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  • When was the last time Prince Philip saw daylight.?

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  • How many men has Meghan Markle has sexual relations with ?

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  • I m 55 and I can t pay for doctor bills and I have sent paper work to SSI or is it SSA? But any how can I get health insurance?

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  • How do I legally evict a family member who is staying in my second home for free and with no lease agreement?

    Hi everyone, I am having an issue that I am hoping you all can help me with. I have a vacation rental in Tahoe/Truckee that is currently occupied by a family acquaintance who has overstayed their welcome. He offered to fix the place up for me, and in exchange I allowed him to stay there rent free. He has decided to not uphold his end of the bargain anymore so I would like him to leave. After an argument with him about the matter, he decided that he doesn t want to leave at all. He has since then allowed his wife (my half-sister) to move in as well. He is currently living there rent free, and not paying any of the bills. The electricity, gas, and water remains on because I am paying for them. I am tempted to shut everything off, but I don t want to put myself in a precarious legal position. What options may I undertake to get him out of the house as soon as possible? There is no binding contract or lease agreement with him and I am uncertain if that area has any type rental ordinances I need to be aware of. Thank you in advance for your much needed help.
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  • Will Roger Stone be indicted by Mueller?

    Best answer: Stone is working really hard making himself look guilty. The Trumpettes are blissfully unaware of how the judicial system works. They want to blame Mueller when he is just following the rule of law.

    Former FBI Director Mueller is the Special Investigator. Mueller only does the investigating and then he sends the evidence to the Grand Jury to do the indicting. Then it is up to the accused to prove that he is innocent in a courtroom in front of a jury of his peers. If there is no evidence the Grand Jury will not indict him.

    Roger Stone just announced that he will never turn on Trump. Then, Donald Trump praises Stone on Twitter for not being a rat. You just cannot make this stuff up. Stone admitted his guilt and Trump promised him a pardon for protecting him.
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  • How do I ignore my boss when he bashes Trump?

    I am a paid intern at a tech company, so I only have a couple months left at this job. But my manager always bashes Trump with HIS employees. He constantly calls him racist and a fraud - I come there to work, not listen to him and my coworkers disrespect our president. I told HR and they said they'd talk to him about expressing his political views in the workplace. But that was 2 weeks ago and he is still bashing Trump, so I'm under the impression that HR lied to me. What should I do?
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  • Are you liberal, conservative, or another ideology ?

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  • Why does Michelle Obama think anyone is interested in what she has to say?

    Best answer: possibly a side-effect of the HRT . . . . but am sure there was enough ego and lack of self-control before them.......remember how he/she couldn't keep her hands to herself and grabbed Queen Elizabeth ????
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  • Argument: Should 18, 19, and 20 year olds be given the right to drink?

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  • What do you think was Barack Obama's greatest achievement as president?

    Best answer: Winning a Nobel peace prize while being at war for every day of his administration. That's amazing!
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  • Is it OK for a daughter to talk to her dad about puberty?

    Would a 16 year old daughter talking to her dad about puberty be ok or would it be wrong? This 16 year olds mom isn't around Some of the questions are somewhat sexual Like '' is it normal to feel sexual frustration? " " should I use protection if I'm with a girl? " " is it bad I space out thinking of girls ? " Would it be wrong for a daughter to ask those types of questions? Or is it wrong? I'm wondering cause idk if I should talk to my dad about things or not. I would talk about it to my step mom but she's homophobic and would just make me feel bad about myself.
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  • Where do you see America in 20 years?

    What are the communities going to look like? Standing in the world. Income level, demographics, infrastructure, things of this nature. 2038 would be the year.
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  • 🥓 Poll: Have you ever cooked bacon in an oven?

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  • Was the main reason Hillary didn't become President her poor campaign or what else?

    Best answer: I think there's a lot of potential reasons. A lot of ones that people cite aren't really relevant, like her "not connecting with voter". She won the popular vote so that's not really an issue.

    You need to look at factors which lead to her narrow loss in the three rust belt states which gave Trump victory. Without Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania then Trump wouldn't win. Or without Florida (which he also narrowly won) and any two of those other states he would have lost.

