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  • What is the most unfortunate name for a person you've ever heard?

    My mom went to school with a kid named Nester Wozney, and in my opinion, it doesn't get any worse than that.
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  • What middle name goes good with the first name "Nevaeh"?

    92 answers
  • A girl name that sounds nice with Tessa?

    We are in the process of adopting 2 little girls from China. One will be named Tessa Kate, but we can't find another girl name we like that sounds good with the rest of the kids in our family. The others are: Owen Timothy Clara Lucille Emmett James Hannah Louise Delilah Grace Olive Matilda Benjamin Peter Charlotte Elaine Asher William Ruby Madeleine Hazel Marie Jude Alexander Magnolia Jane Luca Matthew Iris Amelia We like Violet but it sounds too similar to Charlotte. We also like Rhiannon with the nickname Annie but that sounds too similar to Hannah. We like vintage-y names that are not too outdated!
    51 answers
  • WDYT of the name Everly? What about the nickname Evie?

    34 answers
  • Would you name your child Amari Zariah or Evelyn Grace?

    50 answers
  • What type of girl comes to mind when you hear these names?

    Best answer: Maya-
    Dark hair, hazel eyes, fair skin. She's short and average weight. Outgoing and fun to be around but sometimes gets in trouble for being rebellious. She's nice but doesn't always make the best decisions. She doesn't think before she acts and loves to take risks. She isn't afraid of a lot of things and is always on board to do new, adventurous activities.

    Dirty blonde/brown hair, fair skin, green or hazel eyes. Tall and skinny. She's somewhat snobby and can be mean sometimes. From a very wealthy family and is often spoiled by her father. She always comes to school wearing new, expensive clothing and has a very expensive car as well. She grew up too fast and never really experienced what it was like to be an average kid.

    Straight blonde hair, pale skin, blue eyes. Average height and slim. Very intelligent and bright, she spends a lot of time on school work and therefore doesn't have a lot of time for other activities. She has big plans to be a successful lawyer when she's older and doesn't let anyone get in the way of her dreams. She is pretty but refuses to date because it'll get in the way of her studies.

    Very wavy, golden blonde hair, tanned skin, bluish green eyes. Shorter in height and toned body. Likes to go to the beach and surf a lot and is constantly in the sun during the summer(that's why her skin is tan). She's somewhat outgoing and extremely sweet and down to earth. She's been dating the same guy for a long time and they have a very serious/loving relationship. Smart but prefers doing more creative things like art rather than school work.

    Curly, light red hair, very pale skin, and brown eyes. Tall and average weight. She has a very spunky personality and likes to be different. She spends her free time reading books and writing in her journal. She has one really close friend at school but isn't really well known by others. She might come across as awkward at times but it adds to her charm. Although she is very nice, she is usually overlooked by guys she likes since she isn't popular.

    Frizzy, medium brown hair, fair skin, and dark hazel eyes. Short and a little chubby. Kind of annoying and loud. She's very bossy and nobody really likes her that much. She's the team captain of the softball team and loves the feeling of being in charge. Rather obnoxious and can't stand to not be the center of attention. Likes to pretend to be drunk at parties and act crazy.

    Long, dark brown hair, green eyes, olive skin. Average height and skinny. She's very popular at school and dates a lot of boys. Cares a lot about her appearance and the clothes she wears. She's not really mean but she isn't open to making new friends and meeting new people either. She is afraid of how other people view her. Never leaves the house without makeup or her hair done.
    16 answers
  • What do you think of the name Maddie?

    81 answers
  • What would you name 10 kids using these names?

    Best answer: • Liam Jack
    • Hudson George
    • Beckett William
    • Declan Oliver
    • Asher James

    ○ Emily Taylor
    ○ Caroline Mollie
    ○ Mackenzie Hannah
    ○ Charlotte Michelle
    ○ Riley Abigail
    56 answers
  • What would you name two boys using these names?

    Bryson Roman London August Bryce Justice Carmine
    28 answers
  • Expecting a little baby boy soon! :) Can't decide on names yet so I'd like a little help!?

