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  • Does a mirror that is claimed to be haunted worth $98,000.00?

    On ebay right now, the "paranormal haunted mirror" is listing on eBay for that much. It's from the mid 60s with some wears on it and it has four candle light sticks on the left and right side. They claim it has spirits from unseen world. Does it worth $98,000.00?
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  • Medium vs. psychic Thoughts?

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  • If you know everything about how to operate a plane/helicopter, but you’ve never flown one. Could you just get into one and fly it?

    22 answers 4 days ago Parapsychology
  • Do you think there will be a soul after death?

    Best answer: not one that recognizes the self that you see now, no. Your individuality, your uniqueness, is linked to your physical form. When the physical form is lost, all that will remain is the life essence, which is the same for all living things. You can call it soul, but it is not "you".
    13 answers 3 days ago Paranormal Phenomena
  • Have you ever seen a ghost or witnessed any paranormal activity?

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  • Does anyone know how to develop Precognition? Or is that something that just happens to some people?

    I’m curious because I would love to have this power to. I have a weak telekinesis and telepathy, sometimes I would love to see the future but I don’t know how to develop it. I honestly don’t know how I got telepathy but telekinesis just happened to me recently so I meditate a lot now which makes it a bit stronger mine is weak at the moment. I know that I have telepathy because I have been making the thought of moving back into his place by that I mean my brother we are not close really and he’s lived here for a few years he just happens to bring up moving back when I did this. We are not that close we don’t fight like we used to either I just sometimes would like a break. I’ve done so much with my telekinesis I practice it with my crystals I’ve moved them a few times and I drowned a ball in my pool I can go on and on.
    5 answers 15 hours ago Parapsychology
  • Telepathy test: which word did I write?

    Best answer: You can't fool my astute telepathic powers. You wrote down "Greenland" and circled it.
    9 answers 3 days ago Parapsychology
  • How long would you survive without being kissed?

    Best answer: i have survived my whole 27 years
    16 answers 1 week ago Paranormal Phenomena
  • Do you like this alien story?

    Long story short I saw a bunch of strange stuff. One day I way standing on my friends property and I saw a black pyramid form in the sky about 40 feet above ground and before that there was nothing in the sky that I was looking at and then a black pyramid forms out of nowhere making no noise and after a few seconds of looking at it it disappears. After I saw the strange black pyramid I saw a bird following me and then the bird fly around and around in a 100 percent perfect circle. Also one day I was standing in my back yard and I was looking at the sky and all of a sudden a huge black ship at least a mile long forms in the sky about 60 feet above the ground making no noise and it had a perfectly square front and if mother nature can do that then you tell me and the huge ship disappears. I thought I had schizophrenia and I was allways told by teachers I was normal but I had to find out, I was 19 years old, I am 20 now but when I was 19 I got evaluated for disability's by experts and after the mental evaluations and MRI scan they told me, "your normal without disability's". I never took a lie detector test to prove I wasn't lieing but I plan on doing it but I am scared to because if the government figures out I came in contact with something like what I saw then I could be in deep trouble but the government could have a mile long ship that can turn invisible or space crafts that can turn invisible making no noose.
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  • Does earth need a new black plague to control the ever growing population my alien overlords are deciding on a course of action to save us?

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  • Is it possible for a human to be a vampire by being turned. I am curious even if the answer maybe no.?

    Best answer: Most religions tell you that you go to hell if you take your own life. We have all done things that we are not happy about. What you should do is balance your life out if you are feeling guilty and do good things. There never were vampires as far as I know. You need to see a doctor as you seem to be depressed.
    6 answers 4 days ago Paranormal Phenomena
  • Are binaural beats the answer?

    Are they?
    9 answers 6 days ago Paranormal Phenomena
  • Any ideas what this could have been?

    A few months ago in a public restroom, my sis decided to snap a pic of herself in the mirror. She swears not a single person was in there at the time, but she took a look at the pic and saw 2 legs that appeared to be walking on each side of her, dressed all in black from head to toe. 1, my sister is very skinny, and no body appeared to be behind her, just 2 legs and a head (also black.) 2, whatever this thing/person was, it very much looked like a male. Mind you, in the GIRL'S bathroom. Its been a few months but to this day none of us know what the hell happened and I find it very creepy. If you don't believe in paranormal acitvity, please don't waste your time on this question, and this is not a troll either since I have much better to do than make stuff like this up.
    5 answers 5 days ago Paranormal Phenomena
  • Can someone feel the people who can't see?

    For example, people and things from different countries and different places can be felt.
    4 answers 5 days ago Paranormal Phenomena
  • Can a psychic predict a lottery result?

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  • Who would win? Humans with superpowers or paranormal things like demons?

    Assuming humans can have any ability, would they be able to defeat ghosts or demons that are from another dimension?
    6 answers 1 week ago Paranormal Phenomena
  • How to see a ghost Read description?

    Me and my friend are sleeping at our mums friends house soon where a physco doctor died - long story. She hears footsteps at night like pure footsteps and their cleaner says the chairs just randomly move so she has to tuck them back in. How do we contact this ghost? Will there be any problems because it’s us and not the house owner?
    7 answers 1 week ago Paranormal Phenomena
  • Only one in family that is seeing demonic/paranormal, everyone else doesn't believe?

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  • Paranormal Activity: could this have been my fathers spirit?

    Last month I was eating behind the computer and suddenly felt a cold breeze on my forehead like someone was blowing into my face, I looked up and the chilly air stopped, then I started eating and looking at the computer screen I felt again another cold breeze on my forehead but the strange thing is all doors and windows were closed so it couldnt have been air from outside. What makes me the most suspicious is that my dad often loved to tease me with blowing into my face sometimes, he loved it cause he knew it annoyed me. Also that same night when I laid in bed to fall asleep the radio went off suddenly by itself with loud music, I freaked out, almost got a heart attack and quickly pulled the cord out. It wasnt the alarm cause I didnt set him on but it was music from the radio itself, I find it very strange and creepy cause this has never happened before. Could this have been my fathers spirit teasing me? He died shortly before this all happened, things like this has never happened before.
    4 answers 7 days ago Paranormal Phenomena
  • Does anyone else see this girl in their heads?

    There is this girl thats talking with many people in her head and im one of them. I asked about it to my best friend and she approved. She hears her too. I think this is a very strong ability and its important. Im sure this is happening and Im not a crazy or a drug addict. Does anyone else here see this or knows what Im talking about? What are your thoughts about her?
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