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  • Name these twin sets?

    1 | Girls - Arabella, Layla, Alyse, Cosette, Sienna, Jenna - Georgia, Brooklyn, Raelyn, Naomi, Morgan 2 | Boys - Dimitri, Charles, Jackson, Drake, Hudson, Declan - Evan, Atticus, Micah, Sawyer, Blake, Hayden 3 | Girl/Boy - Daniella, Lorelei, Cora, Lorreign, Bree, Maryn - Jonathan, Philip, Sebastian, Wesley, Rhodes, August 4 | Girls - Sabrie, Madelyn, Jocelyn, Margaret, Delilah, Isla - Saige, Alayna, Katelyn, Aleah, Piper, Audrey 5 | Boys - Eli, Sloane, Griffin, Knox, Milo, Kingston - Everett, Ace, Elias, Levi, Matthias, Lincoln 6 | Boy/Girl - Gideon, Nathaniel, William, Drew, Grant, Keegan - Eden, Emma, Kelsey, Mia, Finley, Elinora
    43 answers
  • Would the name Kaitlyn be okay for a baby boy?

    48 answers
  • What are some name combos from this girls list?

    Johnna, Haven, Cathleen, Ruth, Georgiana, Everly, Felicity, Shelby, Rose, Charley, Kaiya, Scout, Sloane, Rosalie, River, Natasha, Nina, Aurora, Esther, Maeve, Galilee, Viola, Hollyn, Danica, Fiona, Olive, Isabeau, Henrietta
    14 answers
  • Middle name for girl name: Liberty?

    I love the name Liberty for a girl but can't think of a good middle name! Please help!
    22 answers
  • What is your favorite name for a girl?

    62 answers
  • Name these sibling sets?

    Set 1 - Girl: Lucille, Clara, Sophia, Rosalie, Ella, Madelyn Boy: Leo, Miles, Elias, Carson, Michael, Adam Set 2 - Girl: Kylie, Avery, Eden, Grace, Hailey, Kaitlyn Girl: Alayna, Charlotte, Julia, Lena, Melanie, Saige Set 3 - Boy: Holden, Lucas, Dylan, Owen, Kyle, Mason Boy: Jackson, Jordan, Drew, Bryce, Finn, Issac Boy: Kai, Alex, Cooper, Blake, Nicholas, Jasper Set 4 - Boy: Jeffrey, Hunter, Zachariah, Joshua, Daniel, Grant Girl: Ashlynn, Sienna, Valerie, Zoey, Gabrielle, Brooke Girl: Ivy, Layla, Kristen, Savannah, Caroline, Elisa
    20 answers
  • Name this aristocratic family?

    Grandfather: Raphael Francis Harris Orson Bart Grandmother: Isadora Catrine Alfreda Olga Tethys Dad: Hans Clyde Adam Cornelius Royce Mom:Lucille Eleanor Rhiannon Antonia Belle Daughter:Gia Crystal Arwen Charlie *Husband: Everett Asher Harry Dorian *Son: Neville, Caleb , Rupert, Etienne Daughter: Estee Imogen Effie Zoe Valerie Son:Phineas Oliver Logan Beau Mendel *girlfriend: Lilith Bridget Helene Cordelia Adopted son: Ron Forte Inigo Icarus Gale Surname: Hayes Ice Harcourt Miller Cormier
    21 answers
  • When you think of the name Taylor do you see it as a boys or girls name?

    I really like the name Taylor for a girl and I know most people spell it 'tayla' for a girl but I prefer it spelt the unisex way, do you think of it as more of a boys name or girls?
    35 answers
  • How does the name Taralynn Lynnelle sound?

    I'm pairing that name with an H surname with 2 syllables. I like it, my only worry is that it can be too jumbled with the double Lynn. It's aesthetically pleasing to my eyes though haha.
    21 answers
  • Mason or Brad?

    16 answers
  • Name 5 girls using the following names?

    | first and middle names Edith, Ellaney, Eden, Bethany, Bristol, Finley, Eloise, Savannah, Norah, Claire, Albany, Maudelyn, Kennedy, Alicen, Alayna, Nellie, Lydia, Camryn
    36 answers
  • What names do you like that begin with L?

    Girls, boys, or both
    27 answers
  • What do you think of the name Aaron?

    I think it's timeless and a very handsome name. But some people have told me it's outdated. What do you think?
    21 answers
  • Name this family?

    Surname: Nelson, Russell, Saint, Brooks Mom: Phoebe, Penelope, Peyton, Paige, Piper Dad: Philip, Preston, Colton, Corbin, Ian Daughter: Moriah, Teigen, Katy, Regina, Blaire Daughter: Gabrielle, Candace, Maleah, Poppy, Sadie Son: Calum, Neil, Allen, Theo, Sebastian Daughter (triplet): Kaydence, Alexis, Lily, Eliza, Sera Daughter (triplet): Tabitha, Adrienne, Lucy, Meredith, Clara Daughter (triplet): Ellie, Melody, Alyce, Gracen, Helena
    25 answers
  • Is it better to give your son or daughter a common name or a unique name?

    20 answers
  • Which Name for a Girl?

    We are expecting our third child and are having a hard time deciding on a name. Which of the names do you like best? Which name sounds best with siblings Tyler and Emily? Olivia Alexandra "Lexie" or "Allie" Hannah Lauren Natalie Bella
    20 answers
  • What do you think of the name Anastasia Genevieve?

    Best answer: Super pretty! Anastasia is one of my favorite names. It is frilly and princessy and just so feminine. The nicknames Anna, Anya, and Tia are among my faves. Genevieve is also beautiful, but I prefer it as a middle here just with the flow of how the names sound together. Overall it's a beautiful combo.
    18 answers
  • Baby name suggestions. Kennedy or Callie?

    38 answers
  • I used to love this name, but I need to find an alternative. Please help?

    I used to love Emma-Kate, but Emma is way too popular. Also it rhymes with my oldest daughters name. Does anyone have suggestions? We thought about Anna-Kate as well. Any other ideas? Thanks!
    12 answers
  • WDYT of the name Hayden?

    This is for a boy.
    13 answers