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  • Am I good looking ? And can you rate my looks out of ten?

    I have always wondered if I am good looking or not because I have always got mixed signals from girls so I don’t know what to think, can you also rate my looks out of 10 as well please ? Thanks
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  • Extreme Dry Lips.?

    My lips have been very dry for the past few weeks. I have been trying to use coconut oil on them, but it just evaporates and they're dry again. I've tried castor oil and olive oil. I even tried 3 different brands of lip balm. My lips have changed color and has scabs on them. Can anyone tell me how I can try to fix this?
    6 answers
  • Can body butter be used as face moisturiser?

    Best answer: Read the back, some of them can be but if they can’t they have warnings
    7 answers
  • How do I fix my acne?

    I ve tried dieting, using different products, not touching my face, giving up makeup, and washing my pillow case 2 a week but nothing seems to work it just keeps getting worse and worse. Please help I feel rlly insecure about it.
    20 answers
  • I have badly chapped lips. I wear lip balm all day. I scrub my lips once a week. Still nothing seems to help. Any ideas?

    9 answers
  • How do I treat a nose piercing infection?

    What would work BEST
    6 answers
  • Will my piercing be okay if I used peroxide to clean my stretched ear once?

    5 answers
  • Tongue piercing at 15?

    I have parental consent however no piercing shops near me will allow a minor to get their tongue pierced. I live in Minnesota and I’m not sure what the laws are on it. I am traveling to South Dakota soon and I’m wondering what their laws are too.
    11 answers
  • Can you make cleavage naturally?

    I have a 38DD chest but I have no cleavage. I ve searched how to do this but they re only how to use objects to make them look bigger. I d like to know if there is a way to make it without any items like tape push up bras or make up
    9 answers
  • How to get rid of under eye dark circles?

    4 answers
  • Tragus piercing lump?

    So I had both my Tragus pierced about 2 months ago (maybe a bit longer). Ones healed nicely. The other looks like this. Been having mild pain for weeks but not been able to get a good picture until now.
    4 answers
  • What ethnicity am I from based on this description:?

    I have dark grayish-blue eyes, Auburn, straight hair, Loads of freckles, a well defined chin, straight, medium sized button nose, long but thin eyebrows and white, pale skin. I am relatively tall and have average sized lips. High cheekbones.
    14 answers
  • Will charges on Lori Loughlin be dropped because they are low level, non-violent crimes like those made against Jussie Smollett?

    33 answers
  • Does Antiperspirant expire?

    I have a vintage old spice antipersperant spray can from the 70s, never opened before. is it safe to use or will it damage my skin?
    10 answers
  • When can i wear high waisted jeans with a navel piercing ?

    Best answer: It's fine if you have nice big thick gauze pad taped over the piercing.
    5 answers
  • How to get rid of scabs?

    Best answer: You wait for your skin to heal.
    You got a chemical burn by using the hair removal cream, and now you have to wait for your skin to heal.
    4 answers
  • How to grow hair on legs super fast (read description)?

    Basically I want to convince my mom to let me start shaving. I’m an eleven year old girl and in like November of 2018 I wanted to ask my mom to start shaving but I was too nervous. So instead (I know I really should not have done this) I went behind her back and started shaving anyway with a random clean razor I found in the house. But I need to actually ask my mom so she can help me if I need it or get me new razors. But I can’t tell her I already started shaving a bit. Anyways, I want my legs to look (or be I guess) a lot hairier to convince her. (Because of the shaving my legs aren’t very hairy). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
    7 answers
  • Help with sensitivity with nose piercing?

    Best answer: When changing from a stud to a hoop, you need to remember that cartilage is not like flesh- your cartilage eventually takes the shape of whatever you have inside of it and molds to it. So your nostril INSIDE is now curved to fit the hoop. It would be straight if you kept the stud in. I've had my nose pierced off and on for years, currently have 2 in each nostril, my right has been done for 5 years and I still have this issue.

    So when putting the stud in, you need to be careful and follow the curve.
    5 answers
  • Why does my nose piercing look like this?!?!?

    Best answer: Oh goodness.
    It is badly infected.
    This is what happens when you use dial soap and tea tree oil on a piercing. It gets infected. These things are extremely harsh and irritating, the exact opposite thing a piercing needs.
    Go to your doctor. An at home treatment won't do anything for this.
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