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  • Which girl name do you like best?

    Best answer: Laura; this is the best. I love it because it's my name. Also my great grandmother's. I love that it means crown of Laurel. 10/10

    Veronica: stunning name. Very pretty. 9/10

    Davina: it's pretty, just not my style 6/10

    Gemma: I really like it 8/10

    Kristen: beautiful, like every Kristy as a nickname 10/10

    Amaila: Amelia is better 5/10

    Scarlett: one of my favorites. Beautiful 10/10

    Felicity: sophisticated and beautiful 9/10

    Sofia: really boring. Any variation of Sophia is Overdone, too popular 2/10

    Lucy : sweet and adorable 10/10
    79 answers
  • Name 10 kids using these names?

    First & Middle Names *optional ages & nicknames* Girls: Arden, Alex, Aubree, Blakely, Blaire, Brighton, Callie, Caroline, Cecilia, Dylan, Delaney, Daniella, Emerson, Emma, Elle, Greer, Gianna, Gemma, Haylee, Hayden, Harper, Isabelle, Ivy, Ireland, Jenna, Jacquline, Jordyn, Kinslee, Kamryn, Kenzie, Logan, Lucy, Leighton, Maggie, Mia, Madyson, Nina, Nicole, Nancy, Olivia, Ophelia, Olive, Paige, Piper, Polly, Reese, Rylee, Rayna, Sage, Shae, Skye, Teagan, Taylor, Tessa, Willow, Whitney, Wimberly Boys: Austin, Andrew, Aidan, Bryce, Braden, Brandon, Connor, Caleb, Charlie, David, Daniel, Dalton, Eaton, Ellis, Evan, Gage, Gavin, Garrett, Hunter, Henry, Harrison, Ian, Isaac, Ivan, Jackson, Jared, Jeremy, Kaden, Kyle, Kieran, Luke, Landon, Landry, Mac, Matthew, Marcus, Nathan, Nicholas, Nolan, Owen, Oliver, Oscar, Parker, Preston, Paxton, Richard, Ryan, Reed, Samuel, Seth, Shane, Thomas, Travis, Tyler, William, Wade, Wesley
    63 answers
  • Create a large sibling set, using popular names from various countries?

    1) Boy (Russia) Dmitri, Dimitrios, Alexei, Roman, Nicholas 2) Girl (Ukraine) Viktoria, Veronika, Sasha, Angelina, Teodora, Polina, Aleksandra, Vasilisa, Milana 3) Boy (Argentina) Santiago, Leonardo, Matteo, Maximilian, Sebastian, Nicolas 4) Girl (France) Camille, Madeleine, Zoey, Margaux, Gabrielle, Ava, Eleonora 5) Girl (Finland) Elsa, Klaudia, Ida, Stella, Matilda, Emma 6) Boy (Norway) Theodore, William, Elias, Kasper, Tobias, Christian, Erik 7) Girl (Colombia) Camila, Ariana, Luciana, Catalina, Julieta, Salome, Violeta, Clara 8) Girl (UK) Darcy, Phoebe, Annabelle, Georgia, 9)Girl (Brazil) Mariana, Selena, Maria, Sofia, Yasmin, Raquel, Adalina 10) Girl (Italy) Alessia, Aurora, Arianna, Serena, Carlotta, Caterina 11) Boy (Germany) Noah, Lukas, Luis, Raphael/Rafael, Noel 12) Girl (Greek) Anastasia, Theodora, Cassandra, Octavia, Cleo, Demetria, Odessa 13) Boy (Australia) Mason, Thomas, Levi, Hunter, Elijah, Beau 14) Girl (Ireland) Aoife, Saoirse, Roisin, Ciara, Cara, Eve
    43 answers
  • What would you name triplet girls?

    99 answers
  • Madeleine, Madeline or Madelyn?

    71 answers
  • Baby name game - name this family?

    Best answer: Cordelia Jade Willows (39)
    Micah Josiah Willows (38)

    Clover Juliette Willows (15)
    Fleur Imogen Willows (14)
    Atlas Everest Willows (13)
    Lux Elisabeth Willows (11)
    Finn Orion Willows (10)
    Poppy Catherine Willows (8)
    41 answers
  • What would you Name this Family?

    Family Name: Kincaid, Lansing, MacRae, Fairbairn, Grier Father (41): FN: Seamus, Graham, Lachlan, Alistair, Scott MN: Alexander, James, Matthew, Bryan, Douglas Mother (39): FN: Anya, Mila, Nadia, Eva, Natalia MN: Abigail, Leah, Elisabeth, Marie, Luz Daughter (18): FN: Harriet, Alaina, Bonnie, Maisie, Blair MN: Alastrina, Diana, Blair, Marin, Wynne Daughter (13): FN: Lena, Sasha, Aubrey, Claire, Victoria MN: Ava, Valentina, Haven, Josephine, Faye Son (11): FN: Adrian, Roman, Russell, Lennox, Rory MN: George, Logan, Nikolai, Marcus, Lukas
    46 answers
  • Which Girl Name?