    So one factor may, paradoxically, be Clinton's strength, or at least, Trump's weakness. There seem to be a number of people on the left who hated Trump but were not enthusiastic about Clinton, who many viewed as too centrist, despite running on the most liberal platform in decades. Some of these people felt that it was okay to not vote for Clinton because they assumed there was no way Trump could win. This assumption cost Clinton votes and could have made a crucial difference in the swing states which she narrowly lost.

    Voter suppression may have played a role too. There's evidence that in Wisconsin at least large numbers of African American voters were not able to cast ballots in 2016 because of voter ID and other voter suppression laws. In a state which she lost by only about 20,000 votes, that may have made a difference. It may have also made a difference in Florida, where felon disfranchisement laws kept about 1 in 10 Floridians from voting, with a heavier impact on black and Hispanic voters. Trump won Florida by just over 1% which could have been helped by felon disfranchisement.

    Of course, the Clinton campaign was also assailed throughout the general election by a multi million dollar Russian influence campaign. This included efforts to divide Democrats between Clinton and Sanders supporters. These efforts were largely unsuccessful as over 90% of Sanders voters in the primary voted for Clinton in the general. But given the extremely slim margins that Trump won by any defection may have hurt Clinton. The Russians also worked to try and muddy the news cycles in Trump's favor. For instance they released one of their big batches of emails just thrity minutes after the Washington Post broke a story about Donald Trump bragging on tape about committing sexual assault.

    But in some ways all of this may be beside the point. That's because Clinton seemed to survive it all. In the final weeks of the campaign she was sitting on a 5-6 point lead in national polling. I know that conservatives like to reject polling data but that's a huge mistake. That's because the polls in 2016 were pretty accurate on a national level. The final batch of them were very close to what the actual vote was in terms of the popular vote. What they got wrong, in part because they're not designed to assess it, is the electoral college split.

    So, despite the Russians, and despite her gaffes, and despite all the other stuff, Clinton was coasting a solid win. Given how manifestly unfit Trump was to hold any office, and given how many gaffes he had made, one could argue that this gap should have been much higher, but she was still going to win easily. The thing that changed this FBI Director James Comey's decision to break FBI rules and inform Congress that they were reopening the investigation into Hillary Clintons emails. This had been prompted by emails discovered weeks earlier on a computer owned by Clinton's assistant Huma Abedin. The letter was sent on Octobr 28th, just a week and a half before the election. As the election analysis and polling site 538 explains, this letter cost Clinton the election. Before the letter, Clinton had a 5-6 point lead on Trump nationally. After it her poll numbers tanked. It reminded people of why they didn't like Clinton: her evasiveness, and propensity to scandal. It seemed like maybe she was hiding something after all. The emails turned out to be nothing at all. They were just copies of ones the FBI had already reviewed and had been automatically forwarded to Abedins computer. To this day there's a real question of why the FBI field office in New York, which was investigating the laptop in an unrelated crime, didn't perform an incredibly simple search to determine this but instead sat on the information for weeks until its release would be most beneficial for Trump. But whatever the reality of the emails the damage was done. Trump briefly pulled even with Clinton, the first time he had done so throughout the whole election. Her poll numbers rapidly began climbing again in the final week, reaching a 2 point lead in national polls. That's about where she finished in the popular vote. This was enough for Trump to squeak out one of the narrowest wins in presidential history.

    Without that letter, Clinton almost certainly would have won. Nothing else tanked her numbers like that. All the other things which people point to, including her allegedly poor campaign, didn't impact them. She was still on track to win by 5 points. And it's pretty unlikely that Trump, who won Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania by well less than 1% of the vote, would have still won those states is Clinton was doing 4 points better nationally. There's just no way that all the people who defected from Clinton over the letter were in blue states which she ended up winning or in red states where she had no chance of victory. Remember that Trump won Michigan, for instance, by only about 10,000 votes. less than one quarter of one percent of all votes cast in the state. Collectively, in the three Rust Belt states which mattered most he only beat Clinton by a little over 80,000 votes. If she were doing 3-4 points better nationally it's almost certain she would have picked up 80,000 votes in those states, and thus the presidency.
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  • When were women first allowed vote in America?

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  • What would you do if Donald Trump died?

    Best answer: Probably spill a little out of my 40 for a dead homie
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