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  • Can John Wayne and Kirk Douglas take down a gold-filled fortress on wheels?

    16 answers 4 days ago History
  • Are you looking forward to the Great Awakening of Man?

    Favorite answer: These are good predictions based on facts that exist today and could lead to such modern developments. Avoiding wars would be a major step forward also.
    19 answers 5 days ago Politics
  • What would you do with illegal immigrants if you were president?

    Favorite answer: I'm a police officer, I always reject ICE detainer requests because I have sympathy over these people, they cry and beg not to go back (Violence, gangs, corruption, rapists, in their former land). The US has crappy immigration laws that to come here legally equals you have to wait years, or even decades, to get the signal. These people don't have the time to wait, so I blame Congress for the crappy laws in place that need fixing. I would only honor the request if the undocumented alien is deemed dangerous for the country. However, if you pass the drug test and are deemed safe for the country, I would release you and reject the ICE detainer request.
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  • Am I a late bloomer?

    I'm in my early twenties, never dated, and a kissless virgin. Honestly I can't imagine myself in a relationship. I don't know why but the thought of being in one just scares me shitless. Imagining myself as a housewife scares me even more. I can't imagine a life that mundane, a life so completely devoid of personal freedom.  To answer your question of why I have never dated, it's because I was controlled by a controlling mother all throughout those years. Now she has finally let me go and I just want to fly away to some island, live in a mud hut, eat coconuts, and never ever return. 
    24 answers 19 hours ago Psychology
  • Do men accused of rape even deserve a trial?

    Why not just kill them on the spot?
    179 answers 3 days ago Politics
  • Do you think Donald Trump will be elected to a second term??

    153 answers 3 days ago Politics
  • Do the Democrats want to take away guns from gun owners?

    Favorite answer: Absolutely, and based on the continued STEEP reduction in the number of mass shootings and gun-related deaths in recent years, I think they're almost there!  Of course, they can't take all the credit, it was the strong bi-partisan support of Republicans particularly after the deaths of children at Newtown where they decided as parents & grandparents to tell the NRA enough was enough.  
    But, ultimately, it would have never been possible for Democrats to do w/o the leadership of President Hillary Rodham Clinton. Without her Executive Order voiding Posse Comitatus & ordering the military's domestic involvement in the collection and simultaneous arrest of those in non-compliance and/or deemed by Democrats to be "militia members", it would NOT have been achievable from either a legal or logistical standpoint to remove approximately 100 million individual guns/firearms previously considered to be the private property of tax-paying citizens protected by a Constitution for which hundreds of thousands have died.  And, who could forget the peripheral economic benefit from taking away the guns such as the creation of thousands of high paying smelter jobs for illegal immigrants and convicted felons along with the thousands and thousands of tons of recycled steel which was; donated to 3rd world countries in Africa, used to construct safe foot bridges for easy access across the Rio Grande into Texas from Mexico, and to construct a monument in Washington D.C. in recognition of the Great Gun Take Away of Democrats.While there may be a handful of Democrats who want to "take away guns" and few more who don't think you need something that fires 100 rounds a second, it makes ZERO difference b/c it is impossible---absolutely impossible to do.  Both legally and logistically.  Think about the ridiculousness of my example and imagine the process of attempting the collecting of 100 million or whatever the actual number of individual firearms there are in the U.S.   Also, Second & possibly 4th amendment aside, Republicans, nor conservative/rural Democrats are NEVER EVER going to pass any policy restricting guns....period.  If children getting killed at Newtown didn't do it, nothing will.  Other than possibly even more and/or a greater frequency of mass shootings, nothing will ever change with guns.         
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  • Why do a lot of college graduates think like AOC?

    64 answers 2 days ago Politics
  • Why we are still alive in this world full of lies?

    37 answers 1 day ago Politics
  • Should House Democrats be tried for abuse of power and obstruction Congress?

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  • Does slavery still exist in US Prisons as forced labor ?

    Favorite answer: Some say that doesn't count.
    24 answers 1 day ago History
  • Rush Limbaugh: “I’m telling you, this is all imploding on the Democrats and they know it.” True or false?

    13 answers 2 hours ago Politics
  • Remember when a President actually had to do something wrong to be impeached?

    32 answers 20 hours ago Politics
  • Why did Hitler kill/hate Jews?

    Favorite answer: Europeans have a long history of hating Jews, who most saw as being an entirely separate race of people.  Jews owned the banks and were the money lenders, so when you didn't pay, it was a Jew who'd take your property.  You're not going to blame yourself when you fail to pay, so of course you'd blame Jews.  And, of course, Christians taught that Jews killed Christ.
    Initially, Hitler had no intent of killing the Jews.  He just wanted them gone.  The Nazi party had planned on sending them away to where they could never influence Europe again, but those plans fell through due to the expenses of war.  And so, quite sadly, they decided to murder them instead.
    17 answers 13 hours ago Politics
  • Can you cook pork chops in the toaster?

    42 answers 2 days ago Cooking & Recipes
  • Why do conservatives think Mexico is a dangerous country?

    29 answers 21 hours ago Politics
  • Why would conservatives rather side with traitors like Donald J. Trump than work with the majority of Americans they disagree with?

    Sounds un-American!!
    11 answers 2 hours ago Politics
  • Where did middle eastern people come from during evolution?

    I know for a fact they had to be on this earth before Europeans. The Middle East is basically Africa so humans didn’t start far off from places like Iraq, Syria, Palestine, etc. Middle easterners are not pale but olive skinned or brown (especially if they live in a hot place like their homeland) and they have dark hair and eyes and thick eyebrows/facial hair. I’m not referring to only Arabs, I’m referring to ALL middle easterners including Mesopotamians (such as modern day Assyrians) who are native to northern Iraq AKA ancient Mesopotamia. When people with Mesopotamian ancestry take DNA tests such as 23andMe, they get no Arab results but I do know someone who is half Lebanese and half Assyrian and their DNA results showed 50% Arab from the Levant, and 50% Northwest Asian. But when he clicks on the details of the Northwest Asian part, it leads him more specifically to his “Iranian, Caucasian, and Mesopotamian ancestry” as if they mash all these areas into one, then it specifically links him to northern Iraq, in the “Nineveh Governorate” and also a very small percentage of Iranian and south-Turkish (which are also part of ancient Mesopotamia in old times). Where did all these people come from? Arabs and Mesopotamians of the Middle East. They’re different from each other, I believe Mesopotamians are older than Arabs because farming first began in Mesopotamia which started the very first civilizations. But they’re not European or Black so what is their history in evolution?
    30 answers 3 days ago Anthropology