    Emily Lauren Quinn Gillian
    48 answers
  • Name this GIANT family?

    grandfather(56)- Harry, Leonard, Al, Bernard, Michael middle name- Scott, Calvin, Arthur, Charles, Earl grandmother(54)- Adelaide, Agnes, Beatrice, Clara, Edith middle name- Esther, Fay, Frances, Geraldine, Helen oldest daughter(29)- Jessica, Amanda, Stephanie, Melissa, Heather middle name- Michelle, Adelaide, Megan, Christina, Danielle husband(31)- Ryan, Andrew, Jason, Kevin, Adam middle name- Thomas, Steven, Anthony, Joseph, Daniel daughter(6)- Clara, Emma, Hannah, Haylee, Kayla middle name- Gabrielle, Elizabeth, Ashley, Katherine, Lauren daughter(3)- Emily, Natalie, Andrea, Chloe, Taylor middle name- Sofia, Avery, Morgan, Brooke, Caroline son(1)- Jacob, Ryan, Thomas, Matthew, Charles middle name- Ethan, Jonathan, Christian, Brandon, James middle son(27)- John, Robert, Dan, Aaron, Justin middle name- Eric, Gavin, Jack, Joshua, Anthony wife(25)- Alyssa, Margot, Chelsea, Jamie, Julie middle name- Kelly, Megan, Nicole, Whitney, Shannon daughter(twin)(2)- Logan, Leighton, Landry, Lacey, Lizzie middle name- Madelyn, Margaret, Mackenzie, Marie, Meredith daughter(twin)(2)- Lexi, Layla, Lakyn, Lauren, Lucy middle name- Maisie, Makenna, May, Marlee, Michelle youngest daughter(19)- Ava, Sophia, Mia, Olivia, Isabelle middle name- Jade, Brooke, Katerina, Serena, Rose
    40 answers
  • This or that?

    Aubrey or Audrey Lauren or Laurel Makenna or Makenzie Hayley or Hadley Emerald or Jade Isabelle or Ivy Brooklyn or Brooke Emma or Emory Jamie or Jess's Raelyn or Reagan Sage or Selene Vivian or Victoria Wren or Willow
    35 answers
  • What are your top 10 favorite of these “S” girl’s names?

    This is for my friend Shannon Karina and her husband Steven Garrett, who are having their 5th child, and 4th girl. They have the middle name Lucille picked out and they know they don’t want really popular names likes Sophia, Sophie, or Savannah. I asked a question on her the other day for “S” girl name suggestions and these are all the ones that people came up with. There other children’s names are: 1. Serena Gwendolyn 2. Saige Elenora 3. Scott Maximilian 4. Skyla Ruth So what are your top 10 from these “S” girl’s names? Shannon and Steven looked at the list and can’t decide so they want some help narrowing it down. BQ: Also what ones would you say they should stay away from? Seraphine Seraphine Sienna Sierra Scarlett Stella Sailor Sapphira Sapphire Story Sylvie Sylvia Silver Stormi Sadie Sonora Sabrina Sasha Shay Shaelyn Shayla Santana Selena/Salina Stella Samara Safiya Saffron Sanna Saoirse Selah Sparrow Summer Sybil Stephanie (Is this still a popular name?) Suzanna Suzanne Symphony Sabina Samantha (Is this still a popular name?) Shania Sylvania Sonja Shelby Sherry Sharon/Sheryn Sharona Sheridan Sarah (Is this still a popular name?) Sandra Sheena
    36 answers
  • Name 12 children with the same first initial?

    - You can choose the genders (at least one boy and one girl) - Add ages, nicknames, last name etc if you'd like - Middle names can begin with different letters
    45 answers
  • Can you think of any boy names?

    My boyfriend and I are having a hard time picking out a boy name. We don't agree with each other.Him and I are having our very first child. A boy. I am 19. He is 20. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to who ever answers. No negative commentss please. Thank you.
    42 answers
  • Which boy name do you like best?

    Best answer: David.
    32 answers
  • Name Game - What would you call this Family?

    Best answer: •Cross•
    Father: Russell Thomas Cross "Russ."
    Mother: Natalia Francis Cross "Nat."

    •Daughter: Lilias Claire Cross "Lily."
    •Son: Maxim Isaac Cross "Max."
    •Twin Daughters: Lottie Kate Cross & Lydia Elle Cross "Lou & Leigh."
    46 answers
  • Ava Faye or Ava Dylan?

    Best answer: The trend of naming girls 'Dylan' will soon be over. It's not very pretty at all, really, and I wouldn't advise following trends when naming your children.

    Faye is pretty.
    10 answers
  • Jennifer, Jenna, Jasmine or? Xx?

    33 answers
  • Baby name game - what would you name 6 kids with these names?

    Best answer: Nathaniel Malachi Jensen (11)

    Chloe Lauren Jensen (9)

    Gabrielle Lily Jensen (8)

    Zachary Jude Jensen (6)

    Charlie Ryan Jensen (3)

    Willow Alexis Jensen (1)

    “Nate, Chloe, Gabby, Zach, Charlie + Willow.”
    33 answers
  • Zöey or Kyla?

    25 answers
  • Name my future family?

    Okay, imagine I were to have 4 children - all 4 girls! Please can you mix-and match these names, and include any others that you think I'd like, include pictures if you want! (this is just for fun - i'm not pregnant or anything!) Ava, Rose, Jade, Iliana, Anna, Julia, Mila, Sierra Mia, Isabelle, Katerina, Daniella, Gabriella, Natalia, Lourdes, Claudia Sophia, Brooke, Victoria, Camila, Carolina, Nina, Cecilia, Marissa Olivia, Serena, Nicole, Arianna, Alexis, Raquelle, Lauryn, Madelyn
    27 answers