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  • RIP Peter Tork. What is your favorite song by the Monkees?

    46 answers 2 days ago Rock and Pop
  • My girlfriend has a 8 month old puppy. I was at her apartment and was doing some studying. I had to go pick her up from school.?

    We were probably gone for 45 minutes. We came back to see that the dog had chewed up a few of my notebooks and a book that i rented that is worth 140 dollars. it was all over her bed. she didnt warn me that the dog would chew up my stuff if i left it on the bed. i think it was the first time the dog chewed stuff on her bed. The dog chewed up her notebook two days later that we left on her bed. the dog usually only chews up stuff that is on the floor. The dog has already peed on her mac laptop(broke it),chewed on the walls, several cords, chewed up several shoes and panties, etc. Also she has had to get another comforter and sheets cuz the dog pisses on the bed more times than i can count. The dog even pissed on my mattress in a different city when they came and stayed with me. I dont even know how the dog peed on my bed. Her room is constantly nasty cuz the dog chews up everything. also she tries to train and discipline the dog but the dog never listens and clearly doesnt respect her. the dog does tricks because i taught the dog a few things while ive been around. also the dog listens to me because she knows that i wont deal with disobedience. My girlfriend wont help me pay for it which is hard for me cuz i am a broke college student as well but i ask her about the problem and she just ignores me. she says it is my fault. It might be a little my fault but i feel like it is mostly hers. Am i wrong?
    14 answers 13 hours ago Dogs
  • Why isnt rock music as mainstream as hip hop or pop music nowadays?

    infact its not even promoted. you'll prolly see lil pump or ariana grande in the music award show but not guys like asking alexandria
    6 answers 1 day ago Rock and Pop
  • A girl in ohio rear ended my car and the officer that arrived said I was driving below the limit and stopped suddenly without reason?

    I thought it was odd that he just took her word for it when he didn't see the accident. I stopped suddenly for a kid on one of those scooters that shot across the road. She was riding too closely. When I researched him, I found out the officer was her uncle. I passed the info on to my insurance including genealogy their family had posted online, a copy of the deed transfers from the officer's house etc (showing survivorship deed from his parents and her grandparents). My insurance ended up fighting and her insurance had to pay for my car. Now the officer is accusing me of stalking him and had the chief call to threaten me about hunting down info on the officer online. Should I ignore it or should I file a complaint about it with internal affairs? Would going to media be more likely to result in some kind of discipline for him?
    27 answers 2 days ago Law Enforcement & Police
  • Top 10 beautiful celebrities?

    Eva Mendes, Eva Longoria, Piper perabo, Kate Bosworth, Kate Hudson, Margot Robbie, Natalie Portman, Olivia Wilde, Olivia Munn, Natalie Portman, Scarlett Johansson, Angelina Jolie, Jessica Alba, Gweneth Paltrow, Zoe Saldana Your top 10 now
    12 answers 16 hours ago Celebrities
  • Illhan Omar married her brother? what is the proof of this?

    this kinda interests me that even snopes says "unproven" which I think means 50/50 it might be true
    8 answers 2 days ago Politics
  • Who do you want to see President 2020?

    264 answers 3 days ago Politics
  • Are eggs meat?

    It has to be since you’re eating an embryo of a baby chicken.
    90 answers 1 day ago Other - Food & Drink
  • Is the Sun a planet?

    43 answers 15 hours ago Astronomy & Space
  • What do you think of when you hear the name Clinton?

    54 answers 10 hours ago Politics
  • Will America ever recover from Trump?

    Trump is handing nuclear tech to the country that financed 9/11. He trusts the word of Putin over that of his own intelligence agencies. He thinks he convinced North Korea to abandon its nuclear program, then refuses to hear evidence to the contrary. He refused to lift a finger as Russia expanded its influence into Crimea, the Ukraine, and now Belarus. He has emboldened America's enemies by repeatedly threatening to pull out of NATO He pulled out of the Iran deal and now the world no longer trusts America to keep its word. Everything Trump has done has benefitted him personally, but harmed America. Do you think our country will ever recover?
    154 answers 3 days ago Politics
  • Why do Liberals think the word "ghetto" is racist?

    I called this one black girl "ghetto" because she came into our workplace being loud and obnoxious. I told one of my coworkers that she was "ghetto", and my LIBERAL co-worker called me a racist. How exactly is that even racist????
    21 answers 8 hours ago Politics
  • Why can't men admit that they hate women?

    Best answer: They hate them not, they FEAR them. It's called gynephobia.

    Gynephobia or gynophobia is an abnormal fear of women, a type of specific social phobia. In the past, the Latin term horror feminae was used.

    Gynophobia should not be confused with misogyny, the hatred, contempt for and prejudice against women, although some may use the terms interchangeably, in reference to the social, rather than pathological aspect of negative attitudes toward women.

    The antonym of misogyny is philogyny, the love, respect for and admiration of women.

    This term is analogous with androphobia, the abnormal or irrational fear of men.
    33 answers 15 hours ago Gender Studies
  • Why does Fox News allow their guests to spew lies without fact checking?

    Burgess Owens just lied on Tucker Carlson Tonight
    16 answers 7 hours ago Politics
  • What do Democrats stand for anymore?

    After the Jussie Smollett hate crime hoax, I just can't help but wonder what values Democrats even uphold.
    43 answers 1 day ago Politics
  • What is a world without men like?

    27 answers 11 hours ago Biology
  • What kind of president do your want for this country?

    I want an American patriot who loves this country. For example, I want Trump to be president.
    34 answers 9 hours ago Politics
  • Bernie Sanders broke the record for most donations for a presidential campaign in 24 hours, do you think he can win the presidency?

    Bernie Sanders broke a U.S. record of 6 million dollars raised in 24 hours from small public donations. Do you think he can win the presidency with this booming support he has right out of the gate?
    116 answers 3 days ago Politics
  • Why do Trump supporters want to make the US socialism? Pay for your own damn wall. Why should MY taxes fund this?

    65 answers 2 days ago Politics
  • My boyfriend is very mean to my dog, what should I do?

    Me and my boyfriend have recently moved in together , i have a 120 pound Rottweiler, that he loved until we started to live together. He yells at him for no reason, calls him a dumb *** , an asshole, always yanks his leash super hard and complains when he has to be taken out to uses the bathroom (he only takes him out in the morning before he goes to work , and I take care of the other times because he is my dog) my rott is a big dog but he acts absolutely terrified of my boyfriend, he swears he never hits him, but I don’t believe it. We’ve gotten in many arguments about how he treats him and when I confront him he’s like “you don’t understand how annoying he!!” One time he took him out to go potty and I literally could hear him yelling at him from upstairs saying “go to the ******* bathroom !! You are so ******* stupid” and it just went on and on and my dog come back inside scared and shaking. I asked my boyfriend why he was yelling at him and calling him stupid , and he said because my dog accidentally peed on his own dog is so scared of him that he pees himself ...But my dog is the sweetest Most well behaved dog I have ever owned . Today was the last straw, my dog also has chronic ear infections (that he is taking medication for ) so he’s constantly shaking his head because his ears hurt and my boyfriend locked him out on the balcony while I was at work because he said “he wouldnt stop shaking his head and it’s annoying “ it’s 29 degrees outside!
    154 answers 3 days ago Dogs