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  • Which spelling do you prefer? Molly or Mollie?

    When I asked a question about the name Molly, SKYE suggested the spelling Mollie and I do think it’s a cute spelling, but not so sure if I like it better than Molly, so wanted to get some others opinions on it.
    29 answers
  • Anita vs Audrey for a baby girl, which do you prefer?

    25 answers
  • Which boy name: Mason, Tyson, Ryland, Jace or Ayden?

    Pregnant with our third baby. We already have a baby girl's name picked out if the baby happens to be a girl: Tayla Summer  Twin siblings are Dayton Kyle and Jaelyn Sky  My boyfriend's last name rhymes with "Breed"  Mason Tyler  Tyson James  Ryland Carter  Jace Thomas  Ayden Christopher 
    39 answers
  • Which name: Brandon, Brendan, or Brennan?

    7 answers
  • Lily or Cecilia?

    For our baby girl we are in between these two names. We are also considering Elizabeth with the nn Lily. Middle name will be Alexis. Cecilia Alexis Lily Alexis Elizabeth Alexis Which is better??? Please help!
    20 answers
  • Name 3 boys and 3 girls using these names.?

    reign, Ashton, Rylan, Brooklyn, Matteo, justice, Carmine, London, Kaiyan, Reese, Bentley, Keilani, Aspen, Raine, Peyton, Emery, silas, nova
    20 answers
  • Which spelling: Aiden or Aidan?

    32 answers
  • Name this Family?

    Surname: Satin, Dash, Birdall, Longer, Anderson, Weis Mom: Jessica, Elaine, Bridget, Nadia, Penelope, Mira Dad: Zachary, David, Andrew, Kennedy, Isaac, Jacob Son 1: Noah, Lucas, James, Finn, Sean, William Son 2: Benjamin, Campbell, Cory, Owen, Quinn, Ryan Daughter 1: Grace, Sara, Emily, Rebecca, Olivia, Leah Son 3 (twin): Alexander, Samuel, Jason, Michael, Marc, Caleb, Son 4 (twin): Joshua, Collin, Maxwell, Ross, Judah, Daniel Daughter 2: Naomi, Caroline, Rachel, Hannah, Violet, Audrey Daughter 3: Adah, Ruby, Harper, Katherine, Victoria, Sophia Daughter 4: Avery, Stella, Madeline, Rose, Riley, Delilah Son 5: Ezra, Justin, Gabriel, Nicholas, Adam, Ethan
    33 answers
  • What would you name this family?

    Surname: Kensing, Rainier, Doram, Nash Mom | fn: Meredith mn: Alice, Anne, Amber, Ruby Dad | fn: Benjamin mn: Ryan, Adam, Blake, Scott Daughter | fn: Josephine mn: Ava, Blaire, Brooke, Chloe Daughter | fn: Penelope mn: Claire, Cora, Dawn, Ella Son | fn: Nathaniel mn: Aden, Blaine, Reid, Cole Daughter | fn: Madeleine mn: Emma, Esme, Grace, Haven Daughter | fn: Elizabeth mn: Helen, Isla, Rose, Zoey Son | fn: Chandler mn: Lyle, Eli, Tate, Ethan Daughter | fn: Genevieve mn: Kate, Leigh, Lily, Luna Daughter | fn: Caroline mn: Mabel, Maeve, Mia, Paige Son | fn: Jameson mn: Gaven, Grant, Ian, Luke Son | fn: Harrison mn: Knox, Kent, Levi, Liam
    18 answers
  • Which of the following boys *A* names is your fave? Archer? Anders? Allen? Adam? or Aaron?

    18 answers
  • Middle name for Ren?

    Pregnant with a little boy and with husband we both love the name Ren (means lotus or water lily) but couldn't find a middle name yet which is flows well with it... Any good ideas?
    17 answers
  • Do you like this baby boy name?

    David Maxwell what do you think last name is Smith
    16 answers
  • Which name is prettier ? Olivia or Mischa?

    21 answers
  • Do you like the name Madison for a girl?

    Best answer: I was named Madison before it was common, and I absolutely hate it. I go by my middle name, and am considering legally dropping it.
    91 answers
  • Middle name for Aubrey?

    Need a middle name for a little girl named Aubrey. Last name is Gates! Asking for a friend. Thanks!
    24 answers
  • Biblical baby name?

    We are currently expecting our first child (due in sept.) and have been looking at names. My husband and I both agree we want a biblical name, regardless of gender. For a boy we like Isaiah, Elijah, and Joshua, but are still looking for more suggestions. For a girl we like Ada and Mary. Once again, any biblical suggestions are appreciated. Thanks in advance.
    16 answers
  • Sister for Elijah?

    My husband and I are having the hardest time trying to name our new baby girl. She's due soon, so we really need to decide. We thought about Hazel, Lana, Jolie/Julie, and Nora. Classier names are appreciated. Ultimately, we want our name and last name (Michaels), along with her brother, but just can't decide.
    20 answers
  • What do you think of the name Brielle?

    23 answers
  • What are some middle names for Natalie?

    22 answers
  • Jeremy or Jeremiah?

    13 answers