the end of the stud doesn’t go through the inner part of my nose, help
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  • Can I wash my baby skin with papaya soap to lighten her skin she’s 15 month old ?????

    Is it safe to use papaya soap to use on my 15 month old daughter I need to know thanks. Summer makes her a tan I want to lighten her skin
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  • What bra size am I?

    Under-bust measurement: 28 inches Bust measurement: 32 inches I calculated it and got a d cup as my result which doesn’t make sense because I always wear size 34 B (although the band is always a smidge too loose in that size and the cup the tiniest bit big). My friends say that the type of measurement I used might not work on me sense starting from under my armpits my body curves inwards a lot meaning that the number of inches around my bust would naturally be a lot more than under my bust, if that makes sense. Pls no rude answers and females only thanks!
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  • Why do people have an issue when you wear a crop top and your navel is showing?

    Best answer: Honestly, ugh. It’s so stupid. Like wow a belly button, someone better call the police. 🙄
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  • Is it possible for public hair to be too thick to shave?

    I don’t know why but since I’ve got a boyfriend and been frequesntly shaving it just doesn’t work. I spend time and apple shaving creams etc but the upper part of my public hair is constantly a bit red with visible black dots and I can’t get rid of the black dots (hair) no matter how hard I try. I used to have a clean shave when I wasn’t doing it often but now that it’s weekly it always looks bad and I don’t want to wax either:( i sometimes pluck it and it doesn’t help either and it’s prickly a lot. Anyone experience this and have ideas?
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  • Is dark skin ugly ?

    First, I apologize for my bad english. English is not my first language. people in my country are obsessed with fair skin . When I was A little girl i was bullied for my dark skin at school. (I have Olive skin ) When I was a teenager everyone called me "ugly" because I have darker skin . And boys didn't want to date me. And now I'm in my early twenties and nothing changed. People still think that I'm unattractive because of my skin color . They say "you are really cute but if your skin was lighter then you'll look beautiful " "Don't wear brighter colors they will make you look darker " Etc... My" friend " told me to try Glutathione injections to make my skin whiter Because dark skin doesn't look good she says Men here likes women who have fair skin! I really started to hate myself and I feel ugly .
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  • What is the best tip to look glamorous.?

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  • I got my naval pierced a few says ago. I can't tell if its infected.?

    Its red at the top. Its not swollen or sore, but it is crusting around the jewelry. Is this normal??
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  • Why is there soduim lauryl sulfate in my supplement when its a cleaning product?

    Best answer: It can act as a laxative on some people and it can be quite harsh. I'm really not sure why it would be in there because there are mild laxatives that are safer and work with the body's natural rhythm. maybe it's just filler, although that doesn't 100% make sense either. What is it a supplement for? Many of these so called supplements do nothing and some have things you shouldn't be ingesting in large quantities. If it is a vitamin supplement you are actually better off adjusting your diet so you get what you need from your food -not from a pill.
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