    I'm 25 weeks pregnant with baby #1. Boy names have always been easier for me than girls but for some reason I just can't find the PERFECT one for my little man. Please, any suggestions would be appreciated (first name and middle names that go good with it!)
    32 answers
  • Is the name Julia still too popular?

    I love the name Julia but I don't want my child to have to share her name with several other classmates. It's not nearly as common as it was 10 years ago, but i'm still afraid it's too popular. What do you think? Do you know a lot of young girls (5 or younger) with the name Julia? It's currently ranked #160 but it was ranked #89 last year. Thanks.
    34 answers
  • Which JR boys' name combo do you like best? Jensen Ross? Jake Reid? Jared Ryan? or Jagger Riley?

    28 answers
  • Wdyt of these names?

    Best answer: Elijah Cole - wonderful!
    Elijah Nicholas - good enough
    Elijah Xavier - nice but they don't match in style
    Elijah Henry - slight flow issues
    Elijah Jackson - does not flow
    Elijah Jeremy - does not flow AT ALL!
    9 answers
  • What would you name this family?

    Surname: Otman, Titus, Havelock, Burke, Marek, Sheffield Grandma: Mariah, Pauline, Gwyneth, Adelyn, Zoey Grandpa: Dustin, Devin, Eli, Matthias, Abel Grandma: Carie, Sophia, Olivia, Sienna, Malia Grandpa: Brody, Simon, Jasper, Cliff, Holden Mom: Kaelyn, Winnie, Rosalie, Amber, Ginger Dad: Kipp, Dante, Edward, Micah, Jacob Daughter: Leah, Evelyn, Ella, Poppy, Ebonie Husband: Braxton, Aaron, Glenn, Jackson, Scott * Daughter: Bridget, Natalie, Piper, Alara, Indie * Daughter: Annabelle, Ellie, Adley, Cerys, Adora * Daughter: Leighton, Stella, Harper, Nelle, Rita * Daughter: Adelayna, Perry, Abigail, Nina * Son: Gaven, Colton, Charles, Thaddeus, William * Daughter: Kinley, Emelyn, Adyson, Lacie Daughter: Edith, Ellery, Seraphina, Marie, Tatiana Husband: Reuben, Jace, Blaine, Nolen, Mason * Son: Graham, Atticus, Caleb, Garren, Becker * Daughter: Hilary, Clara, Kathlyn, April, Sydney * Son: Gentry, Luke, Calem, Zander, Ian * Daughter: Elizabelle, Everly, Marlayna, Lilys, Kaela Son: Jared, Dean, Jethro, Sebastian, Tatum Wife: Matilda, Roxanne, Arielle, Marisa, Michaela * Daughter: Ainsley, Ryanne, Kate, Willow, Melrose * Daughter: Annie, Elinor, Emma, Jade, Cleo * Daughter: Daphne, Alice, Hannah, Eliette, Caralyn
    37 answers
  • Which name is the best?

    Phoebe Brooke Willow Brooke Olivia Rose Violet Elizabeth Cara Jocelyb Miranda Claire
    33 answers
  • I love Heather Leigh and Bethany Reigh for twins. Do you think they go nicely?

    15 answers
  • Opinions on this girl sibset?

    • Mallory Grace • Riley Sue • Blake Caroline • Kenley Jade
    20 answers
  • Name Game!! Name b/b twins, g/g twins, and b/g twins using only these names!?

    Best answer: Mark Philip & Joshua Clark.
    Ivy Regina & Paige Miranda.
    Kate Mallory & Steven Chase.
    40 answers
  • What would you name 5 sons?

    What would you name 5 sons, all born two years apart? DO NOT USE: Hubert, Jeremy, Beckett, Devon, Jack, Ryan, Clinton, Fred.
    103 answers
  • Which name: Monica or Katrina?

    Both have negative associations (Lewinsky and the hurricane), but I still like them both a lot. Which one do you like better and why? Even if you hate both please choose one.
    30 answers